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Before You Even Think About Doing ONE MORE REP… Before You Even Get Changed for Your Next Workout You Better Think About These Three Things…

1.  You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet…

2.  No single diet works for everybody…

3.  A highly PERSONALIZED, customized nutrition plan will ALWAYS beat out a “cookie cutter” program because it’s designed around the foods YOU like, NEED and will benefit most from at the precise times to work most effectively for your goals.

Congratulations!  Your Friend Nick Nilsson Cares About You, Your Results and His Reputation As A Coach and Trainer…

Nick cares enough about results that he knows just how important nutrition is.  In fact Nick agrees with me that Nutrition is #1 in the three pillars for performance, fat loss and muscle building.  Nick has said it before and will say it again… just like me he shouts out loud…

You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet!

So here’s my limits on the Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program:

  • ONLY 50 of Nick’s friends and clients can get a printed hard-copy delivered to the door
  • 7 Days… that’s it!  My promise is done come Monday March 15th at noon
  • Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Programs ONLY… this is a huge package with over 20 hours of Coaching Audios and 4 Workbooks, I mean really what else do you need?
  • OVER 50% Savings for 50 committed individuals, who are friends of Nick’s

That is also why Nick has given me the mental wrestling match of my life.  He literally forced a digital full nelson on me and throttled me mentally to give you the biggest and baddest nutrition package I could muster up possibly even jeopardizing my offline clients.

You see I am the owner and President of Empowered Nutrition Products Inc. and I work with over 400 fitness companies in Canada, United States and United Kingdom.  400 accounts, each with 1-100 locations, one even has 400 locations alone… so if this gets out, I am going to get a lot of angry fitness club owners harrassing me in the next few days.

Even though I might get attacked from these fitness club owners, I reluctantly uttered a promise to Nick and I am going to keep to it, my word is my bond.  BUT I AM limiting this deal to ONLY 50 of my 3 stage 12 week Personalized Nutrition Programs, printed, bound and delivered to your door.

Now that you are here; why not spend a few moments and find out why a Personalized Nutrition Program is your perfect weapon for the war on fat, how you can SAVE 50% on your Ultimate Body Transformation and how your Personalized Nutrition Program will provide funding for food and water around the world.

No Pills. No Gimmicks. No Sweat.

Seriously when you watch the video and read the information below you will quickly realize how important nutrition really is for optimum health, fat loss, muscle building, all day energy and more.

My Deal To Nick and My Deal To You…
On Your Ultimate Transformation!

AND Your Program Also Provides
Food And Water For People In Need

As my gift to you this season here on this page only a 50% “Nick Made Me Do It Deal” on an Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program complete with 20+ Hours of Audio Coaching and 4 Nutrition e-Workbooks.

With the purchase of Your Ultimate Transformation Program, your GIFT to others will be Food & Water, for those in need around the world via Empowered Foundations. This is already included in the price of each and every Personalized Nutrition Program; I will donate 5% to the programs that provide food and water where it is needed most.

You will not find this offer on any other page on this site. Nor will this offer last long. I am only offering 50 of these Ultimate Nutrition Programs for 50% OFF to Nick and his friends. This offer is only good until Monday March 15th at 12pm (noon). There are no random coupon codes floating around the net for this type of deal. Nothing at all. So if you are interested in finally winning the war on fat for life, in the shortest time possible, then this is the program to do it with.

Combined with any one of Nick’s Fat Incinerating
Training Programs;  Empowered Nutrition is
the last fat loss and muscle building
solution you will ever need.

This is an INSTANT SAVINGS page. No coupons or discount codes required and is ONLY available to our friends who are most trusted by Nick to check this out and NOT spread the word to every Joe and Jane on the planet.

Take just a few minutes, watch this video below, you will find out:

  • Who Is Empowered Nutrition And Patrick McGuire
  • What Is A Personalized Nutrition Program
  • Why Your Personalized Nutrition Program Is Your Most Effective Weapon For Fat Loss
  • How Your Personalized Nutrition Program Works To Accomplishing Your Fat Loss Goals
  • What Other People Are Saying About Personalized Nutrition Programs

Then if you like to read, hate the video or are just bored at work you can read all the details below.

I hope you liked the video. I like to keep things real and raw. Hope you don’t mind.

Are You Tired Of The Same Old Routine And Lack Lustre Results?  Even Though You Are Training Your Butt Off And Nothing Is Happening, Your Workout Program CAN Work For You? Your Diet is Failing You.  You Need A Personalized Nutrition Program To Guarantee Results.

Build MUSCLE Faster Than
You Thought Possible

50% Instant Savings and
5% Of Sales Provides Food and Water
Until Monday March 15th at 1159:59am

Finally there’s a way to increase your results for all the efforts you are putting into your new body. I know you have been training hard and doing everything you can in the gym to create the body of your dreams.

Now that these crazy holidays are over and they packed on as much fat as they could in the shortest time possible, its time to do something about it. Its a painful task to burn the pounds off every year. No wonder over 73% of New Year`s Resolutions are Fat Loss and Fitness related (Men’s Health Magazine – January 2010).

Did you know that Gym Memberships make their entire year in the first 4 months. IN fact over 50% of those sales happen between January 10th and February 28th each year. That’s CRAZY… gyms can tell if they are going to have a fat year of profits or be closing their doors by summer based on the first 30-60 days of sales in the year.

Fitness Clubs DO NOT Want you to
get your hands on this information…

You can get in decent shape sitting at home on your couch with what I like to call empowered nutrition. Think about it. Save $600 on the average gym membership (No Personal Training, No Nutrition, No Training Programs to Follow) and SAVE the pain and persecution of going to the gym day after day by just getting your nutrition on order and working with your Training Program from our buddy Nick Nilsson. After all he’s better than 99.9% of the trainers out there even if he’s not standing over you counting the reps himself.

How do I know this. I supply over 400 fitness companies with their Personalized Nutrition Programs and Products. I used to be a Personal Trainer in a Fitness Club, then Managed a few locations and now supply them with what I like to call Nutrition Profit Center Solutions using Personalized Nutrition Programs and Products (supplements and marketing materials, so I know how they hook you).

The sales at Empowered Nutrition go thru the roof the third week of January and stay there until April every year thanks to the fitness clubs. That is just how important Personalized Nutrition Programs are to their success as a company, but they don’t want to tell you that for fear of not making membership sales.

Why?… The answer is in fact too simple to accept.


You need the 3 pillars of performance working FOR YOU not AGAINST you. You need to include all 3 pillars to truly experience the synergy and achieve your dream body faster than you thought possible… but the most important of all is number 1 – Nutrition. It works so well people will accuse you of lipo, surgery and drugs when you successfully implement the 3 pillars of incredible transformation success. The 3 pillars are:

Nutrition + Exercise + Supplements

Get Your Most Important Weapon
In The War On Fat NOW!

Thanks to Nick, you can SAVE Over 50% until March 15th at 11:59:59am (that’s lunch time EST).  You will also be helping the Empowered Foundations Program Provide Food and Water to Those in Need.

Its a real LOSE/WIN situation.  You LOSE the fat and someone in need WINS and GAINS food and water. I want NEED your help to help others.

Get Yours NOW!  There are ONLY 50 of these available to get you in great shape and fat free for the summer.


12 Week 3 Stage Ultimate Transformation Nutrition Program

Ultimate Fat Loss Personalized Nutrition Program – HARDCOPY
$499 regularly
$247 USD
This Private Page for Nick Nilsson is the ONLY place
you will find this price and package.

If the price is TOO steep I am sorry,
consider saving more money and some trees

Digital Ultimate Personalized Nutrition Program
$197 regularly ONLY $97

You MUST have a GREAT nutrition strategy. You probably already have a good one… but is it EMPOWERED?

The problem is that you have been inundated with marketing strategies that tell you each diet is the best and it is the only one that works.

When in fact every diet program will work for you at a specific point in time when your body is ready for that specific strategy.

The problem is that pin pointing that exact time and body composition that will work with the right diet at the right time is a hit and miss game of pain and failure.

Personalized Nutrition Programs work for you because of these 5 things:

  1. The Specific Program Is Built Just For You
  2. It Works For Your Specific Body Composition
  3. Designed For You Right Now At This Specific Point In Your Life
  4. They Are Specifically Designed For Safe, Effective Rapid Weight Loss
  5. Its your Information, Your Goals, Your Schedule and Your Food Selections!

Your Personalized Nutrition
Program Includes:

  • 84 Day Personalized Nutrition Program – So Simple Even A Monkey Could Follow This Game Plan, Complete With Specific Ingredients, Amounts And Recipes For Your Successmanualpages
  • 12 Weekly Grocery Lists With The Foods You Select This Is A Killer App. It Will Get You The Exact Grams And Nuts You Need To Succeed And Have Enough Food In The Cupboard To Avoid Transformation Fat Loss Sabotage.
  • Empowerd Success Coach – a daily and weekly email Success Coach for the next 12 weeks – this is like having me in your house to keep you focused for your success
  • Personal Cover Letter – Patrick McGuire, President Empowered Nutrition includes ar as your Empowered Success Coach personal cover lette
  • Lifetime Members Area Access – Your cover letter includes a Personal Username and Password
  • Table Of Contents – Powerful Fast Easy Directions To The Stuff You Need
  • Transformation Tracking Document – WOW! You Must Use This… It Is A Killer App!
  • Goal Setting And Rewards GuidePowerful Tools To Learn For Everything In Life, Apply This And Achieve Anything
  • Popular Diet Review Why They Work And Why They Fail
  • Steps To SuccessMust Read Information
  • Cooking TechniquesFor An Empowered Body, Really Top Notch Info Here, Less Cooking, Less Cleaning, More Results And More Flavor
  • Liquid Assets Protein And Veggie Smoothie Tips
  • Substitution Guide – This Is A Must Use Resource You Can’t Live Without
  • Thank You Codes for Future Empowered PurchasesIts Our Way Of Helping You Get More For Less And One Way We Can Say “Thank You”
  • Shipped Right To Your Front Door!
  • 5% of Each Sale will Help Provide Food, Water, Shelter and Fitness For Children in Need



Martin Loves Recipes, Eating And Losing 19 Pounds Of Fat

This is the most detailed package I have ever come across. The Meal Plans are outstanding and the recipes are delicious and of course nutritious. Thanks guys. By the way I have lost jut over 19lbs of fat in 8 weeks. Amazing! – Martin Ingham, Entrepreneur, Orangeville ON


How do I know these programs will work?

Well quite honestly its our business to deliver powerful proven results and help YOU Achieve YOUR Goals. We know these programs work because they are the culmination of research, training, education, and implementation of holistic and performance nutrition applied to tens of thousands of people around the world for over 14 years… and every single aspect was guinea pigged by yours truly Patrick McGuire… heck I even got to test out a few tricks on our buddy Vince Delmonte and launch his fitness business career after he won his first few shows…

An Empowered Personalized Nutrition Program works because it is base on your information.

You tell us what your goals are,  how busy your life is, providing your schedule and what you like to eat using a simple to use online interface to select the foods you want.

Our team of Empowered Nutrition Technicians will personally craft YOUR Personalized Nutrition Program and deliver it in a completed full color professionally bound manual delivered direct to your doorstep, no strings attached!

Patrick this sounds great but how do you do it?

We start with the most important person of all. You. We will ask you a series of questions to get the required information we need that will allow us to craft Your Personalized Nutrition Program.

What do I need to tell you?

We will build your Personalized Nutrition Program to your specifics. Your program will be built with the following crucial components:

  • Your Personal Information (First and Last Name and Email)
  • Your Vital Stats (Age, Weight, Body Fat – don’t worry we got a tool online you can use)
  • Your Goals (Select from a bunch of options to help us pinpoint the specific program for you)
  • Your Schedule (Daily/Weekly Wake Up Times, Workout Times, Durations and Type of Workouts)
  • Your Personal Notes for even MORE Personalization
  • And the most important part of YOUR Personalized Nutrition Program is… Your Food Selections and Added Notes About Food Preferences, Allergies, Medications, etc…

The Answer to Your Fat Loss and
Transformation Problems Is A
Personalized Nutrition Program.

Personalized Nutrition Programs are NOT made with software alone, they DON’T happen overnight and they CANNOT be even remotely the same for each individual person. Even twins eat different; have different schedules, different body compositions, different goals, and different results. So why would their nutrition be the same as yours or even each other.

“Personalized Nutrition Programs require the combination of science and art.”

It takes a unique and personal touch to do both the math (science) and the meal planning (art) of a Personalized Nutrition Program. Don’t get fooled into some software solution that will do it all for you and wash the dishes too.

Patrick, What Program Is Right For Me?

Don’t worry about it, we will be sure to provide you with the precise Personalized Nutrition Program that will work for you at the specific point in your life and body composition to accomplish your goals in the shortest time possible.

We provide many options when it comes to Personalized Nutrition Programs. We offer variations of all the top diets and a series of proprietary nutrient programs, calories and ratios that only the Empowered Nutrition team have access to. In fact it is the intellectual proprietaries know how that makes our programs so successful in delivering powerful proven results.

If it were just about software, every gym in the world could offer you a lifetime of results. What they don’t want you to know is that it is much harder to do than it is to say “we offer a successful weight loss program”. Its even harder to implement a Personalized Nutrition Program system within a gym than it is for them to “sell” you nutrition. That is why we operate in over 400 locations in 4 countries and 3 Continents.

Patrick How Can My Program Help Provide Food and Water?

I will take care of that for you.  I have committed 5% of each and every Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program to go to organizations in need. I had the opportunity to work and see firsthand how food and water can change the lives of people, even villages, cities and countries. This is a great way that both you and I can win, help others and be truly empowered. I thank you for your support and providing food and water to those in need.

I was one of the first teams to go to a village outside of the city of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Africa.  With a team of others we planted 2 wells and built a “Village of Hope” and made lifetime bonds with some wonderful people who were grateful for the water and food we brought and eventually provided with the tools and water to then grow their own food and be self sustaining for not jsut the “Village of Hope” but for many starving tribes for miles around.  That my friend is EMPOWERED NUTRITION!

You don’t need to do anything at all. You just simply make your Personalized Nutrition Program purchase and the Empowered Foundations will manage 5% of each sale. This is just one way we can do more. Empowered Nutrition Provides Powerful Proven Results.


Our Personalized Nutrition Programs Are Sought After World Wide For Their Results!


Don’t worry about selecting the right program for you. That is part our job. In fact it is part of our process. Our Empowered Nutrition Technicians will download, open and review each and every order before they begin to build your Personalized Nutrition Program, if the program selection is not adequate, safe or of purest efficacy, we will adjust it to protect you and deliver the results you demand.  If further clarification is required we will contact you for more details.

For example if for some reason you have selected an Elite Nutrition Program and you are not at that stage, then your body will reject everything you are trying to force it to do. That is why most diets fail. They are just not the right program for you at the right time in your life or body composition. Our team will modify each and every Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program based on…

  • your information,
  • your body composition,
  • your goals, your schedule and
  • your food selections

…to ensure the program works for you.

Consider this part of the Empowered Nutrition Guarantee and Insurance Policy to deliver you POWERFUL PROVEN RESULTS.

IGNORE THAT GUARANTEE! Its only good for 60 days.

I will make your a DOUBLE GUARANTEE… If for any reason you do not accomplish your transformation goals I will PERSONALLY Coach you to your goals.

It doesn’t get any better than that!  If you succeed, you win.  If you fail you still succeed and you win with my help.  If for any reason beyond that I will Guarantee Your Results and coach you until you accomplish your goals.

If for any reason within 60 days you feel that this just isn’t the program for you and it is NOT going to work and you stick wtih it for at least 21 days, I will 100% Refund Your Money.  But remember I need you to give the program 21 days committed 100% effort and I will give you 100% Guaranteed Money Back or FREE Transformation Coaching until you accomplish your goals.  YOU CAN’T LOSE! Well maybe you can lose… a few pounds that is.


[WOW! What a team]

SUCCESS STORIES From A Transformation Challenge Using Our Personalized Nutrition Programs

“…I have lost 59 lbs, 49 inches and 21% body fat…”

“…I went from a size 14 down to a size 7. I feel like a totally different person.”

“…originally i had lost 50 lbs…I wanted a leaner looking body with some muscle…I achieved losing another 13 lbs, 12.5 inches and 8.6% Body Fat. I feel so healthy, stronger and know anything else can be achieved.”

“The Empowered Nutrition Program was easy to follow…I lost a total of 4 lbs [while gaining lean muscle] and 6.5% body fat…”

“…I am amazed at how the Empowered Nutrition Program has worked for me! I honestly didn’t expect the amazing results I have experienced over the past 12 weeks…I have lost 31 lbs, 18 inches and 11.69% body fat…I am very pleased!”


12 Week 3 Stage Ultimate Transformation Nutrition Program
Ultimate Fat Loss Personalized Nutrition Program – HARDCOPY
$499 regularly
$247 USD
Thanks to Nick Nilsson You SAVE OVER 50%

Or if that is too pricey you can go digital, save money and save trees…

Digital Ultimate Personalized Nutrition Program
$197 regularly ONLY $97

We Have Two Ways For You To Get  The Body Of Your Dreams… FAST With The ULTIMATE Transformation – Personalized Nutrition Program…


Ultimate Transformation Nutrition Program

We will deliver the most effective program we can offer with a complete transformation and results so astonishing you will be accused of lipo, drugs and surgery. Really an Ultimate Transformation Nutrition Program will blow even your biggest goals out of the water and achieve the ULTIMATE results in the shortest time possible.

An Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program is a 3 stage, 12 week strategic battle plan to take you from where you are today to where you want to be and beyond in the shortest time possible.

Really think about it, it may have taken you 12 years to get the body you have today and we are talking about 12 short weeks to achieve the body you want. The investment in YOUR RESULTS is worth it.

If you are serious about your Ultimate Transformation (I know you are if you have read all my ranting so far) then you will want to get just a bit more information to make sure the Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program is right for sheild small

Patrick, I am not interested in reading an y more of your ranting about how great these programs are and how the 3 stage 12 week Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program is going to work wonders in the shortest possible time with the greatest results. Just get me the Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program NOW!


From Another Empowered Transformation Challenge

“…I now have the tools I needed in “Empowered” to meet and exceed [goals]…”

“…almost seemed effortless (at times, I couldn’t even keep up with the recommended meals – it was too much!). I lost 36 lbs, 27 inches and almost 12% body fat!…”

“I highly recommend doing this again…I am pleased with my personal results…”

“…Empowered Nutrition is a good and positive way to get in shape…” “…[missing 3 months in the gym I lost] 6 lbs and 7.3% body fat and 9 inches…”

“…I was never hungry…I lost 32 lbs and 10% body fat during the contest.”


12 Week 3 Stage Ultimate Transformation Nutrition Program
Ultimate Fat Loss Personalized Nutrition Program – HARDCOPY
$499 regularly
$247 USD
Nick made a deal to SAVE you over 50%


Digital Ultimate Personalized Nutrition Program
$197 regularly ONLY $97

Hey if you made it this far you deserve to know that just like you I struggle with bad genetics.  I am challenged by my weight every day.  Worse I am challenged by my fat, my cravings, my insatiable sweet tooth and love of ice cream and chocolate.

But just like you, I know how to work hard, I found the people that could help me and I overcame myself not once or twice, but have been on stage a dozen times in peak condition and I look forward to helping you do the same.


12 Week 3 Stage Ultimate Transformation Nutrition Program
Ultimate Fat Loss Personalized Nutrition Program – HARDCOPY
$499 regularly
$247 USD
SAVE OVER 50%, Thanks to Nick Nilsson


Digital Ultimate Personalized Nutrition Program
$197 regularly ONLY $97

Check Out Process:

  1. You will be directed to a PayPal Check Out Page to complete your payment.  You payment will be to (PayPal*EmpoweredNutrition). Your payment will be processed by PayPal, information is transferred to Empowered Nutrition.
  2. You will be redirected to an Order Confirmation Page.  We don’t want to lose you.
  3. Upon Order Confirmation you will be taken directly to the Personalization and Product Download page to Complete your Order.

Please allow 14 business days  for delivery of your printed Personalized Nutrition Program.  Thank you.  Less time is required for DIGITAL Personalized Nutrition Programs.

Thank you for your purchase,

Patrick McGuire BSc. RNCP, CSCS, CPT
President – Empowered Nutrition Products Inc.

Disclaimers and Policies

The owners, partners and associates of Empowered Nutrition Products Inc. are not Licensed Physicians or Doctors. The owners, partners, employees and associates of Empowered Nutrition Products Inc. (Empowered Nutrition) are neither responsible nor liable for improper practices and misuse of exercise, fitness, nutrition and supplement advice. Usages of products are at the risk of the consumer. You should consult your Physician before taking part or consuming any nutrition, exercise or supplement programs.

Before-After Success Stories Disclaimers

The client referrals are to the best of our knowledge previous success stories from individuals either directly or indirectly submitted to Empowered Nutrition from the clients or via their Empowered Trainers, Gyms, Doctors and Fitness Facilities. We do our best to confirm our success stories are true and accurate users of our Products and Programs and when possible provide the photo with the printed success story of real Empowered Nutrition clients. These success stories and results may not be typical, but do reflect those experienced by our clients and are not meant to be misleading. You may experience even greater results than those shown on our websites.