Did You Win the Halloween Battle?

So it has come and gone.  The first of our “triple threat” series – Halloween

Did you Win or Lose the Halloween battle?

It was a good time had by all I am sure.  Not to root through the kids candies, see what they can eat and what I can eat and trash the rest of the stuff that will rot their teeth and their guts.

Crazy thing is both my daughters were complaining of tummy aches within just a few hours of trick or treating.  It’s not that they ate 10 pounds of candy or anything.  It’s just that we eat clean most of the time and their bodies are just not used to an influx of sugar, mixed with chocolate, with more glucose, fructose, sucrose and the likes of many multi-syllable ingredients yet to be understood.

Honestly, if your kids or you are eating clean and all of a sudden you have an overly large influx of sugar based candy you SHOULD feel sick in the tummy, like my daughters did.

So on comes Sunday and with only a few candy treats after lunch and a few more after dinner, I think 4-5 in total they both complained they had upset tummies.  Nolan is too little; I eat his candy, so his tummy won’t hurt.  HEHE – honestly its for his protection.

So as a little bit of post Halloween fun, I have to share this one with you.  Not sure if it will get you more candy next year, but it could be just enough fun to try.

I got another one for you.  Its not nutrition or fitness related…well maybe it is.  It fits the increased heart rate,endorphin boosting, adrenalin pumping, running, and grappling conditions, maybe it could be fitness related, but more than that it is darn funny.  Seriously, if you hate aliens, then this is not for you (or maybe it is), but if you watch to the end you are going to love it.

Now that you are all laughing and in an honest mood, how much candy did you eat. Did you do better than last year? Did you set a goal and stick to it? If you are following a meal plan or Personalized Nutrition Program, did you make Saturday your “Treat” day? If you are in the Transformation Challenge, you have 6 more weeks to dial it in and if you fell off the wagon for Halloween, don’t worry about it, that was one night and you have 6 more weeks to burn of a few candy bars. You can do it. You can Transform yourself and WIN over $3000 in Cash and Prizes.

Let me know how you did with your Halloween goals and binge control. What was your secret to success? Drop me a comment on our blog (below any post) or tweet me anytime: empowered_nut

Have an empowered day,

P.S. if you haven’t already started your own Transformation Challenge you still have time to get focused for 6 weeks and WIN your share of $3000 Cash and Prizes

P.P.S. If you are looking to get back on track and need a meal plan, I am going to offer you a post insulin shock opportunity to get our Done-For-You Fast Fat Loss Meal Plans at a special Halloween price – CLICK HERE

P.P.P.S Twitter me your fat loss success story. Consider it your own accountability manager. Tweet me (Patrick is the “empowered_nut” @twitter) your goals, success so far and hey even tweet me when you fall off track

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