2010 Body Transformation Success Survey Results

Well, the results are in.  I am honored that so many people took part in this survey. Actually i was floored by the response rate.  Heck if only the elections and politicians could get such a turn out things would be different all over the world.

Seriously if we had this much feedback for our governments the world would actually do what needs to be done to make the planet a better place… I am sure of that.  I got such great feedback and it really helped me dive into some deep thoughts as to what is really going on and what is happening to your results that I am now more motivated than ever to help you accomplish your goals in 2011.

I apologize if I failed you in 2010.  I apologize for any one of my colleagues who`s programs may have failed you, but I cannot apologize if you had all the tools you needed and you failed you.  But I can do my best to help you to keep from letting that happen again in 2011.

To help you I want to hear from you.  Add a comment at the end of this post and tell me what you WANT and NEED in order to accomplish your goals and I will do my best to do exactly that.

Without bantering anymore, here is your 2010 Body Transformation Success Survey Results… and my comments, hope you don`t mind.

QUESTION: Tell me a little more about yourself…

Everyone answered and shared more with me… Thanks as 100% Shared More… 100%, that`s everyone, I am honoured, thank you.


Are you…

  • Guy        59.20%
  • Girl         38.80%
  • Undecided          2.00%

Totally funny, I was hoping someone would say “undecided”… whether you are just having fun like me or if you really are undecided I applaud you for making the conscious effort to click that one.  I hope it was the former and you have an odd humour just like me.


In the past year (2010) have you tried to lose weight?

  • Yes         87.80%
  • No          12.20%

This was relatively surprising that only 12.2% did NOT try to lose weight in 2010.  But at teh same time I am pretty sure of the fact that no one is ever happy with their body, they always want to be leaner, stronger, fitter, sexier, whatever’er.

I get it; when I was competing and onstage at my best I still found the flaws to fix for next time.                Its a vicious cycle, but it can be used for good.  Just don’t focus on the bad, focus on the good that comes from understanding the bad and finding the solutions to make it a strong point.


In the past year (2010) have you tried to build muscle?

  • Yes         87.80%
  • No          12.20%

WOW!  The same… exact SAME amount of people trying to lose fat also wanted to build muscle.  That is amazing.  But remember to do both at the same time takes serious focus and strategic planning and effort.  You can however cycle your programs and focus a few times a year to accomplish your goals.  This is my biggest strategy for a lean healthy body that looks and performs amazing.


Were you successful in accomplishing your physique transformation goals?

  • Yes         33.70%
  • No          66.30%

I am sorry.

I apologize if I failed you.  I am already at work to figure out what I did wrong and how I can help you accomplish your goals in 2011.  You can help me by telling me exactly what you NEED and WANT to help you accomplish your goals in 2011 by adding a comment at the end of this post.  Join the conversation and talk to me (below).


In the past year how many programs have you tried to accomplish your goals?

  • 1              27.80%
  • 2              26.80%
  • 3              22.70%
  • 4              11.30%
  • 5              7.20%
  • 6+           4.10%

OK, interesting.  I really do see a trend here.  72.1% use 2 or more programs to accomplish their goals.  This tells me why so many were attempting to lose fat and gain muscle in 2011.  This also proves how smart you are since you know that not 1 single program will help you accomplish every goal you have.

At the same time it explains why many of us failed this year.  Sometimes too many programs and too many choices with a lack of focus will make us stay confused or become culprits of our own demise by “program hopping”.  Please do your best to focus on just 2-3 programs in 2011.

I suggest the same strategy I used to build 32 pounds of muscle and drop 38 pounds of fat in just one year.  Actually it took 6 months to put the muscle on, 3 months to hold it there and 3 months to keep the muscle and cut the fat to get on stage using just 2 simple nutrition programs and 2 strategic training strategy.


Were you satisfied with your results with these programs?

  • Yes         27.10%
  • No          22.90%
  • Sort of  50.00%

This is disappointing.  I want to hear a resounding “YES I am totally satisfied with my results” but I can see why this was not the shout from the mountain tops.  If most people failed to accomplish their goals I would only think that most people would be upset with their results.  Thank you for being polite to me and my colleagues, but you should have clearly shouted “NO, I am pissed off and disappointed in my results, I want someone to help me immediately”.  I am already hard at working brain storming with my colleagues on a way to fix that answer.  Next year I want a resounding “YES”


What is your number 1 goal for 2011?

  • Fat Loss                51.10%
  • Muscle Building                22.30%
  • MASS and Power             6.40%
  • General Health 20.20%

WOW!  I figured 51% would go for fat loss, but to know that 22.20% want to build muscle and 20.20% also want general Health tells me a lot.  A few years ago a survey conducted told us that there was really only 2 categories that any one cared for.  Fat Loss and Muscle Building (ego).  Now we are discovering a shift in the global desire to be better, live longer healthier lives with more quality years (self preservation), and not just leave a good looking corpse.


Now it’s your turn, ask me your #1 burning question and I will personally answer it for you, in a follow up email and report on the survey. I have limited space so let’s keep it to 100 characters. Thanks

I got a lot of responses for this one.  Just a ton of great questions, its taking some time to get to them all, but I am doing my best to answer them all myself.  I think I just found my Christmas Holiday project… Yeah… like I need another project to work on over the holidays.

So now I have just one more question for you.

“How Can I Help YOU Accomplish
YOUR Goals for 2011?”

Leave a comment below and let me know. I will bust my tail to do my best to strategically help you.  I promise, I will try to help everyone and every goal, but I am only one man and can only do so much, but I will try and do my best.

I am working on a personal answer to the many, may questions asked and will get these to you as soon as I can online and in the form of a report so its easy to download and save in your library.

Thank you so very much for being part of my survey, I will find a way to help you and get you more results in 2011.

Have an empowered day,

Your Empowered Transformation Warrior

Go ahead, join the conversation below and let me know how I can help you and what you feel would make the difference, is it video, audio, books, personal 1 on 1 coaching, motivation, email you more than 1 or 2 times a week… what is it that you need and how do you want it.  I know everyone learns in different ways, so I want to deliver it in a way that will truly change your body and your life.

Add your comment below.

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  1. Felix
    7 years ago

    I am one of those wishing to build muscle and lose fat. I am happy with my weight, but not my bodyfat% The problem I have with following most training programs is physical disability (I have very limited use of my left arm and neck/upper chest). This makes it necessary for me to support my head when performing sit-ups and crunches. Bench presses/push-ups, military presses and lateral raises are of course impossible. I have worked around these by doing one arm presses, but I am starting to become unbalanced. I am somewhat unwilling to workout in a gym, so I use exercise bands at home and few programs show variations for these. One I will mention favourably is the “1000 Calorie Challenge” which has a sectrion on modified exercises (with videos) for those unable to do the exercises provided in the main manual.

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Awesome Felix. I am very excited for you to share this. It is very important that EVERYBODY understands that if you want something bad enough, that no disability is an inability, it means things are going to be harder and tougher, but worth much more when they are accomplished.

      I have to say, to get leaner and more fit, it will require a true focus on nutrition to accomplish your goals since you do have a physical challenge.

      I am very proud of you for all your hard work and have to say that Arnel did a great job with the exercise variations. Here is a link to get even more exercises. Watch Unlimited Exercises Today – Over 1200 High Definition Exercise Videos

  2. nicholas liu
    7 years ago

    exercise videos will do

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Sounds great Nicholas, I will start to include more videos on nutrition and exercises.

  3. Edgar
    7 years ago

    Hey. I’m not trying to get buff or anything(rather lose fat, get down to 8%). I train just to get a good physique but THE highest strength possible(both, explosive and non explosive). That’s All I really want and I think the website lacks of a strength and explosive strength building routine 😛 This along with a fat loss routine would make a great book in my opinion! By the way I think the site lacks lacks teenagers stuff (below 18 would be great, cos after that you’re a grown man/woman actually really…)

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Thanks Edgar.

      Hey, if you are not trying to get buff, just 8% body fat… well my friend… you are buff 😉

      I will start to add some younger content for you, but in all honesty fat loss and muscle building especially when it is nutrition related is totally universal.

      I have a lot of knowledge in the explosive strength and muscle building areas (I was a competitive bodybuilder, power lifter, OHL and NFL athlete). I usually do not focus too much on training routines since there are lots of great guys out there and it leaves me to focus on nutrition, something that is MOST important and rarely covered in detail. I appreciate your suggestions and will take that to heart and give you what you want in the near future.

      Thanks Edgar

  4. Gayle
    7 years ago

    I’m in my late 50’s and need help losing weight (ideally 45 pounds). Because of the economy, I work a full-time job and a part-time job. My day starts at 4:15 am and goes until 9:00 pm or so, and I get to bed between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm. My mother lives with me and I have to pay attention to her for some part of the evening. I can’t get up any earlier to do a workout nor do I have money to buy any equipment. I need a weight loss program that doesn’t require extremes of exercising or food options; I don’t like supplements or protein drinks (expensive and too sweet). To my credit, I cook 98% of my food (no junk food, processed food, or overly fatty food) and try to take the stairs as much as possible. What can I do to speed up my metabolism to get the weight off?

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Gayle, I completely get where you are coming from.

      I think the first thing to do is get my free fat loss meal plans. Since you do 98% of your cooking these will be a real blessing to your success.

      Since you are so busy, I do want to recommend you try some natural vanilla protein powders. Get one that is less sweet and less than 3 grams of carbs (sugars). this will help a great deal with a busy lifestyle.

      Gayle you will need to eat 5 times a day. 3 meals and 2 snacks or 2 meals and 3 snacks.

      I would guess that at 45 pounds of fat to lose, you may be struggling with being stuck in what is considered pre-diabetic or commonly referred to as “metabolic syndrome”. This will require the reduction of carbs in your diet to about 20-25% for 4-12 weeks. A safe bet for results would also be to limit fruits and as you said obvious simple sugars and stick to whole foods, and vegetables for carbohydrates and their vitamins and minerals.

      Gayle, it can be done without exercise, but I would like to offer you a way to make results happen faster with a simple bodyweight workout free of charge, but only if you will at least try to squeeze it in. It will only take 10 minutes a day and you can do it anywhere with no equipment. We need to attack the fat with nutrition first and exercise, but the focus will always be on nutrition.

      I know you can do it. I know I can help. I want to help.