Georgette Wants You to Earn 30-75% Commission on Everything in the Empowered Nutrition System

Georgette and I (Patrick McGuire) know what its like to be a Personal Trainer trying to make that big break from being a trainer working at a club or studio for someone else to actually working as an Independent Professional Trainer.

I like to remind people there are 2 types of trainers.  Personal Trainers and Professional Trainers.  Georgette is focused on helping you become the later.  An Independent Professional Trainer and that means helping you develop not just front end training and bootcamp sales, but a fully operating back end nutrition system, complete with Personalized Nutrition Programs, Supplements, Marketing and more all in one tidy online store.

This system is a hands free program.  You don’t need to process credit cards or sales transactions.  No need for shipping or tracking and no inventory management.  We take care of everything for you and ship the products to your clients doorstep.  All you need to do is promote what you believe in, direct your clients to your nutrition partners and collect your checks or online transfers.

As an Empowered Affiliate you will have the opportunity to help not only yourself, but also to increase the results and lives of your clients, family and friends in 3 easy steps and start profiting with the Empowered Affiliates & Trainers Program Today.

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Step 2: Receive Your Email and Complete Confirmation

This will be in your very first email and will direct you to the Affiliates Home Page for Completion. If you did not receive your email contact us.

Step 3: Log In

Empowered Affiliates Log In to your Affiliates Home Page to acquire the correct code for the appropriate program or promotion for 30-75% Commissions.

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