Bodyweight Burn… The Bourne Supremacy

…maybe that should have read the BORN SUPREMACY, but I’m sure you get the pun

OK, so point blank I have to tell you… I haven’t touched the iron for over a year now.  YUP.  You read it.  I lift big and heavy and the beast has gone rogue and turned his back on the iron!

Well not quite.  I have simply chosen a path to enhance other aspects of my body and my life.



I have been killer busy with a new company I am the founder of and it is a major disrupter in the business world.

I purposely dropped 24.8 lbs (222.6 down to 198.2) to really start crushing it at the mountain bike races and compete with some of the 144 lbs roadies on the skinny tires.

I wanted to tighten the mid section and eat whatever I wanted when I wanted without concern.

I wanted to prepare for a more instant energy and power type of body while planning for a bunch of obstacle events like Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash and entering my first dualathlon and maybe even a triathlon.

…and make more time for my family. 

Before you think I’ve gone all skinny and soft, let me tell you, you are NUTS if you think I am going to let all this God given and well earned muscle and power go to waste.

So I have touched any weights other than a 30 minute session in a San Fran Hotel at Dreamforce 12, but I certainly have been busting my butt in a different way that has given me a new energy and capacity like never before.  I have combined two things specifically outside of getting on my bike 3-5 times per week; bodyweight exercise and ultimate sandbag training.

I have so many things I want to share with you, but the simple truth is I am not a bodyweight coach, so I am going to do something better than BS you about bodyweight exercises.  I am going to tell you about my friends who are and work with some of the BEST Bodyweight Coaches in the world, Adam Steer.

Over the next few days, I will share the details of how I got to know Adam and why I am so impressed with this guy and his Bodyweight Burn and other bodyweight training programs and exactly why I love to train with Adam.  The only thing that SUCKS is I am not in Barbados right now to get a session with him in the sun.

That’s OK, because I got advanced access to his Bodyweight Burn program and have already started to put myself through the paces and I can say it is awesome.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself, CLICK HERE

Tomorrow I will share some stories of my visit to Quebec City where I hung with Adam and a great group of Fitness Pro’s for a few days of fitness and fun.

In the mean time check out Bodyweight Burn CLICK HERE

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