Fat Loss Recipes, Metabolic Cooking and a Workout

Today is a great day.  I have 5 questions followed by a metabolism boosting fat burning bodyweight workout for you today.


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FREE Metabolic Boosting Workout

(This one works great with Metabolic Cooking and Empowered Nutrition)

Warm Up: Walk, Jog, Walk, Jog, Walk – 1 Minute Each (total 5 metabolism boosting minutes)


Prisoner Squats x20

Broad Jumps x20

Pull Ups x20

Push Ups x20

Walking Lunges x20

Rest 1 Minute and repeat this circuit 4 more times (total 5 times) giving yourself a total of 500 reps (100 reps per circuit) and end it with a light stretch and walk it out.


Metabolic Cooking Update

Metabolic Cooking with Dave and Karine Free Report

I’ve been working with many of the biggest names in the fitness industry and right now I am on a project with Dave Ruel and his girlfriend Karine Losier.  It’s a brand new recipe book they are about to release next week called Metabolic Cooking.  The recipes in this cookbook are sure to burn more calories and add some great flavor creations to your palette.  Even better everything you learn with Dave “the Muscle Cook” and Karine you can apply to all your Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans.

Just click the image to the right and get your free report “7 Cooking Tricks to Banish Your Boring Diet and Burn Fat Faster” from Dave and Karine Today.


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