4 sample days, 4 calorie ratios, 4 results

OK, so I thought you might like this one.  Often times I get requests for sample days.  Well rather than give you the run around, suggest you buy the Empowered Nutrition Done-For-You Fast Fat Loss Meal Plans or Personalized Nutrition Programs, I thought it would be cool to give you 4 Sample Days to try.  Simply enter your information in the form below.

4 Sample Days,
4 Strategic Meal Plans
Absolutely Free

Now here’s the wild thing about these 4 sample days.  Each day is made of the same recipes.

WHAT?!?! I know you think I’m an idiot and wasted my time putting these together for you, but the reality is I did it on purpose.  You see each day is a different level program.

  • Day 1 = Foundation Fast Fat Loss Program – Level 1
  • Day 2 = Advanced “Beach Body/Bikini” Ripped Fat Loss Program – Level 2
  • Day 3 = Advanced Lean Builder Meal Plan – Level 2 Builder
  • Day 4 = Elite “Contest/Figure Model” Ripped Meal Plans – Level 3

This way you can get each of the programs in one tidy place and see how you can progress with your Meal Plans or Personalized Nutrition Program.  This gives you a glimpse into how we create a strategic battle plan in the war on fat.

4 sample days like this also help you to see that if you are 25, 35, 45% body fat how the Elite level 3 Fat Loss Program is not going to work for you for very long.  Don’t get me wrong you will drop weight, but you just might pass out due to the extreme change in your diet as of today to tomorrow.  Its Level 3.  You MUST start with a good foundation and become elite.  It works like this…

Guys Reference Chart
  1. Guys over 15% bf, use Foundation Fat Loss
  2. Guys 15-10% bf, use Advanced “Beach Body Ripped” Fat Loss
  3. Guys going under 10% bf, use Elite “Contest Ripped” Fat Loss
Girls Reference Chart
  1. Girls  over 22% bf, use Foundation Fat Loss
  2. Girls 22-17% bf, use Advanced “Bikini Slim” Fat Loss
  3. Girls going under 15% bf, use Elite “Figure Model Slim” Fat Loss
*Advanced Lean Builder Programs are for those looking to lose fat, but primarily to keep lean body mass and even grow while dropping fat

So there you have it, now you know why we don’t suggest you just go for the most extreme fat loss program you can find. Once you download the free samples you will also see how the calories on’t change that dramatically, but the ratios do.  In fact you will even see how you can eat more as you enter into the more aggressive fat loss programs and continue to cut the fat.

If you haven’t already done so, download the free samples, by entering your information in the form above.

Your Friend in Fat Loss and Muscle Building,


Need a fat loss, muscle building or general health battleplan?  Consider our Done-For-You Fast Fat Loss Meal Plans

If you want something uniquely and professionally crafted, printed, bound and shipped to your door for the fastest fat loss and lean body results get an Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program
As always…

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  1. Stan
    8 years ago

    Thanks for the sample meal plans. The one thing I don’t understand is that all the meals have the same portion of ingredients but all the plans have different amount of calories. How does that work?

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Hey Stan, look closely. NOT all the plans are the same. Each breakfast for example changes from each day (representing the 4 plans as described).

      Let’s use Breakfast as our example.

      I will list the portions of calories in Protein (P), Carbs (C), Fats (F)
      I will then show the calories for that meal
      I will then show the total calories for the day to help you better see where increased fat loss takes place with each successive program.

      Day 1 – Foundation Fat Loss is BALANCED
      4P, 4C, 4F
      273 calories
      1365 total daily cals

      Day 2 = Advanced Fat Loss
      5P, 2C, 3F
      293 calories
      1533 total daily cals

      Day 3 = Advanced Lean Builder
      5P, 3C, 3F
      329 calories
      1771 total daily calories

      Day 4 = Elite Fat Loss
      5P, 1C, 4F
      284 calories
      1408 total daily calories

      I am pretty sure you can see that each and every day/strategy has a different caloric ratio and calories per meal and total calories per day/program.

      I hope that helped clear any confusion.

  2. Rod
    8 years ago

    Thanks Pat…good stuff. As always, you are very positive and your advise is based on a good and honest approach. We in the fitness world really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.


    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Thanks Rod, I will keep at it, your comments help keep me motivated to blog and provide content in a busy travel and offline business season.

      BTW in case no one knows Rod… he is a lifetime achievement champion. The guy is NOT old but mature and looks young and powerful, I will show you more about this lifestyle champion shortly.

  3. hector
    8 years ago

    sorry but it says file is damaged and can’t open. any suggestions.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      not 100% sure what to say… I am using firefox and have no problems, but when I use chrome as my browser it won’t open either. Try another browser like Explorer or FireFox and another trick I forgot to mention is RIGHT CLICK and “Save Target As” that should do the trick. Let me know so I can get IT to work on it if its a persistent problem.

      Sorry for the hassles.

      Oh yeah, remember this is a PDF file and you need the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader http://www.adobe.com

  4. Raymond
    8 years ago

    Hey Patrick,
    Question on your meal plans. Howcome you’ve not mentioned bodytypes and bodyweight. No 2 people are alike. How can I get 1365 cal. in my body when I weigh 203 lbs. and workout 5x a week.
    Thank you,


    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      ***HOMEWORK ALERT*** This comment requires some effort to get the answer, but it comes with a free gift.

      Great observation Raymond.

      I DON’T focus on body types. I prefer with all my studies and over 14 years LIVE clients studies (and my own) to more accurately treat body fat (BF) and lean body mass (LBM). Both of these combined are way more powerful than a predefined “body type” class. I do NOT treat anyone of my clients by placing them into a stereotype and hinder their potential.

      Too many people get labelled and they grow into those labels and it SUCKS!

      I completely agree with you that no 2 people are the same, not even twins (hence that statement a few posts back with that exact comment and the need to use the meal plan selector tool in our meal plan packages or to get a Personalized Nutrition Program).

      I did not include any documentation with these sample meal plans for determining your body fat, weight type caloric requirements or even if these programs are right for you because I meant to simply show that NOT 1 PLAN will work for you to accomplish all your goals. Heck it requires more than 1 plan to accomplish a complete fat loss transformation to single digit BF% and that was the intention of this 4 day/strategy sample meal plan.

      I certainly did NOT mean for you to replace your current program with these.

      For such a great post comment I will step up and reward you. Give me the most important part of the data you left out and I will hand select the program for you and GIVE it to you FREE.

      Comment here and TELL me what the missing data is from your comment above and TELL me what that figure is and I will tell you your ideal fat loss meal plan and email it to you.

      Uh-oh ***HOMEWORK ALERT*** This comment requires some effort to get the answer, but it comes with a free gift.

  5. Kevin Horn
    8 years ago

    Thanks – am trying again to leave a comments, as your website didn’t seem to accept it first time around.

    Unfortunately your programme is totally impractical for me. Firstly I work, so I cannot take meal breaks at the recommended times, and secondly, as I don’t live in the USA, half the ingredients are just not available

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      I do apologize for this Kevin. This is a perfect example why meal plans don’t work for everyone and why a Personalized Nutrition program IS the only solution for someone like you.

      Kevin, Personalized Nutrition Programs are NOT like meal plans as they require your information, your goals, your schedule, and you select your foods that you like.

      You can get more information on Personalized Nutrition Programs here
      >> Personalized Nutrition Programs

  6. erin
    8 years ago

    yes i would like to do this, but i can’t have any soy, or dairy products or by products, can i still use this? and what can i substitute for the soy products>

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Erin, great to have you on board with this program. These 4 days represent 4 unique strategies in 4 distinct programs we utilize within our Ultimate Transformation Programs.

      OK so soy and dairy aren’t your thing. You can eat any protein to replace the soy. You can have any mixed Protein/Carb like beans to replace your dairy. Dairy proteins like cheese can be substituted with protein powders or solid proteins, like beef, fish, eggs, etc…

      Look forward to seeing your transformation success story.

  7. NikkiYoung
    7 years ago

    Have you heard of the“Paleo Cookbooks” ? My friend recommended it to me and I was searching for it online and came across your site.

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Yeah, the cookbooks are great. The Paleo Diet does have advantages, but at the same time it does have some holes and flaws. Overall it is a good way to go, but nothing like the success you will get with the recipes found here http://www.EmpoweredNutritionMealPlans.com

  8. Sarah
    7 years ago

    i love this site..