Eat Less, Live Longer

A recent article from the BBC showed a few shocking pictures of monkeys in a calorie restriction study (in other words one group of monkeys just ate less food)


The study is simple, one group of monkeys just ate about 30% less calories than the other group. The results speak for themselves. Just have a look at these pictures. The monkey on the right was eating less total calories than the monkey on the left.

As far as I can tell the one on the right looks like he’s got a lot more life left in him than the one on the left.

This is the latest study in a growing pile of research that shows that eating slightly less food is not only good for things like cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation, obesity prevention and just about any other western disease you can think of, but it also might help you live longer, and more importantly live HEALTHY a lot longer too.


I never want to grow up, at least I don’t want my body to. The longer I can stay looking and feeling like I am twenty something or thirty something, the better. And this research is providing some pretty good evidence that eating less food, but good nutritious foods might just be the way to do it.

In today’s grocery store there is probably more foods that work against you than with you. And that’s where I think our meal plans can really help you avoid the junk and help you choose the best foods and guide you to eat slightly less and still love the process.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely rather be the monkey on the right than the left! I think we all want to live as long and healthy as possible, and a simple well thought out nutrition plan is a good way to do it.


P.S. If eating less calories is really this powerful, how could you justify not doing it?

P.P.S. If staying on a meal plan proves challenging you should see what Brad Pilon has to say about that with his Eat STOP Eat theory.  In fact its impressive.

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  1. Julie
    8 years ago

    I eat one meal a day and still gain weight– so less calories does not seem to me to be the answer. How can you not starve and still lose weight, and be healthy?
    I would love to feel younger and live longer without having it cost an arm and a leg—-especially on a meager income.

    • admin
      8 years ago

      Julie, eating on budget is sometimes difficult as cheap food is typically fast food or the least of the healthy options.

      Eating 1 meal a day consistently for days on end can be your demise. In fact that is not intermittent fasting. Rather that is hibernation mode for many. If we inconsistently feed ourselves the body begins to hoard, not burn fuel. Meaning it will try to hold onto the fat for energy later.

      We must feed the machine for performance and intelligently feed that body. If the one meal you eat is not 100% ideal ratios, calories and portions, let alone optimal food choices, then that is the problem with your fat loss success.

      My suggestions for those on budgets, use the following:

      Protein Smoothies
      Frozen Berries and Fruits
      Frozen Veg
      Shop for Proteins (Meats, Poultry and Fish) at Warehouse stores like Costco, Sams and Price Club
      Eat the same or similar meals each day so shopping in bulk is easier and cheaper

      Success tips:

      Eat consistently on Eat Days, every 3-4 hours
      Use a STOP day and eat a perfect meal when done 24 hour fasting
      Eat more and smaller meals
      Eat more healthy fats
      Eat more protein
      Eat moderately lower carbs

      Enjoy the process. For more detailed options try our meal plans

  2. shaheen
    8 years ago

    I am agreed with this thema , Less eating live long and young and energetic . I want to add something less eating , less sex, less come into rages and hate, avoid all heart or soul deseases like greed, jealousy, hatred, pride, all lies, back biting, injustice, all complexes etc etc and cleanliness of heart n soul makes one healthy innerly and outerly.This is my opinion.

    • admin
      8 years ago

      Yes, Shaheen I agree.

      Within reason you can ‘restrict’ calories and increase the quality of those calories and increase the quantity and quality of life.

      The other parts you refer to I am not at liberty to comment, but I think what you are trying to say is live happy, healthy lives by empowered one self and others around you in a positive empowering way without wrong doing and we will all be the better for it.

      Thanks for the philosophy quotient for the day, Shaheen.

  3. admin
    8 years ago

    Denis, your link will be in your inbox. Bookmark that page just in case.

  4. Elvera Fabbri
    8 years ago

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  5. Elaina Ally
    8 years ago

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    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Sure can. Go to WP and get some themes. Write what you are passionate about and ROCK the Blog!

  6. Alessandra Rose
    8 years ago

    Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      I really appreciate that you take time out of your day to let me know. Thank you.

  7. Warehousing
    8 years ago

    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Glad I could shed some light on it and provide you with some positive energy.