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Yesterday I posted this and it has had an alarming response.  I am floored to say the least.  Thank you.

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I have a burning desire to really start sharing some of my secrets to gaining an absurd amount of muscle in a relatively short period of time.

Sure you may know me as the “Nutritionist” or the Transformation and Fat Loss Coach, but the reality is in order to get totally shredded and show off some serious muscle, you need to first build that muscle.

So if your goal is to burn fat, build muscle or both, whether it be short term or a long term goal you need to be doing a few specific things to make those goals become reality.

So enough beating around the bush, I am going to start sharing my training secrets that helped me to be “too big” for the OHL, be accused of steroids in grade 11 and go from 171 pounds at my first bodybuilding event to 263 pounds and cut it up to 204 pounds on stage in just 16 weeks while gaining 8 pounds of muscle while dieting for that show.

The best way for me to start is to give it to you plain and simple and tell you that my most powerful tool was the pen.  Yes, the old adage is true.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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Well OK maybe it wasn’t the pen as much as it was the Tracking Journals.  I tracked everything.  Every workout, exercise, rep and weight.  Sure many of those are long gone, lost in moves, given to friends to duplicate and never returned, but the point of it all is that if you want to be successful in your goals, you need to chart a plan, lay it out and attack it with consistency.  And the only way to see if you are consistently sticking to your plan and progressing is with a solid tracking document.

Today I want to give you my most up to date Training Tracking Journal.

It’s a free PDF and it’s yours to use and modify.  Feel free to share this with your friends, all I ask is that you use the “Like” button or add a comment below.

Here is a sneak peak of what you are going to get in your Training Tracking Journal


  • Weight
  • Energy
  • Time of Day
  • Sleep
  • Meals
  • Nutrition


  • Exercise
  • Reps
  • Weight
  • Sets
  • Tempo
  • Rest


  • Cardio Type
  • Time
  • Heart Rate
  • Intensity
  • Distance
  • Pace


  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Eating
  • Exercise

… and Personal Notes

Patrick McGuire's Empowered Nutrition Workout Journal best thing about this Training Tracking Document is you can capture all this information on one simple, easy to review page.  yeah… I got all that one one simple page and NO! I did not make it all 6 point font.  Just download it and see for yourself.

OK so one better thing is that the BEST thing about this Training Tracking Document is all the design work is done for you and BEST of ALL… it’s totally free.


Just CLICK HERE to Get Instant Access and download your files


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