Empowered Nutrition is a professional group of nutrition researchers , nutritionists and exercise specialists committed to providing the best resources to nutrition information in the health and wellness industry providing products and programs focused on nutrition delivering powerful proven results.

Empowered Nutrition provides nutrition solutions in over 52 countries in hardcopy and digital goods and services.

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Fitness Professionals and Business Owners

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Empowered Nutrition provides nutrition solutions for individuals, fitness and nutrition professionals, business owners and corporate wellness programs in over 52 countries in hardcopy and digital goods and services.

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As an Empowered Member you have enrolled into a program that provides additional content and exceptional value from two of the most raw and open coaches you are going to find.

You will find and be privy to some real insider tips, tricks and more with Patrick McGuire, John Barban and a host of guests in audio, written and video format.

Patrick is a Nutritionist (RNCP), a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who works with Fitness Professionals and Businesses, Elite Athletes and more importantly regular folk just like you. Patrick applies a unique formal nutrition approach using holistic applications and real world applied and experienced performance nutrition.

John is a Nutritional Scientist, with Graduates from University of Guelph and Florida (Go Gators!) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. John is also the scientific Editor for more than Empowered Nutrition, but also Eat STOP Eat and is the creator of Adonis Index

Both Patrick and John have been involved in the under workings of several large and small supplement companies, including promotions, sales, distribution, development, design, formulations and marketing. Its this supplement industry that drove Patrick back to the Nutrition first approach with food and Personalized Nutrition Programs. Then over the many years of working together on various projects, Patrick and John came back together and formed a new partnership as John maintained his focus in researching nutrition, exercise and supplement.

With this new partnership in place, Empowered Nutrition Products Inc. was born and of course a full complementing line of supplements to support the already market strong Empowered Nutrition Programs.

Patrick and John have been friends since they were in Kindergarten in Burlington ON. They trained together at a local gym during high school and on many occasions they continued to train together during University years. John was even the “mickey” in Patrick’s (Rocky’s) corner for several contests, pushing him to stay focused and suck it up. John was even there at one contest when Patrick was without music and just so happened to have a hardcore tape with him to fill the gap for Patrick’s posing routine (Thanks John).

With a renewed focus to help more people achieve their goals Patrick and John have committed to ways to strengthen the message that you can and will achieve your goals if you have the right tools and stay focused on the 3 pillars of complete health and fitness:

  1. nutrition
  2. exercise
  3. supplements

keeping those 3 pillars in your focus and applying the tools you have you will surely be,

+ energized + transformed + empowered +



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