Fat Loss Super Shake Contest

Hey its time to fire up some spring season fat loss shakes.  

Yeah I’m nuts, and its still cold but I’m trying to get you all ready for what is just a few days to weeks away depending on where you live (assuming you live in the northern hemisphere.  Sorry my friends in Oz and all the lands down under, but you too will benefit from this challenge.

I’m going to do something exciting.  This is something I wanted to do for a long time.  I have been working offline as a supplier of Personalized Nutrition Programs, Supplements and other goods to the fitness industry for many years now and we have done this contest a few times fitness club by fitness club, but this is a GLOBAL CALL TO ACTION!

I really enjoy this contest to be honest.  I see lots of creative, amazing, taste tantalizing and teasing flavors come to the table.  In the past the companies we worked with produced a small members only bonus product that was many times good enough to be published globally and shared with the world.

I love to give credit where credit is due and that is what we are going to do with this contest.  I want to make sure you include your name and email (actually its required to comment) where you will be submitting your entry into the contest for a chance to WIN!  I suggest you post your website as well if you have one so I can credit you and give you some link juice.

I will not share the WINNING PRIZE PACKAGE at this point, but let’s just say its gonna be something we can all benefit from and appreciate and it will go a long way to achieving your Ultimate Transformation and trying out all the new smoothie recipes.

Patrick, what’s the contest?

The contest is… drum roll please…

Contest – Spring 2010

This is your chance to post (as a comment) your favorite fat loss (low carb) protein shake or smoothie for a chance to win.


Patrick you’re a crack pot… what will I win?

Well quite simple I want to make you a globally published author.  My slick graphics guys will make a  rock solid looking smoothie book and send you a copy.  You name and your smoothie will be featured in the book, no matter how disgusting it is.  Many will get made and get their pictures added to the book as well.  I will send you and everyone that submits a Fat Loss Shake/Smoothie Recipe a secret link to download advance copies of your Fat Loss Super Shakes/Smoothie Recipe Book.  Yeah, that’s right its YOUR book, not mine, not some corporate crap put out by a ghost writer, but YOUR smoothie book.

I will take every submission into the Fat Loss Protein Shake/Smoothie Contest and review each of them myself along with my team.

I will taste each one myself… be gentle on me… and if necessary force everyone on our team to force down a few gulps too.

I will then assign a points system for each one (Great Taste, Ease of Creation, Unique Ingredients, Texture, Clean Up)

I will break out the Top 10 recipes and let them do battle to be judged by you and your peers simply by commenting on each of the recipes.  [Click on the comment recipe you like and comment a reply… let us know if you made it, liked it, hated it or hated it so much you just want to see me drink it]

The Top 5 move onto the LIVE Video Taste Round.  This is like Canada going to the semi finals in Men’s Hockey.  I will shop, share, blend and post the video’s raw and live for your fun times

Of the Top 5 (determined by the most reply comments) we will have 5 winners clearly defined.

The 5 Winners up will receive $300 in Grocery Gift Cards*

If the demand is there, I will get copies printed and made available at cost for you.  That’s right I don’t need to gouge you for the book.  After all you are writing it, I am adding some valuable content and making it all sexy with some pictures and images of your creations.  As long as we cover the printing costs and shipping its all yours, just let me know if you are interested in your own bound hardcover fat loss smoothie book and I will take care of the rest.

This contest Starts Today… NOW! Friday February 26th 2010 at 12:00:01am

Contest Closes in 9 days on Sunday March 7th 2010 at 11:59:59pm.

Top 10 get voted on by our office.

Top 5… I will buy the ingredients, make and drink all 5 on video for your enjoyment.

Top 5 win $300 in grocery gift cards

It’s gonna be awesome… I’m slightly scared of the concoctions I am going to be drinking.

So let me throw my hat in the ring with the first smoothie recipe and get your juices flowing.

Incredible Shredded Healthy Hulk

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup ice
  • 21 grams vanilla protein smoothie powder
  • 1 scoop greens drink
  • 1 tablespoon real lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1 teaspoon flax seed oil or coconut oil

Directions: Open blender lid, plug in the blender, add the ingredients, close the lid, blend for 30-90 seconds and enjoy.  [I like simple and fast and healthy].  It’s that easy and there are many more amazing more detailed smoothie recipes in your Personalized Nutrition Program or Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans.

Now its Your Turn!

Add your smoothie and test your creative juices.

Just post your recipes as comments below, make them fast and easy or totally intense and detailed and let’s ahve some fun with this one.

Remember the Top 5 recipes with the most comments will be made and drank LIVE on Video.

Top 5 Winners get $300 in Grocery Gift Certificates

Everyone that participates gets a copy of the Social Proof Project: Fat Loss Super Shakes and Smoothies

What are you waiting for?!
Post Your Recipes as Comments Below NOW!

Hey if you need some fat loss ideas to get your juices flowing, then check out 101 Sneaky Weight Loss Tips from Jeff Anderson.

HECK don’t even bother with the Product Review… just go Get 101 Sneaky Weight Loss Tips NOW!

Ok so Start Posting your Recipes as Comments.

Post early and post often to increase your odds of winning.  Dare I suggest you tell all your friends to comment like demons and make things happen for you.  C’mon we’re talking about $300 in grocery gift cards.

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  1. Elsa Alaniz
    8 years ago

    *FYI* I’d rather drink my salad than eat it.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      by the looks of your recipe I can see why

  2. MsMyTPen
    8 years ago

    Too Hot

    Pea or rice protein powder, preferably plain
    2 slices jicama
    1 small italian tomato chopped coarsely
    1-2 fresh jalapeno (the ones with the scarred skins are hotter)
    Handful of fresh baby spinach
    1/2 cup fresh dandelion greens (remove the ribs to take a way a bit of bitterness)s
    A few pieces of culantro (a little milder than cilantro)
    A few piece of lemon thyme if it’s in season
    Dash or two of jalapeno powder, chipotle sauce, and tabasco
    Dash of nutmeg (yes just a tiny bit…lol)
    Splash of v-8 type veggie juice or carrot juice
    (and this is probably naughty but a shot of organic tequila or vodka)
    Mix with a couple of ice cubes or use just enough room temp water to make like a gazpacho and have with some celery sticks and a couple of boiled eggs at lunch.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Impressive… I’m a little nervous to fire this one up

  3. Karen
    8 years ago

    juice from 3 apples
    2 frozen bananas
    5 strawberries
    1 large handful baby spinach
    Process in blender until smooth, then add:
    1 T aloe vera juice
    1 T soaked salba seeds or soaked flax seeds
    1 tsp spirulina
    1/2 tsp cinnamon

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      i especially like the addition of aloe and salba or flax seeds in this one.

  4. Joe
    8 years ago

    2 cups milk
    1 medium size banana
    1 tbsp cocao [frys]
    1 cup red grapes
    1 cup ice cubes
    1 tbsp flax seeds
    makes 2, 16oz mugs smothie, very filling, drink up and enjoy, heres to a noutritional breakfast drink

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      good one, thank you

  5. Simon
    8 years ago

    This is no super original smothie, but it is easy and tastes really good.


    2 scoops protein powder (vanilla or chocolate, both tastes great)
    1 banana
    1-2 tbsp olive oil (healty fats and makes it super creamy)
    350-500 ml milk (depends on the wanted consistenty)
    1 tbsp cinnamon

    Thats it. But if you want to make it to a bigger meal you can add 1/4 or 1/2 cup oatmeal.


    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      perfectly simply, fast and easy and super tasty as always.

      this morning I had a simple on made of whey isolate, milk and cinamon

  6. andy
    8 years ago

    i have this smoothie every day for breakfeast with my kids. Do not eat anything for about a 1/2 hour after and you will run to the toliet. this is a wonderful cleanser.

    2 large pieces of lemon (seeds removed)
    1/2 orange (seeds removed)
    1/2 carrot
    1/4 grapefruit (seeds removed)
    3 frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup frozen blue berries
    1/2 bannana

    Cover fruit with water and a 1/3 cup of your favorite juice. Blend with vitamix blender to pulverize seeds.
    Deliciously nutritional and will cut down on acne if you have any also makes skin look beautiful.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Yeah I can see some detox and cleansing properties going on here with this one… uh-oh gotta go…

  7. Kris
    8 years ago

    Hey there, these are two of my favourite smoothie recipes, I hope you enjoy them as well!!!!


    1/4 cup Egg Beaters Egg Whites, 1 heaping tablespoon of Progressive VegeGreens Blueberry Medley, 1/2 cup Cranberry Juice, 1/4 cup low-fat Vanilla Yogurt, 1 teaspoon liquid honey.
    **Egg Beaters Egg Whites are pasturized and perfectly safe to ingest without cooking**
    **Progressive VegeGreens – comprehensive blend of over 60 phytonutrients including super green foods, land, sea and cruciferous veggies, EFAs, herbal extracts and probiotics**

    1/4 cup Egg Beaters Egg Whites, 1 peeled and pited peach, chopped, 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/4 cup silken tofu, 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

    **Each smoothie makes 2 cups – 500ml**


    • Kris
      8 years ago

      OOps – the for the Very Berry Smoothie I should have used Progressive PhytoBerry instead of the VegeGreens which I just drink on it’s own with water. So the recipe is exactly the same but do use the PhytoBerry mix to get the most of the Berry Flavor.
      **Progressive PhytoBerry Mix – a harmonized blend of over 40 high ORAC value botanical nutrients specifically designed to offer whole body antioxidant protection**

      Sorry, my error.


    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      clearly a Canadian friend. Both variations come from a good friend of mine Norm Daniels and his manufacturing company… one of the highest quality companies in North America and even the World. If it wasn’t Norm’s companies I would edit these to read “greens drinks/powders” or something like it.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      nice I got a toofer…

      a two for one deal… thanks Kris.

  8. Sammy A
    8 years ago

    Anti-Oxidant Blast

    1 scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein
    1/2 cup of sliced strawberries
    1/2 cup of bluberries
    1 cup of water
    Add water into blender after all ingredients have been transferred.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      lovin the anti-oxidants. Thanks.

  9. Irshaad Vallee
    8 years ago

    Ba Berrie ChocoNut Smoothie
    ( Had to give it a name. Hope it sounds Good. LOL)

    1. 2 Scoops Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
    2. 200ml Water
    3. 2-4tsp Peanut Butter
    4. 1 Banana
    5. 4 Large Strawberries
    6. 1tsp Olive Oil
    7. 4 Large Ice Cubes

    1. Mix items 1-6 in Blender and blend till smooth Liquid.
    2. Then Put Ice Cubes in Liquid and Blend on Low so that ice cubes remain crushed as if slush like.
    3. ENJOY!!

    Have been making this for a long while. I enjoy it and hope you do. 😉

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      cool, fun name. Nice blends.

  10. nathalie
    8 years ago

    Blackberry Delight

    1 banana,peeled and chopped
    1 cup of blackberries
    3/4 cup of apple juice
    1 tbs of flax seeds
    1 tbs of wheat bran
    1 scoop of protein water
    1 small handful of ice cubes

    u may need to add a little more apple juice depending on how thick u like your shake.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      This is one of those sneaky anti-oxidant smoothies… great stuff.

  11. Cathy
    8 years ago

    Simple Almond Coffee

    1 cup almond milk
    1/2 packet of Starbucks instant cofee ( i like the italian roast for the robust flaver)
    almond extract ( just a small amount)
    1/2 scoop of vanilla protien powder
    1 tsp agave syrup

    Blend together Can be served warm or whired with ice. Great way to start the day runnin’

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      YES! Coffee blended smoothies are one of my favorite… Thank you. The almond will really set this one off.

  12. Brandon
    8 years ago

    Choco-berry Smoöthie

    A great source of antioxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, and protein.

    1/4 c frozen strawberries
    1/4 c frozen blueberries
    1/4 c fresh açai berries
    1/2 a banana
    1 scoop chocolate protein powder
    A pinch of cinnamon
    1 1/2 cup skim milk

    Blend and enjoy.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      good one brandon, thanks

  13. anitha
    8 years ago

    i cup green tea
    half cup blueberries
    half cup strawberries
    flax seeds
    dates (just one or two)

    blend and enjoy!!

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Another fat loss super shake using the power of green tea. Great!

  14. Dan
    8 years ago

            I love and trust your info and value your opinion immensely. 215 to 200. 185 here I come. Thanks so much for the information and support.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      great work Dan. Our emails have been great, thank you.

  15. Sam Azarian
    8 years ago

    Super Dooper Muscle-Man Smoothie =)

    2 scoops of Vanilla Whey Protein
    1/2 cup of all natural raisins
    1/2 cup of all natural walnuts
    1/2 cup of all natural almonds
    1 Tsp. of Peanutbutter
    1 cup of water or 4% milk( i usually use milk)
    You could add sweetner if you’d like to make it sweeter, however, it’ll definately not need any with all these sweet ingredients.

    This Smoothie is enough for pre and post – workout since it has estimately over 60 grams of protein atleast. Also, it has great carbohydrates to boost up your sugar levels (Glucose) after that intense workout.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      This is a lean gainer of sorts, but at the same time used wisely is ideal for a fat loss program post workout recovery blend. Creative mix my friend. Thank you.

  16. Paulo
    8 years ago


    11oz Coconut Water
    ½ T Spoon Cinnamons
    1whole Median Size Banana
    1 Squeeze Of Chlorophyll
    2 Pac’s Of Frozen Acai (Less Sugar)
    2 Scoop of Weigh Whey Protein

    Before the ? about Chlorophyll :Chlorophyll is the common ingredients found in all green foods and is responsible for the green color on land and water. It is essential to all life as it helps plants purify the air and raise oxygen levels.

    Chlorophyll has been referred to as the blood of plants. It is an easily digestable source of vitamins and minerals that support the bloodstream, bowels, kidneys and liver. Many people feel that regularly consuming Chlorophyll may lead to healthy metabolism and balanced body chemistry

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Nice shake post here Paulo.

      I like the idea of using Chlorophyll, but beware as many are processed and bound with copper, leaving the actives ineffective.

  17. Karena
    8 years ago

    1 scoop chocolate protein
    4 ice cubes
    1/2 vanilla hemp milk
    1 tsp organic instant coffee
    Purified water to desired consistancey
    There you have a healthy mochalate
    Its fantabulous.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      YES, YES, YES, MORE COFFEE and chocolate! BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      MORE COFFEE!!! BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ oh yeah, chocolate too, great stuff, thank you thank you thank you.

  18. Elvor Shaw
    8 years ago

    Monkey Nut Smoothie – very simple but tasty

    1 scoop Vanilla Protein powder or 1 Tbs Milo
    1 Banana mashed
    2 Tbs Greek style Yoghurt with honey
    1 cup low fat milk
    1 Tbs Peanut Butter
    1 tsp Cinnamon (or more)

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      You monkey, this is a great twist on a classic banana

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      You Monkey! This is a great twist on a classic banana

  19. Darlene
    8 years ago

    I cup water
    1/2 banana
    1 pear cored and peeled and chopped
    1/2 cup mixed frozen berries
    2 tbsp fresh ground flax seed

    Blend well then add

    2 large spoonfulls vanilla yougurt ( no fat no aspertame )
    1 packet sweetener ( splenda )
    1/2 scoop soy protein powder ( vanilla)
    1/2 scoop whey powder ( vanilla)

    Blend quickly. Pour in glass enjoy 🙂

    ( 271 cal. 5 gr fat 32 gr carbs )

  20. Ryan
    8 years ago

    Raspberry Mocha Shake

    hot water 1 tbsp
    instant coffee i tsp
    ice cubes 3 of them
    low fat milk or soy milk 1 cup
    low fat cottage cheese 1 cup
    Frozen raspberries 1 cup
    Chocolate Whey protein 1 scoop
    Blanched Almonds 2 tbsp
    Fish Oil 1 tsp


    Mix instant coffee and 1 tablespoon of boiling water in a counter top blender. Add ice cubes to chill the coffee. Combine the remaining ingredients. Blend on high until mixture is smooth and creamy.

    Serves 1 large or 2 small.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Ryan this is fantastic. Love it. Nice and unique blend of flavors that work well together. Great work. Great recipe.

  21. Ryan
    8 years ago

    Popeye Fruit Smoothe (Post Workout drink)

    Frozen Raspberries/Mixed Berries 1 cup
    Spinach 1 cup
    Unsweetened soy milk 1 cup
    Lactose free plain yogurt 1 cup
    Cashews 1/4 cup
    Fruit flavored (or vanilla) whey protein 2 scoops
    Fresh goji berries 2 tbsp
    *you can use raisins instead if you can’t find goji berries (golden raisins are quite good)

    Combine all ingredients in a countertop blender. Blend on high until mixture is a smooth consistency. Serves 1 large or 2 small cups

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Ryan you are a smoothie machine! This is cool, I bet the spinach barely plays into the taste. Thanks again.

  22. dan murphy
    8 years ago

    one bannana
    one orange
    6-8 oz fat free plain yogurt
    4-6 oz orange juice
    1 c strawberries
    1/2 c Ice

  23. helpmeloseweight
    8 years ago

    Drink up. Have a glass of water with lunch or dinner every other day instead of a soda or an alcoholic drink and you can lose 7-15 pounds a year. To stay full, eat plenty of foods high in water, including fresh fruits, vegetables and healthful (lowfat, low-sodium) soups.

  24. Biotest Hot Rox Extreme
    8 years ago

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    Great site, Ive got another great blog id like to share with you been following the articles these guys are writing about protein supplements and the like and Ive spoken to Chris who owns the company and they are testing all of their supplements and reviewing them, he is currently using Biotest Hot Rox and is writing a month review of the results hes getting. Have a look at the site and hope its some use to you.

    keep blogging!

    [editors note: BURNER is in fact gram for gram much more effective than most supplements on the market, but I personally thing HOTROX is a good one]

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Hey i think its fantastic, but I can only support what I know and I know what is in the bottles from MY company, Empowered Nutrition. Sorry I had to remove your hyperlinks to the site.

      I am glad you like the blog.

  25. Drew Groetsch
    8 years ago

    Watch Ufc ppv Live Free Online go to [deleted]

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      not sure if I really support this… in fact I don’t… I deleted the hyperlink… I am a true fan of MMA and the UFC and all that is MMA, so i will not promote the freebies and dirt bags stealing it. Go PAY for it… If you can’t afford it at least put some effort into it and go download it from some bit torrent site or something. Sure the UFC is rich and the fighters aren’t paid enough, but its part of business and it isn’t free for anyone. If you love the sport be a real fan… support it and pay per view.

  26. Rosaura Heybrock
    8 years ago

    Wonderful blog, some interesting details. I think 10 of days ago, I have read a similar blog. Does someone know how to track future posts?

  27. Virgilio Rubenacker
    8 years ago

    awesome post dude

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      thanks, I appreciate your feedback and comments

  28. Eloy Shiiba
    8 years ago

    I’m pleased! It’s nice to see someone very proud about what they do. Thank you.

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Thanks. I am.

  29. Goji Health Benefits
    8 years ago

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    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      Thank you. Also of note the goji berry extract is an amazing anti-oxidant, but beware the amounts used in juices a nothing short of marketing crap, hype and sugar water.

  30. Melia13@gmail.com
    8 years ago

    great stuff thx

    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      thank you for your approval and feedback

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    8 years ago

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    • Patrick
      8 years ago

      I will do my best for you

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    • Patrick
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      I will keep working hard to get you more like this, thank you for comments

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      Thanks, I appreciate it

  34. Dannie Macias
    8 years ago

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    8 years ago

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