5 Female ‘Toning Myths’ That MUST Die

So I am sure you know I am a guy… a dude… a simple minded boy who really doesn’t know what it is to be a woman let alone a CURVALICIOUS lady with moxy.

You are totally right, but I do know without a doubt how to coach train and mentor the Curvalicious and future Curvalicious ladies out there.  I have lots and lots of success stories of ladies who have followed a game plan and changed their shape fast.

However, being a guy, there is one thing I get to do that most others do not.  I get to review, recommend and default to others when I feel it is in your best interest.  That is exactly why I am going to share this email I got from my friend Flavia Delmonte, creator of Flavilicious, fat loss and fitness for females.

5 Female ‘Toning Myths’ That MUST Die…

Did you know that females fear of muscle ends up detouring their progress instead of achieving what should be a relatively easy goal, “toning”!

Have you ever thought how ironic it is for fitness experts to reassure females
that they don’t have the hormones to build muscle but then contradict themselves and say, “Just stick to low weight and high reps and go for the burn!

Getting TONED, DEFINED & SEXY CURVES should be the easiest goal to accomplish, but due to all the misconceptions and myths, most females just spin their wheels and think that exercise won’t work for them… it doesn’t help that most fitness ‘experts’ perpetuate these myths…

Today I want to share an article from Cover Model & Registered Nurse, Flavia Del Monte.

Flavia just posted an eye-opening article that I want to share with my amazing readers:

==> 5 Female ‘Muscle Toning’ Myths You Must STOP Believing

When you land on this page you’ll notice that TODAY is also the official release of her brand new 5-day CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System.

This is the first workout system in history that SOLVES these two big problems:

Problem #1 – Women follow these ‘wimpy’ fat loss workouts that barely burn 200 calories so they never see the sexy muscle definition hidden underneath that layer of fat.

Problem #2 – Females spends years wasting their time with ‘low reps and high weights’ instead of achieving what a few months could bring around if the intensity was progressed to a reasonably higher level.

Just read the article and Flavia explains the secrets behind all the healthy bodies you find attractive…


The coolest part about the CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System is that it teaches you how to develop BOTH types of muscle – neurogenic muscle tone and myogenic muscle tone.

Without BOTH of these muscle tones you have zero chance at developing KILLER definition, shapely muscles and a faster metabolism to actually keep the fat off for good. Without adding NEW muscle to your body, it’s only a matter of time before the scale spins back up!


If you’re tired of the ‘wimpy’ female workouts, grab yourself a copy of Flavia’s entire CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System and take advantage of the $50 OFF Launch Sale happening this week — and if your order today (Monday orders only), then you’ll receive an exclusive $300 Fast Action Bonus — but that is for MONDAY ORDERS ONLY!

Click the link below to check out Flavia’s invitation $50 OFF page…

==> Your $50 OFF special link + FREE $300 Bonus (Monday Orders Only)

P.S. The answer is YES, this works for females of all ages!

P.P.S. The answer is YES, you can do her workout at home!

P.P.P.S. The answer is NO, this program is NOT for everyone! It’s for serious ladies who are ready to work and tired of ‘wimpy’ workouts that barely break a sweat.

If you have more questions, you’ll find them all answered here:


I also want to make it clear, that no matter how great your training may be, you can always do better with a Personalized Nutrition Program.  That is exactly why I am going to offer you a Personalized Nutrition Program when you order Flavia Delmonte’s Curvalicious today using my link.  All you need to do is forward me your reciept and I will give you a Personalized Nutrition Program, totally free to empower your Curvalicious results.

Have an empowered day,

Patrick McGuire's Empowered Nutrition




Don’t take my word for it, see what Flavia has to say CLICK HERE

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