Empowered 3 Minute Challenge

Patrick How Can I Be 100% Positive My Nutrition Program Is Working?


That is a great question.  I get asked that a lot.  Now most of the time with any of our Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans and especially our Personalized Nutrition Programs it is very obvious and easily identified.

But how do you know the program is working for performance.  Well that is as easy as taking your measurements and comparing them to the last set of measurements.

Lately I have been on a bit of a journey myself.  You see I started back in the day wanting to be a competitive body builder.  Problem was I was skinny.  Great for non contact hockey, but eventually things got rough and I had to bulk up and still keep my skills on the ice.

Well I played at a high level of hockey and football, went thru the military and honestly breezed thru the QL bootcamps and became a competitive body builder.  All that was great and I literally set goals and accomplished them every season.  Now fast forward many years, 3 kids an awesome wifem a crazy busy business and lots of desk jockey time and I need to refocus, energize and motivate myself to get back at it and get in great physical performance conditioning.

So what motivates me to get back at it today?  These days its not just setting big goals, but its the little goals that are really making a difference in my comeback.  Its hard enough to find time to exercise these days and learn how these 3 exercises will challenge you in 3 minutes and tell you if your nutrition and training program is working for you.

Take the challenge and let me know your Empowered 3 Minute Challenge results.

The thing I found is working for me is to CHALLENGE myself to workout 1, 2, 3 even 4, 5 and 6 days a week.  I’m not doing too badly. I’m up to a consistent 3 sessions a week.  That’s pretty good considering March 1 2010 I was getting in 1 workout a week on a good week.

Now here is a little challenge I am enjoying these days.  I like to test myself each and every workout.  Literally I put together some exercises I want to see if I can do it and just go out and attack it.

I am not really into counting reps anymore or just yet again, so I am using my iPhone to time various challenges.

Here’s one that is real easy to implement and will be a real fast tell tale if your nutrition and training program is working for you.  I want you to take the test and report back to me in a comment below.

The Empowered 3 Minute Challenge

Set your timer to chime every 3 minutes

Do each exercise to failure, rest and go at it for 3 minutes total until the timer rings

Do a  light warm up.  I like a 3 minute run / walk program 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, 1 minute run, 1 minute walk… total warm up 6 minutes and you should be ready to do a light stretch, but not too much, you do not want to burn any extra glycogen since you want to test yourself to a time failure with this Empowered 3 Minute Challenge.

  • Exercise #1 (3 minutes) – Bodyweight Squats
  • Rest 1 Minute
  • Exercise #2 (3 minutes) – Push Ups
  • Rest 1 Minute
  • Exercise #3 (3 minutes) – Chin Ups

That’s it.  Just hit 12-15 minutes of activity and when your done stretch it out and report back to me in the comments below.  Wait a month, focus on your nutrition, step up your exercise routine and test yourself again in a month and come on back and drop an update to your comment and let me know how you are doing.

Be sure to challenge yourself in everything you do.  Goals are only accomplished in a few ways.  One is to set goals and crush it.  The other is to challenge yourself to do better each and every day.

If you are serious about increasing your Empowered 3 Minute Challenge results, then add a Personalized Nutrition Program to your mix.  CLICK HERE to get yours TODAY.

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  1. paul
    7 years ago

    dont know if this is the right place to do so but I ordered the personalized program now what happens?

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Paul, did you get the link and auto redirect to add your information, your goals, your schedule and your foods?

      I don’t see you in our system so I am assuming not. Can you confirm this for me and I will email you a private link to access everything. I will do this as soon as I see your response here.