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  1. Nancy

    Hello Patrick,
    On 18 July I ordered 2 – 1 lb containers of the Protein Smoothie. I paid through PayPal, and the transaction is marked as completed. I received no email confirmation, and have yet to receive the product.

    • I will put a trace on this for you Nancy, sorry about that, I am sure it can be resolved quickly and if missing another shipment will be sent to you.

  2. Dave

    Hi Patrick,

    I’ve been following your 1750 fast fat loss meal plan and so far so good. However, I noticed that it requires me to eat a lot of cheese. Although, I’m eating low-fat cheese should I be concerned about any health risks associated with consuming so much cheese (i.e. high cholesterol)?


    • You should be pretty safe, since there are vast amounts of good healthy fats to compensate the bad ones in your mealplan you are safe, unless you have issues with your heart and cholesterol of course.

  3. lol a couple of in the remarks individuals place up are silly and unrelated, occasionally i ask myself if they in reality examine the document content and items prior to leaving your 2 cents or if perhaps they in fact skim the title with the article and pen the really 1st point that pops into their brain. in any situation, it is enjoyable to browse smart commentary from time to time rather than the incredibly similar, outdated weblog vomit which i fairly frequently discover about the net

    • Do you mean just like this silly comment you left? Seriously you can’t complain and call it an “out dated web log” if its active, being actively commented on including your comment.

      Its even more funny when you refer us back to your weblink that is dated March 3, 2008

  4. phil

    Hey pat,

    Just wondering if you sent any of the coaching and video e-mails yet? The Ultimate Rewards Program. If you did send I am not receiving them some how.

    Please let me know

    • Please check your inbox for an email from me. Thanks Phil

  5. Hi,
    I was wondering how much you would charge to advertise on your HEALTH related site. I am looking to place a small text based ad. If the price is affordable I may buy more than one over time. I usually ask for one line with just a few words. I prefer them at the top, middle, or bottom of the main content area of the site. However, I am sure we can work out placement.

    Please let me know what you would charge me to place a link ad on your site. If you are interested let me know the price and if you prefer PayPal or a check?


    Paul White
    Inventory Manager

    • Paul, as you can see I do NOT advertise here. We could discuss it, but only if it is of relevance to my followers and will benefit them a great deal. This would including giving them something free of great value that is nutrition and fitness related for clicking on your link.

      I am NOT saying I will or will not agree to this. I am looking out for my readers first and foremost. You will need to email me details of the ad, the product, free gift, price points, etc… to info @

      Thanks for understanding.

  6. phil

    got it, thanks


  7. xavier

    I’ve been lurking around this website for sometime now. It’s very informative, overall a great website. Now, do you guys have a custom tailored meal plan for “MY” body type that is an ectomorph. I will start lifting soon and I need high calroic meal plan, anything from 3000 cals and up if possible. Please the feedback would be appreciated. Been surfing the net with no results on muscle building meal plans, I don’t have the patience to weigh or count calories. Thanks.


    • Xavier, I for sure have your answer. I would first suggest you get a Personalized Nutrition Program… however if you can wait until Friday this week I will be launching a private release of my newly completed MASS Building Meal Plans packages. The most effective meal plans for mass at the best price.

      comment back and I will drop the link here on Friday or send you an email.

    • xavier

      Thanks for getting back to me Patrick. First of all, this personalized nutrition program is it the same thing as the mass building plans? Another thing the mass meal plan you’re launching this friday will it be perfect for my body type? If so I will love to purchase it, if not than is it possible you guys can personalized meal plans for my body type. Information would be helpful.

    • Xavier, the MASS building meal plans package we have releasing this weekend is a series of very detailed MASS building meal plans. Slightly different, more detailed than the free MASS building meal plans you may have downloaded as a free gift recently. They will be great but they will NOT be perfect for your body and your goals, but will get you closer than you can imagine possible on your own.

      Xavier, I highly recommend a Personalized Nutrition Program for your specific needs and goals. It is the only way to make it PERFECT for your body as you say.

    • xavier

      Hey Patrick I see what you mean. I think I will go for the personalized nutrition program. How does the personalized nutrition program work, price and in accurate all I need is high calorie mass building meal plan. Something with a 55% carb 40% protein and 30% fat something over those percentages or so I read. I think vince del monte goes by those protocols on meal plans. Well as you can see I’m a newbie. Thanks for getting back to me immediately. I an curious to see the other mass building meals you will be launching this week. Anyway thanks for the info Patrick.


    • Xavier, I think you are making the right choice. There is nothing better than a Personalized Nutrition Program to accomplish your goals.

      MASS Building Meal Plans are great, but still not as effective as Personalized.

      BTW your ratios don’t add up. I am all for giving it more than 100% effort, but 55+40+30=125%. WOW! You are committed to GROW!.

      Since I worked with Vince from day one and helped him to grow with nutrition and provide all his meal plans, I think you meant 35% Protein, 45% Carbs and 20% Fats. Then we need to sort out your total calories. I would suggest for you being a hard gainer to use 1 gram of Protein per pound of Lean Body Mass (LBM) then we multiply the calories for the Carbs and Fats accordingly.

      I will post a link for you nested in these comments. Going to HELP you out with a Macro MASS Muscle Building Nutrition Program.

  8. alan


    I’m interested in my own branded meal plans for my clients. how much would this cost. say for 1500, 1750 and 2100 kcal plans. and do they include uk measurements?


    • Alan, I would have to get to this in email to answer your question. Check your inbox. Thanks for the inquiry. I appreciate the compliment.

  9. Sarah

    My friend had a Personalized Nutrition Program done for her by her trainer years ago. It’s exactly what I want but I also know (from meeting with a sports nutritionist) how many calories & breakdown (% fat, protein & carbs) I need to be having each day. What is the breakdown for the Level 1 Foundation program – does it vary, can it be customized ???

    • Sarah, we specialize in Personalized Nutrition Programs. I know you have met with a consultant and have your parameters. What I can suggest is that we compare and mesh the two allowing you to get what you want and for us to do what we are best at.

      I will personally take care of your program for special attention.

      Our Foundation Fat Loss Programs tend to range more of a balanced 40 carbs, 30 protein and 30 fats, but are different for each person based on activity, goals, and the likes.

      If you have your specs, let me know what they are and I can tell you which program is closest, but I will also need your current stats and your goals so I can recommend the best program at the right ratios and calories to get powerful proven results.

    • Sarah

      Thanks Patrick, should I email you my specs ??

  10. Sarah

    Thanks Patrick ! Should I email you my specs ??

    • please do. Send your specs to patrick @ empowered nutrition[dot]com

      I look forward to helping you accomplish your goals.

    • Sarah

      HI Patrick, I sent you the email but haven’t heard back. It would have come from Could you confirm if you received it ?
      thanks !!

    • No Sarah, sorry I don’t see it. What was the main part of the email? Can we start the conversation here? This is the BEST way to ensure I got it and respond the fastest. It was to get your Personalized Nutrition Program started right… I will take another look for the email in some other folders. Sorry I get hundreds and hundreds a day.

    • Sarah

      Sure thing – no problem – here’s the specs I have been given –
      calories a day – 2200 during training, 2000 low training period
      25% fat
      55% carb
      20% protein
      I weight 215lb & I’m 5’4″-I’m training for triathlons which means lots of endurance training, little weight training at the moment.
      My biggest question is really the cost which was why I was looking at the Foundation Fat loss plan – the electronic version. I’m on a budget.
      Let me know, can’t wait to get started !!! thanks

    • Yeah Sarah, I can tackle that. Not quite what I would set up for you, but not far off either. Would you mind if I tweaked it a bit. The only thing I need now is your body fat levels to really drill this down and understand your Lean Body Mass (LBM) after all we need to feed the machine, not the fat.

      I got a special link for you if you want a Personalized Nutrition Program. Cost will surprise you. I understand your budget constraints. Been there more than I like to admit, hehe.

      just respond to this and I will email you the private link for your Personalized Nutrition Program.

    • sure thing Sarah, looking forward to helping.

      patrick @ empowered nutrition [dot] com

    • Sarah

      HI Patrick,
      Your last comment – sept 2 – 4:41pm won’t let me reply – so I hope you read this. Feel free to tweak away -although I don’t know how to give you my body fat levels. My email is thanks ! Sarah

    • Sarah, do you have access to a scale that does bodyfat? How about the good old measurement tools you can use online? You can use this one if you like Empowered Body Fat Calculator

    • Sarah

      Cool ! Well according to your tool I’m at 34% Body Fat. Looking forward to changing that !!

    • Let’s fix that together.

      btw it reads a bit high for some but the goal is to alway use that tool and the numbers will go down and be consistent.

    • Sarah, your Personalized Nutrition Program is solved with bodyfat included, all good. Let me know you got this comment and you have started your program so I can help.

  11. Xavier

    Hey Patrick thanks for the email and micronutrients for macro results. Ive read it and its alot of helpful stuff. Another thing srrry about the miscalculation with carbs, protein & fats percentages I was way off hehe. Ok all said and done where can I purchase a personalized nutrition for my bodytype. Where can I talk to someone about this? Where can you direct me to. THanks for getting back to me as always.


    • Xavier, we can get you all hooked up real easy. Sorry this got buried for some reason in the comments… literally thousands recently.

      let me know if you still want a Personalized Nutrition Program and I will hook you up with one heck of a deal

  12. Xavier

    Hey Patrick I posted a comment here somehow either it didnt go through or someone deleted the comment. But anyway srry for the percentages I was way off. All said and done who do I talk to for a personalized nutrition program for my bodytype, is it you or ? Thanks for getting back to me as usual.


    • got it, replied… it was lost for some reason.

      If you still want to get a Personalized Nutrition Program we can do exactly that for you. let me know and I will send you a killer deal of a link.

  13. Vincent


    I was wondering, for the 3000 mass meal plan, it’s designed so that on workout days the workout is at 9:30, however I don’t workout until around 4PM. This is because I go to school and my schedule is tight, how can I fix this?



    • Follow the plan. Move your post workout shake to when you will be working out. Swap it with a Snack or Meal if needed.

      Eat every 3-4 hours from the time you wake up to bed or when the meal plan stops 😉

      Rest and GROW! Remember these are meal plans, not Personalized Nutrition Programs which would be tailored for your exact needs, foods and schedule.

      Glad to know you are using it Vincent. Keep me posted on your results.

  14. Xavier

    Hey Patrick did you receive any of my comments I posted here?


    • got them, sorry they got stuck for some reason, I just found them

  15. Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed the report. I ve already bookmark this article.

  16. George

    Hi patrick just bought the meal plans but cant seem to access the body fat calculator can u help please?

    • George, did you send me your reciept? Email it to me at patrick @ empowerednutrition [dot] com and I will grab the correctly coded link for you.

  17. Darryl

    Hi, I purchased a digital personalized nutrition program through paypal and registered my product but i was wondering when do i give you my personal stats and food preferances? Do I have to wait until the e-check has cleared?

    • Thanks Daryl. can you forward m your receipt. I am sure its just clearing the payment processing and not in my system yet, but we can solve that quickly. I look forward to getting you started.

  18. Darryl

    Hi Patrick also I did not receive the personalization link for my digital personalized ultimate nutrition program. Can u please help?

    • Daryl, forward me your receipt and I will take care of it, even if the payment is still clearing.

  19. Xavier

    What’s going on Patrick, here again to tell you that I’m interested in the Personalized Nutrition Program for my goals which are for muscle building. Is it fine If i email you? I’m sure you’ve been busy.


  20. Darryl

    Hi Patrick, i forwarded you a copy of my receipt like u asked. It should be in an e-mail from

    • OK Darryl will chase that down this evening for you and hook you up.

  21. This is a topic close to my heart cheers, found you through Bing.

  22. Very interesting info, i am waiting for more ! Keep updating your blog and you will have a lot o readers

  23. Dave

    Hi Patrick,

    I just signed up for Vince’s MYM program via your email links because it said I would get some elite meal plans as a bonus. However, I have not received them yet. I emailed a receipt of my purchase to you twice but not sure if you got it. When can I expect to receive those bonus meal plans? Thanks so much!

    • You got your email with the link… RIGHT???

  24. Darryl

    Hi again patrick i know you been pretty busy but i was wondering if u received the e-mail with my receipt and paypal confirmed that the e-check has cleared but i need the personalization link so i can enter my stats so i can start my digital ultimate personalized program as soon as possible. Thanks

    • got it and see you got your order in. thanks darryl for following up.

  25. Dave

    Hi Patrick,

    I just signed up for Vince’s MYM program via your email links because it said I would get some elite meal plans as a bonus. However, I have not received them yet. I emailed a receipt of my purchase to you twice but not sure if you got it. When can I expect to receive those bonus meal plans? Thanks so much!

    • It should have auto redirected you after check out. did you get the follow up email? I can give you a direct link to get them if not. Let me know.

  26. Dave

    Hey Patrick,

    About a week ago I signed up for Vince’s MYM program via your email promotion so that I could gain free access to the elite meal plans you were offering. I emailed my receipt of purchase twice but not sure it made it to you as I never heard back. Can you please tell me when I might expect to receive those meal plans?

    Thanks so much for your help. All the best…

    • Sorry man, but it should be on auto pilot to give them to you after check out from clickbank. let me know and I will personally send them to you.

  27. Hey Patrick, I was looking through some of the mass building diets and am strongly considering starting one of them (I like having everything planned out, makes it so much easier!) However, I noticed a lot of dairy and grains in the meal plans, and I know that I sometimes struggle with those (acid reflux). Is there maybe a list of substitutions or ways to work around it? I also know that if I make sure to take my greens supplement at least once per day that sometimes combats the reflux, so maybe that would help. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!

    • Brock, glad to hear it. You won’t be disappointed by any means. I take greens everyday when bulking and almost everyday almost all year round. In fact I used to travel, work and research with the greens+ creator, Sam Graci.

      Substitution charts exist in the back of the color info manual.

      If you got the free meal plans, you might not have the sub charts, let me know I will get you a link ASAP.

      BTW I love your slick looking banner and logo on your site. Maybe we should do some work together and get you some meal plans for your site or something. Would love to help your athletes.

  28. Sarah

    Patrick , Are you still reading these commnents and posting, you haven’t for about 2 weeks and I am still waiting for my meal plan ? What’s the scoop ?

    • looking for the email to resend you sarah… I do apologize as I have been locked in a lab with some DNA geeks for a few weeks.

  29. Darryl

    Hi Patrick,
    I was wondering about the status of my ultimate transformation program. Its been almost two weeks and I still have not received anything.I didnt receive the personalization link so u dont have my stats to prepare the program. I forwarded u a copy of my receipt i dont know if u received it or not but i know you been busy so I was just wondering what was going on with my order.

    • Thanks Darryl.

      I see you finally got your program in the system for personalization, give my team a few more days with it and it will be on its way.

  30. sotiaboni

    i have a question concerning your meal plans..ive been following Sean Nalewanyj meal plans for building mass and i was wondering about the portions sizes …we measure them before or after cooking?

    • before cooking for everything except dry carbs like rice, pasta, oatmeal. WOW! I cup of dry oatmeal turns into a massive bucket of oatmeal once cooked. 1 cup of dry rice = 3-5 cups cooked… good luck eating all that my friend.

  31. Lana

    Patrick, I have been trying to contact you regarding my plan but no response.

    • I will search for your email and reply back. Sorry Lana, got a killer spam filter on this end. I will be sure to approve your email address to be sure.

  32. Patrick, i havve been trying to contact you buddy but no replies from the Gmail.

    Been waiting to hear from you and the progress with the video etc.

    Hope to speak real soon!

    • Sorry Steve, got slammed with projects on this end. Had to do a lot of last minute travel with a DNA project we are working on. We are the nutrition side of things for the company and its rather time, brain and travel consuming to say the least.

      I will get at that video for your page this weekend (I hope). Sorry.

  33. Darryl

    Hi Patrick,

    Do you think it would be realistic to lose at least 50 lbs of fat and get my bf down to atleast 10% from 25% in 12 weeks using the personalized ultimate transformation program that I purchased?

    • Totally possible. Its a tough go, but possible.

  34. Will

    I just viewed your video and believe me, I was underwhelmed. If you would just get rid of that background NOISE – some call it music – one could understand what you are saying and not have to try to separate the two (“music” vs. the human voice). Another thing, you display 12:00:00 EST, well, I don’t know about you but here we are on EDT until later in October, which means that some are going to miss whatever you are advertising. Will

    • Thanks for your opinion Will. I will take that to note for future videos and content. Thought the music was low enough… but it was rather cool music.

      BTW, I am near Toronto ON, and we are EST. Sorry.

  35. stefanie

    Hi! I am experiencing technical problems opening up the 7 pounds in 7 days meal plan. I was really excited about starting this tomorrow- working off all of that turkey and pumpkin pie!!! When will they be ready and how can I get access to the other components in an easy to open format?

    • Stefanie, I think, I got a chance to answer this via email, but I just wanted to follow up and confirm things with you. Let me know how you are doing and if I can help.

  36. Xavier

    Hey Patrick its me again. Are you still working on personalized nutrition programs? I need one according to my needs the link you gave me about 2 months ago dont seem to add up to the 45%carbs..35%$ protein & 20&fat….im skinny fat…What I need are mass building meal plans according to the stuff i just gave ya…this whole nutrition is confusing to me…how do we discuss this? do you have a personal email? srry to bug you gain.

    • Xavier, just following up on our last communications.

      If you need one, then I got you covered, I will help you build all the muscle you want. To get the growth ratios you are after you want the Macro MASS program (35% proteins, 45% carbs, 20% fats, with 1.3x calore factor to LBM).

      email me (patrick @ and I will give you a private link to the right program for you.

    • Xavier

      I sent you an email Patrick! thnx for getting back to me. Thanks.

    • you’re welcome, great to communicate. thanks

  37. Austin

    Hello Patrick.

    Sorry for sending this in the forum but it was the only way I could get a hold of you bud.

    I just paid for your $47. Delux program and when I try to sign up to download the program the link is not working.

    I am a little worried I hope I can still get the program. That was my last $47. Please help

    Thanks so much


    • I think we got this resolved via email, looks like we had the wrong email preventing you from downloading your package. Glad you got it now. Sorry about the mix up Austin.

  38. Charles

    Hey there Patrick

    For some time now I’ve been thinking about having these meal plans although I’d just like to ask a few things that’ll help me decide what’s the best option for purchase

    1)Would I be better off getting the done-for-you-meal plans or a personalized meal plan? Reason being that there are some food here (living in NZ) that are not available in the U.S. such as turkey,buffalo etc. and also being an endo-mesmo gaining weight super easy but also gaining some fat along with it, and with my current goal of both losing fat but gaining mass at the same time or just plain losing the last bit of fat (I am currently 9-10% BF) it has made me wonder what to purchase.

    2.Well this one is not really a question but I’ve tried to sign up with becoming a insider at empowered nutrition but it says you don’t exist in the records and I’d love to sign up.

    Either way sorry for a long winded comment! hope you can get back to this soon see ya:)

    • I think we got this covered in our various emails and comment replies, thanks Charles.

  39. rich

    Hi Patrick,
    I just ordered the DELUXE budget diet & ultimate transformations (order #82RPRFEV) and then after the order was complete I put in my e-mail and aweber said it wasn’t active. You can delete this comment as soon as my product is delivered, I just wanted to ensure you were aware of the problem. Looking forward to trying it out!

    • thanks Rich. Check your email and the clickbank ticket request, I sent your private link in both those, but its only good for 48 hours.

  40. Josh Garza

    Hey Pat!
    I’m trying to re-download my Ultimate Transformation Budget Diet Package since my laptop crashed, and I can’t seem to access the download. When I go to my click bank receit, it takes me to a page that requires me to register

    [hidden personal info]

    but when I try to do so it takes me to this error page

    [hidden personal info]

    I ordered the Deluxe 12 Week and my order number is [hidden personal info]. I hope you can help me out. I want to get started on my plan again. Thanks brother!

    Joshuah Garza

    • Check your inbox, sent you a private personal link. sorry about the confusion Josh.

  41. Herbert

    Hello Patrick, I would like to know what is the status of my Ultimate Digital Nutritrion Program.
    Haven´t heard from you in a while.

    Thank you!

    • Let me take a quick look, I thought I saw your email go out last week, but I will check that again for you Herbert.

    • Herbert, I need your help. I am looking for your order in the system by name, can you help me with your receipt number. Was it processed via PayPal or ClickBank? If you simply email (forward) me the receipt I can pull everything up from there and get you the right link to access your files.

  42. Jon

    Hi Patrick,
    All of that sounds great. I’ll probably purchase the Lean Muscle Builder program in a few weeks. Are there any specific details like body fat levels or precise measurements that I’ll need to have in order for the program to be customized? I’ll do my best to get them ASAP.

  43. Paula

    Hey Patrick, what’s going on. I put in a comment for you to reply to but you haven’t replied. You seemed to have skipped over it.

    • Let me take a look for it Paula, sorry.

  44. Charles

    Hey there Patrick!

    I recently brought nick nilsson’s mad scientist muscle and Calculated my caloric intake and scored a 3168! The bad news was your meal plans only went up to 2999 so was just wondering what you would advise me to do since I am very keen on trying them out as a test run before I decide to get a personalized program.


    • I can get you some bigger Lean Builders, but it sounds like you are more in need of of a Macro MASS.

      hey Charles, great to hear from you.

      If you do the math for all the nutrients you will find that the 2999 Macro Nutrients are actually 20% MORE than we list due to the swapping and substitution factors we use with our calculations of the PRIMARY Macro Nutrients. This puts you closer to 3598 TOTAL calories per day.

      How about this. Give it a go for 2-4 weeks. Each week, report back to me and let me know how you are doing, by dropping a comment on the site for me. Thanks.

      I am very confident you will surprise yourself.

    • Charles

      Hey again Patrick!

      As requested Ive come back and let you know how my progress is going for the first week. I have to say I am a very impressed man! I lost bodyfat and gained a pound of muscle this week and I’m only on day 5! Keep in mind though I’m doing another workout program and not nick nilsson’s just yet but thought I’d let you know since I was planning on using the nutrition plan for 2 weeks before I go on vacation to see how empowered I could be 🙂

    • Charles, that is amazing. Great stuff buddy, I am very pleased to hear that you are doing so well. It will keep happening for you, especially when you slam in Nick’s workouts.

      Can’t wait to see your “empowered” pics on vacation.

  45. Tim McManus

    I am having a problem with a weight loss clinic in my area that used your book for their program. Do you have any affilitation with this particular weight loss clinic? Any influence on the running of their program? Are they a frachise of yours? I am reluctant to give details on a public forum.


    • Tim, I am not in control of any clinics or fitness companies we do business with. I will offer to do my best to help you without overstepping my boundaries.

      How can I help you?
      What is the problem?
      Where are you located?
      What is the name of the company?

      Looking forward to helping you.

  46. Ginger Richter

    Patrick: I was able to download the manual but not the nutrition program. I’ve tried everything. Please try again ASAP. Thanks a lot.

    • Ginger, I contacted Shelly, she informs me that you were able to acquire and download the manual and your program. I am sure you will love the results. Keep me posted on your success.

  47. Darryl

    Hi Patrick, with the ultimate transformation mass building program, how many pounds of muscle can someone expect to gain if they follow the plan 100% over a 12 week period?

    • It all depends first on how much fat you carry. Advanced Lean Builder Programs can work to lose fat and build 5-15 pounds in 12 weeks. Advanced MacroMASS meal plans can take you to 10-20 even more pounds of lean muscle, but don’t expect to lose much fat on these programs, you will lose some.

      I would say its safe to plan on 15 pounds of lean muscle in 12 weeks, but it could be a lot more, especially if you are talking total weight.

  48. Jon

    Hi Patrick,
    I purchased the Digital Lean Builder Program, but I was never redirected to the personalization page. My computer must have done something weird. Can you send me a link to the page? Thanks.

    • Hey Jon, let me see what I can do for you. Is that your main (best) email in the comments that I can send your private link to? Just confirm here and I will get that sent right away. thanks Jon, sorry to hear it went all buggy on you.

    • Jon

      Yes, that is my e-mail address. Thanks a lot, Patrick.

    • Jon

      Hi Patrick. A few days ago, I confirmed that my main e-mail address was the one attached to my last message, but for some reason that message was not able to be posted. Hopefully it doesn’t get blocked this time. If you could send the private link to the address attached to this message, that would be awesome. Thanks a lot.

  49. Charles

    Hey Patrick

    Thanks for the vote of confidence I cannot wait to try your meal plan in conjunction with Nick’s mass building plan next year. Having said that though if I decided to purchased a personalized program from you such as the ultimate or advanced lean builder would the plan be more adjusted for the program I do? I just noticed that the post-workout shake days go 4 times a week and only 2 of those days fall into the weight training for the program along with a cardio day on Nick’s program. As you can tell Im very interested and serious in the quest for being the best with my fitness goals so I’ll need the best 🙂

    • Thanks Charles.

      Its totally based around your workout schedule so post workout shakes are post workout.

      Look forward to helping you accomplish your goals with Nick’s workouts.

  50. Patrick – please send me an email with your contact info – I am working on a new venture and there may be some opportunity to incorporate the program we used to do at CLUBFIT.


    David Hardy
    Franvest Capital Partners Inc.
    T. 780.953.4273
    F. 1.888.806.3771