A Whole Lot of NOTHING for a Fat Free Body

A whole lot of nothing… works like a charm… Nothing to buy, no links to click… kind of refreshing don’t you think? (not even some funny little picture of nothing)

I hope you are doing great today, as every day.

This is a simple fast email to give you one simple suggestion.

This post is full of a whole lot of nothing… but fat loss results!

You see I am hard at work at my desk and realized that the one thing I really can’t stand is a bunch of emails from someone or a whole bunch of people who tell me the exact same thing and none of it works unless I do something about it.

So this email is very different. I want you to do…


Well what is it that is full of nothing and works like a charm for fat loss?

NOTHING. Yup that’s it. If you are sitting at your desk doing nothing (except typing or reading this email) then consider this…

What are you consuming right now?

Most of us are going to say soemthing like “just a drink“… just a DRINK? Are you kidding me? There really is NO such thing as “just a drink” these days. What you meant was coffee, tea, juice, pop or some other specialty drink.

If you are sitting there doing nothing, and I mean NOT being physically active, then you should be consuming NOTHING. No Calories. Nothing with any energy source other than straight caffeine (black coffee or tea) and water.

If it is NOT a scheduled snack time or meal time according to your fat loss (or muscle building) plan, then do NOT consume even 1 calorie.

That’s it, the secret of nothing. If you don’t consume it, it can’t consume your lean body aspirations and you can keep burning the calories and the fat.

About all I want to suggest is that you DO track your food, your workouts and your results. It’s the only way that 2011 will be any different for you and your new fat free body.

I hope you don’t mind this candid approach to doing nothing, consuming nothing and nothing to buy or do at all… unless you really want to 🙂 then see the apps over there ===>

Have an empowered day.



SUCCESS STORY from one of my transformation coaching students

Patrick, I did exactly what you told me to do. I did nothing for a week straight and it worked like a charm. I stopped “snacking and consuming liquid calories” for one week. I stuck to my Personalized Nutrition Program and lost another 4.3 lbs. This little trick helped me break through my fat loss plateau. Thanks for all your help, coaching and all the little things you do to help everyone in the program. Thanks to you I feel empowered! – Pamela Brown, 43, South Bend IN.

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