Black Friday Black Ops Sale

Hey this is going to be a bit of an odd blog post for the week.  I know we usually have more than 1-2 posts a week, but I have been pretty busy lately and I wanted to give everyone a chance to read the post for the Craziest Workout Winners

If you are a winner you need to click the Contact Us tab above and add the Subject line “I am a crazy workout comment winner” and I will know just what to do.  Thanks to everyone that participated.  I added a web coupon code in the post for you just for reading and commenting, get it now and check if you “Are a Crazy WINNER?

SO I have finally gone completely nuts.  I am doing something that I have many times said I will NOT do.  I am promoting a big monster BLACK FRIDAY – BLACK OPS sale right alongside one of the greatest feast of all.  Thanks Giving Weekend.

Right here on this site you will see some cool new changes to work with this and you will see some more videos and information especially over the weekend, including some random pop up BONUSES, many free, some not so free, it is going to be a great weekend.

Why is this a BLACK FRIDAY – BLACK OPS event. Well Black Friday is obvious, but BLACK OPS is a bit fitting since we are in stealth mode making our never before publicly released Personalized Nutrition Programs.

CLICK on my Fat Before and After Photo to your right for more information on Personalized Nutrition Programs ==>

It is also fitting to be BLACK OPS as only our insiders and private professional trainers and anyone who visits our site this weekend will know about it.  I am not doing any press releases or monster promotions.  If you are on our “Insiders” list you will get an email about the event, if not, you might randomly show up here for any reason, but the event is LIVE and in STEALTH mode.  The other reason is I dislike discounting just because it’s a holiday or the fat man in a red suit and white beard is on his way.

Premium products and Personalized Nutrition Programs are so powerful and effective, they don’t need a reason to sell.  The results you will get with a Personalized Nutrition Program are outstanding and speak for themselves with or without supplements.  But if you do use supplements, why not one you can trust that is specifically formulated to work with your Personalized Nutrition Program (CLICK the PRODUCT SHOT to your right to learn more ==>)

So here’s the BLACK FRIDAY BLACK OPS Details.

Personalized Nutrition Program Instant Savings Discounts – Starts Friday November 27th at midnight (12:00:01am) EST (Toronto ON Canada).

  • Black Friday -50% Instant Savings
  • Saturday -40% Instant Savings
  • Sunday -30% Instant Savings
  • Monday -20% Instant Savings
  • Supplements -10% Instant Savings ALL Weekend

There will also be limited and random FREE GIFTS all weekend long so come back often and check things out.

SUPER SAVINGS BONUS – if you purchase something on Friday and you see that it gets a further discount during the week or a Bonus Item is added to it, just use the Contact Us form to request your Value Added Bonus and include your receipt number in the email or subject line.

Check back here, later today, I will be adding that BLACK FRIDAY – BLACK OPS Video later today and send you a link to it just before midnight.

“BLACK FRIDAY Sale over at

I look forward to helping you achieve your Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Goals over the Holidays.


Check out the Personalized Nutrition Programs:

== >

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