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web-banner-productsI’ll Back Up What I Am Saying With A Promise, An Exclusivity Agreement And A Guarantee…

PROMISE: I promise to provide the best service that our team is capable of.

EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT: I will provide you with an Exclusive Agreement that works in your favor and puts you ahead of your competition, backed by an iron clad guarantee.

GUARANTEE: I will provide 2 standing Guarantees that are guaranteed to cover you.

Let me further explain what Personalized Nutrition Programs ARE:

  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are rare and unique
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are professionally crafted 28 to 84 day programs, with recipes, meal suggestions and the exact ingredients at each meal you will need to achieve your goals
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are highly successful as they are tailored to your clients goals
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are highly intelligent educational manuals with goals and tracking
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are motivating and organized to help you achieve your goals
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are built with your information, your goals, your schedule and your foods
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are complete with a lifetime, online members area
  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are backed with over 14 years delivering powerful proven results

There is so much more I can go on about but I will cut it off with one more…

  • Personalized Nutrition Programs are the ONLY programs supported by a full line of complimentary nutrition products to increase results, increased add on sales, repeat sales and referrals

I look forward to the opportunity to work with your company and provide powerful proven results.



Patrick McGuire
President – Empowered Nutrition Products Inc.