Anyone up for some Transformation Coaching?

This is a short and pointed email. Sure you might decide this is shameless self promotion… well it is… for your benefit.

I wanted to let you know a few things of excitement around here.

The blog is taking on a new life and will undergo some VISUAL CHANGES in the next few weeks, some changes have already taken place, check out the new side bar images to your right ==>> over there ==>>

Changes 2 & 3+ are all about programs that are for you and your results. For years we have been teaching gyms and fitness professionals how to operate full blown transformation programs, even giving them manuals and guides to run the programs for the most efficiency and success for members. We even provided the prizes and support packages for the programs. Well the time has come to provide those very same services and personal touches you have been patiently waiting for, scouring the internet and attacking your trainers for. Very soon we will be announcing to a very private and limited group of our Empowered Insiders the live release of a scarce but much needed program and members area. We will be announcing the release of our Empowered Premium Membership Area and Transformation Coaching Program.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM is all about a protected community of enhanced knowledge. This is NOT for everyone as there will be content that you may not want to hear but need to. There will be audio and videos you will NOT find anywhere on the internet as well as training programs, super bonuses, monthly freebies and more… I even have one more super surprise for you that is so over the top I can’t tell you about it here for fear of the volume of emails we will be getting prior to the announcement.

TRANSFORMATION COACHING is a 12 week total body transformation and make over program, actually it is 14 weeks. Transformation Coaching INCLUDES an Ultimate Transformation Personalized Nutrition Program printed bound and delivered to your door with weekly coaching calls, weekly conference calls, podcasts and more as well as even more rare nutrition and exercise coaching programs. This is the coaching you have been waiting for. This is NOT for everyone. This is NOT for you if you do NOT want to be told exactly what to do to accomplish your body transformation, fat loss or muscle building goals. Transformation Coaching will include everything from the Premium Membership Program and have the real deal, live weekly coaching for a truly unique transformation experience. [Learn More about Personalized Nutrition Programs >> CLICK HERE <<]

I have much more to tell you and am excited to release it all. But for now its just a teaser as I am working out the kinks and making sure all the content is “clicking” just right for you and the videos are all streaming just fine, fast and clean.

Cheers to you all, I will have new and unique post about the brain of a champion shortly… I think you are going to love this one and it will shed some light on why your brain is fighting your transformation fat loss and muscle building goals and how you can fight that with nutrition.

Your Transformation Coach,

Just to be sure you are ready for it and the new programs are right for you, I thought I would let you know in advance, you will be protected by my money back guarantee.

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    Great stuff, cheers mate!

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