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OK so this is something odd and exciting.  Often you think of Empowered Nutrition as full on eating for maximal benefits.  Well my good friend Brad Pilon and I have had conversations over the last few years and to be honest, he has won me over with his Eat STOP Eat theory (I always liked it, but liked to challenge it just for kicks).

Before you tie me to a stake and light the torches, There are 2 things I want to say:

  1. First, I have to remind you that it is in the best interests of all of us that I submit myself to continuous research and open minded discussions.
  2. Two, the STOP part is just ONE of 3 or maybe 7 parts (days) if you will and is easily applied to the Empowered Nutrition Programs.  In fact, Brad is often asked what to Eat on the Eat days.  My answer is Empowered.  Its the STOP that confuses people, the eat part is all taken care of and both programs are very powerful, even synergistic in effects and

OK so if you are confused about the STOP part, you need to read Brad’s book.  Make that books.  Start with the main guts and check out some more info on Eat STOP Eat, then you will honestly love this guys honest and ethical approach, back by research and science and want to know and follow more of his stuff.  Its simply amazing what Brad knows.

The STOP is so beneficial in so many different ways, far too many to list here, but let me tell you this;  Adding a STOP day to your Empowered days is a killer fat burning furnace of an idea.

I have implemented STOP days off and on for a few years now.  Recently started to get more focused with it (1 per week sometimes 2) and it allows me more time to stop thinking about food and just write, talk or get more done (especially since I am pretty obsessive about eating and meal timing).

Adding a STOP day can increase fat burning with an increase in positive hormone output, especially in GH (growth hormone) release, but the immediate impact a STOP day has is in the total calories consumed.  I recently read that the average North American male, eats 3700 calories a day.

WOW!?! 3700 calories a day.

That is more than a brick of butter.

OK what the heck was the “brick of butter” reference for?  Well that’s a pound of fat.  A brick of butter has about 3500 calories and really is pretty much the same as a pound of fat on your body in terms of size and what it will take to burn that fat off your jiggly parts.

So in theory if you STOP eating 3700 calories and you increase calorie expenditure you could easily drop 1 pound of fat a week and change nothing else in your diet or daily routines.

Not to mention there are studies out there that clearly show if you can EAT LESS LIVE LONGER like one of our previous posts by John Barban our Director of Research and Development.

If you don’t think you can do it, just try it.  Seriously, John and Brad almost dared me to do it a few years ago and since then I have had a few personal challenges and surprises, even going as far as implementing a STOP day Friday afternoon while driving to Manhattan, New York for a trade show with the New York Sports Clubs (NYSC) and carrying on until 10pm Saturday after tear down when John and I booked it to grab a  New York Strip loin and beer in a historic restaurant downtown with a good friend of John’s.  Just for the record that was 29 hours total intermittent fasting during a crazy day at a tradeshow, it was awesome.

I know I usually tell you to work with 1 strategy, but if you really rip apart Empowered Nutrition you will find we incorporate about 7 strategies into one easy to follow Done-For-You Meal Plan that works. Adding a STOP day will only increase your results.

if you still think its nuts, just read it and get some great insight as to how Intermittent Fasting can work for you with Eat STOP Eat.

Check it out ==> Eat STOP Eat

Hey if you like what you read, then consider using it pre-feast for the next few holidays.  Even if you stuff yourself like last year you still won’t have as many calories sitting in your system to store as fat.

Be energized + transformed + empowered

FYI: the last few winners of many of the popular contests were using either our Empowered Nutrition Meal PlansEat STOP Eat or a combination of the two.  Guttorm won the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest Summer 2009 using our Done-For-You Meal Plan and the TT workouts.  the next 2 winners (runners up) included STOP days for their success.

Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional with over seven years experience in the nutritional supplement industry. Brad’s specialty is a common sense approach to weight loss, muscle growth and nutrition.  He lives in the greater Toronto area and is the author of Eat Stop Eat ( and How Much Protein (  Brad has had the opportunity to travel the world. From China to Germany, Scotland, and England and all over North America he has had the privilege of meeting some of the world’s greatest minds in sports nutrition and exercise sciences.  Brad has also appeared on National Television discussing the cultural history of fasting and the use of fasting for weight loss.  Brad is also listed as an inventor for multiple patents for nutritional compositions affecting growth hormone, testosterone and for muscle building and weight loss.  The purpose of this blog is to review the latest and greatest nutrition trends and fads.

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OK so today's post was not starting out this way.

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  1. Mark
    8 years ago

    When you fast do you go without water?

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Water is the best choice, but you can use black coffee, green or raw tea and the likes. I am just coming off a full STOP (24 hours) and going strong with all water, just one cup of black coffee and feeling great.

  2. mo
    8 years ago

    whats stuffs are u allowed 2 take on fasting days and aw does one overcome those extremely intense feeling of hunger when fasting so as 2 b able 2 complete 24hrs straight.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Mo, you will want lots of water, black coffee, green or raw teas and the likes.

      I also find it beneficial to take a multi vitamin/mineral formula and a big glass of water when I am feeling the hunger kick in. Keeping the nutrients in without the calories satiates the brain, while the volume of water satisfies the gut.

  3. Mark
    8 years ago

    Hi Patrick – when you are fasting how does that affect your training days. I have fasted but often feel peaked while the fast is going.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      When fasting it often can seem duanting, but the reality is I like the way it feels. It makes me push harder mentally to compensate for the lower energy on some days, but after a few tries, you will find you can train in any state, fed or fast. Its more mental than anything. Now I typically only push hard for 35-55 minutes after that regardless of fed or fasted, I am fried.

      The other part of the game is to train early in your fast, it helps with energy and helps with clearing your blood sugar to get into a deeper fast sooner.

      If I am afraid of a low energy day I tend to push a lighter workout on those days, like bodyweight intervals for 20-30 minutes.

      Oh yeah and the big secret… lots of caffeine and water will out perform calories and carbs any day, fed or fasted.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Its OK to gorge a little bit. trust me you can’t out eat the calories lost with a good fast and the positive hormonal environment is still better than any amount of calories you take in.

      I suggest a killer big steak, veg, potato dinner with a glass of milk and a nice light dessert, like 80% cocoa dark chocolate. Trust me this will solve your craving and gorging issues after a fast.

  4. Mark
    8 years ago

    When I push weights and I’m fasting by the time I go to eat something it is hard not to gorge.

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