Chris Lopez TT K-bell Interview Part 2

Here is the second part of my interview with Chris Lopez about his
new Kettlebell training program.

PAT:  If you were to categorize workouts and exercise programs from a fat burning
standpoint. Where would you rank things like traditional low intensity cardio,
interval training, traditional weight lifting, and your kettlebell system?

CHRIS: OK, here’s my ranking from least effective to most effective for fat burning,
WITHOUT taking into account other variables like time commitment, or convenience,
or location (gym vs. home)…

6. Traditional low intensity cardio (I hate cardio)
5. Interval training by itself
4. Traditional full body weight lifting
3. Traditional weight lifting combined with interval training
2. Kettlebell Training
1. Superset weight lifting combined with interval training

So you may be surprised that KB training isn’t #1, but remember, I didn’t take
into account the time or convenience factors.  And in today’s world, TIME and
CONVENIENCE are huge factors.

If I were to re-rank this list given ALL factors, then #1 would definitely change.
The beauty about the TT KB Revolution System is that it combines BOTH
full body superset training (as in the type of non-compete supersets
found in Turbulence Training) with kettlebell exercises, circuits & drills.
A workout like that is by far MY #1 choice for fat burning effects.

PAT:  Most of our readers probably do some sort of workout already, or have at
least tried a few workouts. Can you give them an analogy or a description of
what to expect and how your kettlebell system workout will feel?

CHRIS: I like to think of our KB Workouts as interval training “on steroids”.
Mainly because it involves non-stop resistance training done for time or reps.
Good workouts, in general, should allow you to feel energized and invigorated
after you’ve completed them, not depleted or defeated like some of these
marathon bodybuilding or cardio sessions that I used to see people do in the gym.
I think for fat burning, people should remember to TRAIN, not DRAIN.

With the Revolution workouts, you’ll feel like you’ve trained. Your heart will be
pumping, you’ll be sweating and you’ll feel great…I mean really great!
There is no better feeling in the world than knowing that you’ve challenged
yourself and that you’ve beat your previous record and that’s what you’ll get
with the Revolution Workouts.

Each workout relies on you breaking a record each time out and at the
end of a phase, there is a challenge workout to complete to see what
kind of progress you’ve made.  I’ve found, in my own personal training
practice, that when my clients are challenged to beat themselves
(or others) they get better results.  That’s what we’ve tried to capture
with the Revolution workouts and challenges.  A nice, friendly,
competitive environment where you can really test yourself.

PAT:  What was the biggest advantages you found using this system given the
fact that you might actually be the busiest person in the entire city if
not the whole country? In other words, how does this system fit into your life
and still allow you to balance your career and family life while still
having energy to enjoy it all?

CHRIS: Yes, life is pretty busy.  My wife and I are due with Baby #5 in
October, I’m looking after, my TT Kettlebell Revolution peeps, my FitAndBusyDad
group and my offline personal training clients.  In addition to that, I’ve
started a competitive volleyball club in the area for girls the same
age as my oldest daughter.

It’s all the things that I love to do, but it can get a little out
of hand at times.  The beauty of the Revolution System is that it’s really cut
my training time down WITHOUT limiting results.  For busy people, your time
can be better spent doing more meaningful things, rather than spending 1-2 hours
at the gym or working out.

I used to go to the gym, warm-up, lift weights, hit the track, cool down,
shower and then go about my day.  With travel time, that sometimes ended
up being a 2 hour ordeal.  That kind of workout or life isn’t what I’m
about anymore.  I used to get home feeling sapped of my energy.  Now, I
train with KBs 3 or 4 times per week.  My sessions are no longer than 30 minutes.
I balance that with daily meditation, intermittent fasting and eating
REAL FOOD and I feel the best I ever had in my 33 years on this earth.

Life is a matter of balance and being present and realizing what’s important.
My health is important to me and I’ve found a way of really taking care of
myself without limiting my time with my family or doing the things that I love.
And training now is as much part of my kids life as it is my own.  My 11 year
old swings KBs, my 6 year old can hold a 3-minute plank, my 4 year old knows
what a kettlebell is (how many 4 yr olds have even heard of a KB?) and
my 2 year old does prisoner squats ATG!

PAT: Thanks so much for the great insight Chris.

CHRIS: Anytime!

Chris’s new kettlebell training program is a great workout and a new
way of conditioning your body that you might not have considered.

I’ve played around with kettlebells a lot in my time, but I’ve never
had a structured program to follow. Chris’s new workout fixed that
problem for me and now I put his kettlebell techniques into my
monthly workout routine.

The program is solid and well thought out. If you’re interested in
suggest you get in on his 50% off sale, that ends tonight at midnight,
cuz if you’re like me (cheap!) then you don’t want to pay full price
for anything if you can avoid it…and 50% off is a pretty sweet deal!

Get the program here for 50% off:  Kettlebell Workout Bargain

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