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Hey my friends, I am sure you are busy having a great time, a great day and a great summer.

If you aren’t, you better get started NOW!

I am really pumped for the end of this August.  WHAT?!

Yeah that sounds totally odd and just for the record I am NOT rushing the end of the summer.  I am excited for many reasons.  Among the many things happening August 28 thru 31 I will also be attending and taking part in a HUGE Fitness Industry Event with my good buddy Vince Delmonte among many other fitness and lifestyle professionals and a whole lot more fun loving fitness enthusiasts just like you.

I want you to come have fun with us.  It is going to be a real blast and change all of our lives. Learn More About Live Large LIVE

Join Me at Vince Delmonte's Live Large LIVE

This is going to be the biggest and best thing you ever did to further your future as a athlete, fitness model, bodybuilder and fitness professional. Meet, greet and rub elbows with some of the shakers and movers in the fitness industry from coaches, trainers, celebrities and more.

Learn More about this event ==> LiveLargeLIV​E

When you get your ticket using my link, please let me know know by emailing me your receipt and I will totally hook you up with some over the top free gifts, including a Personalized Nutrition Program, an in person and small group Contest Coaching Session (at the event) and a special invite to an adventure activity to wrap up the Live Large LIVE experience.

Check it out… book it and come have some fun with me.

Use this link ==> LiveLargeLIV​E

I look forward to seeing you at the event and going to an adrenalin driving adventure activity with you.

In case you are on the fence about attending or if you are really interested in a post event Adventure Activity with me, don’t… I will give you some compelling reasons to attend and come get your adrenalin pumping later this week with a few video and photo hints to our planned Adventure Activity.

FREE GIFTS for Live Large LIVE

  • Personalized Nutrition Program (printed, bound and delivered in person at the event).  This is a complete 84 Day Transformation Nutrition Program with 3 distinct phases to get you to your BEST body ever, faster than you thought possible.  YES this is the exact same strategy and plan the Vince Delmonte got his start with to WIN the first few shows he entered and kick start his fitness celebrity empire helping people just like you.
  • In Person LIVE Physique Critique with yours truly the Empowered Transformation Warrior.  I will help you objectively look at your challenges, your flaws and your assets to fast track your physique and create maximum visual impact in the shortest possible time.
  • SPECIAL INVITE to the Live Large LIVE Event Wrap up Empowered Adventure Activity and Social.  I have planned a very special event post event for those of you able to stick around and challenge yourself to something new and exciting, get some blood and adrenalin pumping and just kick back and relax living the fitness lifestyle.

*These special gifts are only for those that purchase in advance and send me a copy of your receipt to the Live Large LIVE event.   I will need to submit final numbers for the Adventure Activity so get your Live Large LIVE event tickets now and let me know so I can get everything set up for you and get your Free Gifts and Special Invite out to you to confirm.

We are going to have a BLAST!… oh yeah and learn how to change our lives, our bodies and create the life we always dreamed of while networking with the industry’s BEST!

Learn MORE about Live Large LIVE

I look forward to seeing you at the event and having some added adrenalin fun after.

Patrick McGuire's Empowered Nutrition




Join Me at Vince Delmonte's Live Large LIVE






Come Live Large LIV​E with
me, Vince and everybody!

Great photo ops and lots of fun!

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