Bullet Proof Your Back!

I know you are busy and have a lot to do, but I also know that there is a good chance you suffer from back pain like I do.

I wanted to take a quick moment to give you some tips to help correct your back pain and create a “bullet proof back”, but to be honest my friend Eric does a much better job at it over at BulletProofYourBack.com

You can read the rest of my painful story on the Empowered Nutrition Blog www.EmpoweredNutrition.com or you can go see the even more scary back pain experience that Eric has endured and the reason for this awesome program by visiting www.BulletProofYourBack.com

The Number #1 Cause of Back Pain is…
Repetitive Stress

The #1 Way to Relieve the Back Pain is Proactive Stretching and Exercise…

The #1 Reason Most People still suffer from Back Pain is NOT knowing exactly what exercises to do and what order, how much and how often.

I have chronic back pain.  It’s so bad at times that I am laid out in bed for days.  I mean this problem is mostly due to sports injuries and lack of active rehab.  It’s ridiculous; you can literally see my hips shoot out and over by and inch or more and up more than an inch to the right side… always to the right, never the left.


Go read Eric’s reason to Bullet Proof Your Back over at www.BulletProofYourBack.com

… and check out this awesome package of information, directions and actions to implement immediately to be pain free starting today.

And if you are thinking about fixing your back stop.  Go get BulletProofYourBack now because… Eric is giving you 51 reasons to get it before midnight Thursday April 15th.

Call it tax savings credits and SAVE 51% before midnight and get the Empowered Nutrition Done-For-You Fat Loss Meal Plan Bonus too.


I mean things get so bad for me with back pain that I can’t breath normally.  It feels like I can’t breath at all and I have to do other stupid things just to get dressed.  I get depressed when it happens.

All my training was halted about 8 years ago due to a severe injury to my back.  I got that “shift” right in the middle of an exercise and bottom line is I never got back to training.  I was contemplating competing again and was leaner than ever 16 weeks out, so it would have been a good show and “POP” the back went out… I couldn’t fall down… I couldn’t get up… I couldn’t let go of the bar I was holding for fear of springing up and hurting it even more.

The worst part is that my whole life changed.  Back pain stopped me from doing the things I loved for several weeks and even months and still affects me today.  I couldn’t do the simple things I loved.  I couldn’t…

  • Hold my daughter (now 3 kids)
  • Workout
  • Stretch (yeah couldn’t even do that to fix the problem)
  • Prepare for the contest, photo shoots, calendars, nothing…
  • Make money to pay the bills the way I was with my physique
  • Work my day job
  • Drive safely… I still did, but it was scary
  • Play with family and friends
  • Mountain bike… and I just got a $3000 bike then…

I couldn’t do “squat”… literally squats to tie up my shoes, put on my socks or even squat to stretch with my own body weight.

My back pain was so bad that I couldn’t even pick up a bowl to help empty the dishwasher.  I tried and dropped it because the problem from my lower back caused me upper back and even grip strength problems.

Let’s just face it back pain sucks and if you are like me you will spend thousands of dollars on rehab, tools and devices like I did… I still use my inversion table for peace of mind and when I just don’t feel like stretching or am too lazy and tired to be proactive, but nothing beats active rehab.

If you have any back pain at all, you need to jump on it NOW.  Do NOT wait to fix it like I did.  That day will never come and it will be too late to avoid the PAIN… luckily its never to late to fix the problem and “bullet proof your back”.

If you suffer from back pain like I did then you need to visit my friend Eric Wong… like me he is a back pain sufferer with a very scary back pain story that you won’t even believe when you read it, but I know Eric, we had lunch the other day and I know his pain.  If you suffer from back pain visit Eric’s site and Bullet Proof Your Back Today.

Your partner in pain,


P.S.  If you order Eric’s program I will give you 5 Done-For-You Fast Fat Loss Meal Plans to fast track your successful back pain surgery without the needle and shave off the 10, 20 or 30+ pounds from your body that is causing 3 to 5x the pressure on your back.  All you need to do is send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you the link to get your BulletProofYourBack.com Fat Loss Meal Plans FREE.

Its time… Bullet Proof Your Back NOW! www.BulletProofYourBack.com

I am honoured that you are an Empowered Insider.  Like you I suffer from the struggle of fat loss and keeping as much muscle as possible and the pains of joints and a bad back.

I am an affiliate of Eric Wong and as such when you order BulletProofYourBack.com using one of the links above I will be compensated for making a recommendation to such an amazing program.  Hey BulletProofYourBack.com is so good that even if Eric wasn’t my friend… was a complete jerk and I didn’t like him even to throw him under the bus and run over his back… I would still recommend checking out BulletProofYourBack.com

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  1. Patricia
    8 years ago

    In recently inquiring about metabolism, I confused this post with another; however, there is another resource I recommend to help eliminate low back pain during exercise. It’s
    Ben Greenfield’s program over at http://www.runwithnopain.com . I’d
    definitely check it out as well. Sorry for the confusion.