Dad and I “Thank You”

I want to personally thank you for the many, many positive comments, the likes and the love.  I got more out of that than you did I am certain of it.

I read so many personal stories of how so many of you really love your dad’s too and appreciate the honoring I am offering and the GIFT that dad and I agreed to give you on his birthday.

We went over, had a swim and brought him some Mud Pie Ice Cream Cake… which my wife, 3 kids, me and “Baba” (my step-mom) all enjoyed.  I think my brother got some after his hockey game.

If you missed it or missed out, I apologize.  For the rest of you, we are prepping the emails right now and you will get Your 7 Day Fat Loss Plan Download Page Link and Password in a few hours.

Keep your eyes peeled as I prep something cool over on my facebook page.  So if you missed out on this package you might be able to get it over at the Empowered Nutrition Facebook Fan Page 😉


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