WARNING! This is NOT for everyone. ALL Candidates MUST Qualify for...


If you Qualify, this will be the BEST decision you have made to WIN! Your next contest and ROCK! your next photo shoot and look your BEST EVER!

I will personally email you and arrange for your free interview within the next couple of days.  Scroll down and enter your name and email.

Contest Coaching is NOT for everyone.  ONLY a few selected candidates can JOIN my Contest Coaching Program.  This is traditionally reserved for a limited few on a 3 month then month to month coaching basis.

I ONLY work with 5 Contest Coaching Clients at a time.

NEW Candidates will be contacted as spaces open.

All Candidates must QUALIFY for Contest Coaching.

Contest Coaching Clients are required to meet ongoing requirements including reporting and weekly communications as well as maintaining and submitting Nutrition and Exercise Journals weekly.

Failure to follow the rules of engagement will get you KICKED OUT of the Contest Coaching Program.  Details will be forwarded to you within 24 hours of our qualifying interview call.

If you feel you do NOT qualify for this, please email me or let me know at the beginning of our call.

No hard feelings, thank you.

Contact the Coach
I am here to help you WIN and ROCK your next body transformation, photo shoot and contest. Add your First Name and BEST Email and I will contact you to book a call to discuss your wants and needs and the details of Contest Coaching. Then if you qualify I will book another call with you and send you some links to get started.

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