FAQ – Getting Rid of Love Handles

I just got another question that I get a lot of the time and thought perhaps you would find it of use. This one has three components to losing love handles; Nutrition, Exercise and Weird Science.

Joe asked me:

“hey Patrick, I had a question what is the best
thing for getting rid of love handles but still
maintaining your weight?

i want to gain weight but build muscle not fat.
I seem to do so pretty well but that one section
seems to always be more than I want.”

And below you can read my response to what Joe has said and take it or leave, it, but know this, if you apply these tactics you will tighten your abs and make the hated love handles go bye-bye.


My Response:

Joe, love handles are to be loved and grab onto… aren’t they?

I hate mine too, but one thing I realized is that without that skin you could not twist or reach for the sky when someone mugs you for your protein.

All seriousness, I have a few tricks to help you.

Nutritionally speaking:
~More protein to grow.
~Moderate carbs to keep fat from storing.
~Moderate to higher fats for energy that does not impact your insulin and store more fat.
~Lots of Black Coffee and Green Tea to release more fat and have more energy.
~Get a Personalized Nutrition Program for your goals

~over the shoulder broomstick twists. It will help tighten your serratus, hip flexors, obligues (obliques are the muscles directly under the love handles).

Weird but works:
~neoprene wrap – it works, keeps skin tight, moves water and helps the area stay warm resulting in a tighter torso
~lotion – lots of it, to loosen the skin and increase the elasticity for a tighter snap back action
~thiomucase or preperation H – totally sounds odd, but used for 2-3 days prior to the beach can decrease water in the area it is applied and enhance that lean body look with poppin abs. WARNING: you must already be lean enough to see abs for this to be of any benefit to your abs and love handles.

Try this stuff out for 30-60 days and let me know how things go. I know they will help, I employed all of them when I cut from 263 to 204 on stage in 12 weeks.

Have an empowered day,


In case you missed it Nutrition is FIRST and foremost.  You can’t out train a bad diet.  Just to be sure you are on the right path consider getting a Personalized Nutrition Program.  I added some easy to use images for Guys and Girls on the side bar for you.

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  1. Charles
    7 years ago

    Hey there Patrick

    I had a question regarding weight training frequency…
    Is there any way to build up to weight training more in terms of gaining mass (frequency)?
    We’ve all heard about Bulgarian training systems for an example and similar and have seen olympic weight lifters and others that arent on gear lift hoist some really great weight!
    Truth is I just love training and once I have more free time after studies is over Id love to train more and more but obviously get results at the same time:P


    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Charles, I have to tell you something you are going to hate me for. You might like what I have to say after I say what you will hate me for.

      First more training for power and size is NOT going to accomplish your goals. Sorry, but less training, more weight and more recuperation is the ticket to massive growth.

      OK that said, I have a strategy that will let you train more often (NOT MORE) and help you GROW like a monster. Its actually insane how awesome this works.

      You CAN train 7 days a week and GROW!

      1 big body part per day 3 exercises, 3 sets, 3-6 reps. You can mix it up with 1 small body part as well, but same rules apply.

      Funny you ask, I have been getting a lot of hits and people asking how I went from my first contest on stage at 171 to my last contest 204 lbs and 4% body fat. Its really prompting me to release some secret strategies even though every one knows me as the “nutritionist”. Funny, but I was the bodybuilder trainer first, hehe 😉

      Let me know if I can help. You have always been a great long term communicating follower and I appreciate that. Thanks Charles

  2. Charles
    7 years ago

    Hey no problem Patrick always great to be a long term follower!

    That sounds like a really good routine and its similar to what I thought of (push pull legs repeat less sets more intense) and think that its best suited when I start planning for the mass attack right after my cut of course;)