Hey if you made it here, then you are confirmed with your 3 best times for your Coaching Call with Patrick.

Great news is, as promised everything will be recorded and sent to you for future review that you can save to your computer, iphone, ipod, mp3 player or listen to it any way you like.

Anythign goes on these calls.  Nothing is too sacred, secret or shocking.

Coaching Calls are typically reserved for our Transformation Coaching and Contest Coaching Clients, during thier 12-16 week Coaching Programs and Premium Memberships.

As a BONUS to the recent promotion you are clearly benefiting from this opportunity as well.

We will send you an email confirmation for your 30 minute Coaching Call shortly.

You will need to download Skype, the free conference calling system using this link. http://www.skype.com/welcomeback/

You may need a headset for best quality, but microphone and speakers are just fine.  We do the recording on this end, so you want the best audio and mic you can get on your end so it all comes thru with clarity.

You will need to load my coaching skypename: empowered.coach

To prepare for your Coaching Call please have the following details sent to me.  patrick [at] empowerednutrition [dot] com

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Email
  3. Personal Stats (body type, measurements, weight, body fat, general nutrition and training details, and anything else that you feel will help me to tailor the call to your goals)
  4. Goals
  5. 5-10 of your most important fat loss and muscle building questions.  Put your MOST important questions you want answered at the front (top) of your list so I get these answered for you, just in case we run out of time.

I look forward to our call.

Check your email to confirm your best times.

*All calls are scheduled according to availability and cross referenced to your requested 3 best times.  Not all “best times” can be accommodated, I will my best.  If none of your times fit we will provide a nearest alternative time for your call.

Thank you for your recent purchase.  I look forward to our call.