Congratulations you are now onto something HUGE!

The concept of a CHALLENGE is typically associated with a contest, mano a mano or you versus the group or even the world.

I “challenge” you to change the way you think about the word “challenge” when it comes to your very own fitness.

I like to use the idea of a challenge to “test” myself to see where I am today, where I am going and seeing if I am progressing to that goal.

A challenge is simple a tactical test or marker on the road to assess if you are on the right path on time and on target.  This is HUGELY important when it comes to your personal goals.

Why Are Challenges So Vital?

Challenges are important because many of us in today’s society and world are just to darn busy to make the time with others to diet, exercise and meet up for mentoring or monitoring and critiquing.  Essentially due to the busy constraints of today’s lifestyles people need MORE accountability.  Challenges provide a great motivator and a real ugly point blank truth of accountability.

I can not stress the importance of a challenge without a “contest” enough.  Although I LOVE the concept of Transformation Challenges and quite honestly recommend them to the fitness companies we work with, but the reality is that the “transformation Challenge” may in fact be creating a bigger problem in that it is conditioning people to expect a reward beyond that of a great body, incredible health and a new life of energy an enthusiasm.

Challenges (self challenges and group contests) are truly powerful and almost mandatory to get anyone motivated enough to actually plan the work and work the plan.  Without challenges most of us would sit on the couch and continue to exercise for the arm-chair quarterback championships.

A Challenge is something you MUST do to see where you are at and in no place is it more evident than with a good nutrition program.  Nutrition alone can change your body, your mind, your speed, agility and so much more including your wardrobe in a very rapid and obvious way.

Why Is a Challenge Vital With Nutrition Programs?

A Challenge is essential so you can test and track your transformation.

A Challenge works for individuals and groups as well as professional and amateur athletes, weekend warriors, non athletes and average joe’s and jane’s.

A Challenge will test any or all facets of your desired outcome.  You can Challenge and track the results for the following:

  • body measurements
  • body composition (muscle to fat)
  • weight
  • height
  • performance (agility, reaction time, speed, power, endurance…)

A Challenge can be RESULTS : TIME based, like many contests indirectly force into action.  You might want to consider a challenge against:

  • fastest fat loss or muscle gain
  • greatest results
  • greatest increase

A Challenge can be in a group format that best works with the above scenarios, but it may also be in a !:! format and is simply a spin on the previous challenges such as:

  • fastest to lose “X” pounds/kilos/bodyfat
  • greatest transformation
  • event based performance
  • weighted challenge (like my buddies in Hotel St. Antoine, Auberge Quebec… by the way I held the camera and did my set of 15 cold, which by the way I do NOT recommend, always warm up thoroughly.  Watch the boys go at it >> Hotel Challenge: Triceps Pressdown Stack Challenge)
  • a race of speed
  • a feat of strength, power or agility

The list goes on and on and could go on forever and continue to grow.  Now back to why a challenge is essential for self accountability.  Well its simple.  If you set a goal, test yourself with a challenge, then follow your nutrition and exercise program and test yourself again after a predetermined amount of time you will have a clear cut answer and realize you either did or did NOT perform better and advance to your goals.

I have several and will post them for you.  If you have any challenges you would like to add to the list, please comment below, include your name and personal stats, like job and even your results for your own challenge or one of ours.  I will create a unique post for any challenges that are standouts and get lots of comments and activity from the community.  I will be sure to include your personal data and highlight the best of the best in that challenge.

So if you have a challenge that is unique, drop it into the comments box below and tell us how you did and “CHALLENGE” the Empowered Insiders and Community to TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE and beat the CHAMPION of the Challenge.

Here’s a few CHALLENGES to get you started.

300 Challenge

Fastest time to complete 300 reps of the following exercises.  It does not matter how long it takes, it matters that you do it all and track your time to completion.  Post your results below.  Remember this is a TIMED event to 300 reps.

  • 25 pull ups
  • deadlift with 135 for 50 reps
  • 50 push ups
  • 50 box jumps to 24″ platform
  • 50 floor wipers (both sides swing the feet = 1)
  • 25 kettlebell clean and press each arm touch the floor
  • 25 pull ups

total 300 reps >> Check out my buddy Craig Ballantyne showing us how its done

300 Bodyweight Workout

  • 25 pull ups
  • 50 bodyweight squats
  • 50 push ups
  • 50 box jumps to 24″ platform
  • 50 floor wipers MODIFIED (both sides swing the feet = 1)
  • 25 band or dumbell press per arm (this is the only weighted exercise since handstand push ups are a bit hard to do first day out)
  • 25 pull ups

This is another variation of a timed event using the protocol of 7 exercises and 300 reps to completion.

3 Minute Challenge

In this challenge you will perform a series of exercises.  Each exercise lasting a total of 3 minutes.  the challenge is to perform as many reps as possible in the 3 minutes.

  • Push Ups
  • Squats
  • Romanian Single Stiff Leg Toe Touch (or as I call them skaters touch)
  • Chin Ups
  • Bicep Curls (with bands, bars or dumbells)
  • Tricep Pressdown (with bands, bars or dumbells)
  • Shoulder Press (with bands, bars or dumbells)

This one is a lot tougher than it appears.  Try it and let me know how you made out.  Train for a month and challenge yourself again and let us know how you are doing.

Keep checking out the site for the complete Challenge Series Programs… I think you are going to love it.

If you really want to challenge yourself, set a plan into action and start transforming yourself with exercise and a Personalized Nutrition Program for the fastest results.  Or check out our Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans for a better budget