3 Minute Chin Up Challenge

This is part 2 of our 4 part series in the Empowered 3 minute challenge series.  Todays challenge is the…

3 Minute Chin Up Challenge

OK so before I say anything this is tough.  A lot tougher than yesterdays 3 Minute Push Up Challenge.  Check out some of the success stories for the 3 Minute Push Up Challenge CLICK HERE.

Alright so you probably already know the protocol.  Just in case here’s the recap of the challenge details.

Get a timer.  Any timer, use your phone, egg timer or even try this online timer I set up for you, but before you click that link be ready to start, the timer starts as soon as you hit that page (you can always hit “refresh” to reset it).  Here it is for you >> http://e.ggtimer.com/3minutes

One more note, in your comments and video please say your name, weight and total number of reps.

Be prepared in advance.  Here’s what you need:

  • A bar, steel gurter or even a park play ground to do chin ups
  • a strong mind
  • a stronger will
  • grip strength of steel
  • and a fear of failure… believe me you will fail, this is next to one of the most impossible tasks I have ever attempted

I suggest having a towel handy to wipe the sweat from your hands so you don’t slip and hurt yourself.

The Techniques

You have 2 techniques to choose from, both with mid grip width.  The two styles are Overhand and Underhand grips.  You need to pick on and use that technique each time you test yourself… oh and be sure to let us know which grip you used in the blog comments and your videos.

I like overhand shoulder width as it truly taxes the back and is a strong position for this test.  However for maximum stretch, power, strength and endurance the slightly narrower than shoulder width underhand grip will allow you to use more biceps, but be careful in this test they could burn out and be your weakest link.

OK its GO-time!

Read the rest and find out what today’s prize is…

Let me know how you do with this one.  Add it to your training notes and compare this test again in the near future, say ever 30 – 60 days, or whenever you feel like it.

Here’s some more images to help you visualize a wide chin up in case that is the method you choose to test yourself with wide grip chins.  

Again anyone who videos this one and either sends it to me for validation or post the video results to YouTube.com and tags or links EmpoweredNutrition.com will receive a 1 night hotel stay at one of thousands of 4 and 5 star hotels to choose from.

Good Luck!

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So before we get into this one, I have a question for you.

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  1. Dan
    8 years ago

    6-2-10 pushup challenge 91 in 3 minutes
    pullup challenge 27 in 3 minutes

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Fantastic Dan. Hope you get your video working and we get to see it on YouTube, if not you are still the man. Pretty impressive, can you share your weight with everyone too? Thanks, it validates why we all have different results.

  2. Nate
    8 years ago

    So 1 question here. I’ve noticed that when I do a pull up and then stand on the ground 1 second and do another one, its way easier. Is this allowed? Can I do 1 rest 1 sec go again, etc.?

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Sure thing. You can do any amount of rest pause or anything you want to call it, but you just have to let us know your weight and your total reps in 3 minutes. That’s it, nothing fancy. Just go do it and “challenge” yourself.

  3. Mike
    8 years ago


    Thanks for the chin-up challenge (I haven’t done it yet, but please read my comments below).

    As a thank-you, I have my own, equally grueling, challenge to issue to you. (Fyi, this one was originally e-mailed me to me by fitness guru Jeff Anderson.)

    Here it goes…

    First, read this article written by Jeff.


    (You may have to scroll up to the top of the page to read it
    from the beginning.)

    Then, check out this youtube video (DISCLAIMER: it is NOT done by me): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvbLSgWMJec.

    (The only thing is, you should mute your volume/ speakers as you are watching the video because there is some off-color music playing in the background.)

    I don’t know who the guy doing the exercises, is; but I think you will agree: he is freakin’ AMAZING!!!

    I dare you to try the last exercise he demonstrates. I’m not going to give away what it is, but I will say that it involves suspending your feet ENTIRELY in the air. With all due respect, Patrick, I bet that you won’t be able to do more than five reps without collapsing to the floor. Try it, and let me know.

    Just wanted to mention…
    You may be acquainted with fitness legeneds Hugo Rivera and Nick Nilsson. (If not, just Google their names.) I e-mailed this exercise to both of them, and Nick said that 5 reps would be “a stretch” for him, while Hugo said that he had never heard of it but was very eager to try it.
    How about you, Patrick?

    P.S. I realize that I should probably have typed this material as a comment under the push-up challenge, but whatever.


    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Mike, I will take a crack at it after we kick out the 3 minute challenge series as we still have squats and dips to do.

      Jeff is on his way to my place right now from Chicago. Thanks buddy.

      BTW I just watched the video and if I get 1 I’d be lucky, but with some focus I am certain I will do 5… eventually

  4. Alexandre Hamelin
    8 years ago

    Hello everyone,

    I tried the pull-up challenge also. Here is the link:


    My name is Alexandre Hamelin. I am 150lbs. And I did 38 pull-up. Let’s say at the end it was hard, lol.

    I’ll do the squats probably tomorrow.

    Talk soon,

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      WOW! All I can say is WOW! Check it out.

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Excellent Alexandre…