Are you a roadie?

So I am getting back at it again for riding season. Logging some kms on the bike, some on foot and apparently now some on a road bike and doing more body weight and sandbag metabolic type training.
I’m more or a trail rider myself and hoping to race again this summer at Kelso Conservation.
That said, a bunch of the guys I hang with and respect are a bunch of lightweight spinners and road cyclists… yeah, you know them as “roadies”.
So I hit the road with them on Saturday for my first ride on a road bike since grade 9. YIKES!
Now, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I haven’t touched a road bike since I was 13. I think I weighed 150 lbs at the most, probably lighter with better road riding legs and lungs too.
Check out the loaner from my friend Dieter. We call it the “Silver Bullet”… not for the speed, let me assure you.


Dieters_Silver_Bullet for Patrick McGuire

The boys… and by boys I mean slightly older and “fitter” road riding men promised to take it easy on me. I think they did take it easy on me or I am in better shape than I thought.

One of the guys told me they didn’t go hard, but by no means were taking it easy on me.
I hung in there just fine. That was my third ride this season and the first of any distance and up until the last 2 hills, one of which was a 1.2 km climb up 51 meters, I kept right up with the boys and even pulled away a few times just to see if I could. Big weight helps on the downhills even on a road bike.
My buddy Dieter, said at the Domestique Cafe, where we stopped for coffee and organic oatmeal raisin cookie, “…man, you blew past me, all I saw was these quads go flying past me and you were gone”.
Thanks to my Strava iPhone App I have been tracking my rides and will start to track a few short runs. Here is what I accomplished on my first roadie ride since the age of 13… tomorrow I turn 38.
04/14/2012 – by Patrick McGuire (accidental roadies first ride)
Distance: 49.8 km
Ride Time: 2:04:11
Elevation gain: 299m
Average Speed: 24.0 kph
Max Speed: 64.6 kph (must have been on the downhill where I pulled away with the weight to quad ratio advantage)
Now it’s time to start some running and see how I can do to beat myself more often. The competition is only a factor when you are in a race, otherwise you are the competition.
Challenge yourself every day. Do something right now. Beat yourself. Be a Loser. Try this.
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Squats 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Chin Ups 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Push Ups 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Burpees 1 minute
Walk 1 minute
Write it all down. Keep score and try it each week to see how you are progressing.


Oh and if you are heading out for a ride, consider getting an app on your phone and let me know how you did in the comments.
If you are like me and looking to cut a bit of weight so you can keep up with those skinny roadies on the last climbs of the day, then try these Done-For-You Meal Plans

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