Not all of us are long distance runners, not all of us are sprinters.

The biggest issue so far is that to be the optimal you, you have to know you, know what your body needs and how best it responds to your nutrition and exercise routine.  To really know, there is nothing more accurate than a DNA health test or tests, this will identify your fitness needs, what exercise and routine will best suit you, it will identify your nutritional needs and also your supplement needs for anti-oxidants, detoxification and optimal health. Many people just have expensive urine, as they are consuming supplements that their bodies don’t need or can’t absorb.

Our nutrition programs are based not on calories but portions and the nutrition is based on your DNA.  So many people with unique requirements and all on the same diet? They do the same work out.

Success is to know one’s self, to understand we are unique and so we should have a unique approach to our optimal health.

That is what we want for you as part of our team and the DNA Health Movement. We want everyone to understand this and their unique DNA print or genetic code for themselves. If you love your families, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and even strangers then tell them.  Tell them they are unique too and have them JOIN THE MOVEMENT.

This is about your journey, your movement and your unique genetic blueprint.  There is nothing more powerful than knowing exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it based on your unique needs.  However there is one thing that will enhance that experience and your results.  Coaching, Support and Accountability.  That is exactly what the DNA Health Movement is all about.  Wr provide you the Coaching, the Support and Accountability.

We take that Coaching, Support and Accountability one step further and recommend finding a “movement mate”, a friend or someone you care about.  This will make your results and your success a lot more fun and fulfilling to participate with another committed person, someone who you can talk to, an accountability partner, as there will be a much greater chance of success.

We encourage to you get optimal health once and for all, and join the movement to eliminate obesity!

Join us, be a member of a movement that is out to change the world one unique individual at a time.

DEATH to Obesity and LIFE to Optimal Health!