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The Golden Ratio is everywhere, but nowhere is it as impressive and as important than the human body, more importantly your DNA.

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OK so what does the Golden Ratio have to do with DNA?

Well its going to blow your mind, jsut like when I sat with my DNA project leaders to explore the relationship of DNA and nutrition tied together with exercise protocols.

This is what I’m talking about… “death to obesity and weight related diseases within a generation” with the applications of DNA nutrition and exercise and the intelligent application of the Golden Ratio.


Each cycle of the DNA molecule measures 34 angstoms long by 21 angstroms wide. 34 and 21 are fibonacci numbers, as noted above. 34/21 is 1.619, approximating phi. Jean-claude Perez suggests there is a strong link between DNA and golden ratio in 1991,[1] then again in 1997 in his book l’ADN décrypté[2]. In this work, he shows that relative proportions of nucleotides within coding DNA sequences like genes or RNA strings are governed by specific Fibonacci and Lucas numbers sets. This discovery was validated particularly on all known HIV and SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) retroviruses whole genomes with Professor Luc Montagnier (the discoverer of HIV virus) which called the discovery a “DNA supracode” [3].

DNA supracode is revealed by computing sets called “resonances” within any DNA sequence: specific nucleotides clusters like FFF (Fibonacci Fibonacci Fibonacci), LLL (Lucas Lucas Lucas), FFL (Fibonacci Fibonacci Lucas) or LFF (Lucas Fibonacci Fibonacci). An example of elementary FFF resonance: 144 contiguous TCAG bases contain exactly 55 bases T and 89 bases A or C or G. This kind of screening is processed along the DNA sequence, for all possible Fibonacci/Lucas combinations, and for all possible values (example here 144 89 and 55 are 3 consecutive Fibonacci numbers). Then there appear lots of “resonances”. For example, in HIV whole genome, long of about 9000 bases, there are more than 50000 significant Fibonacci/Lucas resonances. The longer resonances (several hundred resonances) are overlapping about 2/3 of the whole HIV genome (6765 bases which is a Fibonacci number).

Then, to explore both aesthetics and Ethics dimensions of this discovery, Perez published in 1994 an audio CD entitled “the first music of genes” [4] – SACEM GEN0694 – (a subset of supracode for the oncogene KIRAS involved in cancers)… [5]

And also in 1995 some thinking’s related to Ethics of a discovery [6].

In 2008 Jean-claude Perez is publishing proofs on evidence of Golden ratio based rules at all levels of Life information: bioatoms, DNA, RNA amino acids or whole genomes [7]

Particularly he will publish a central book entitled ” CODEX BIOGENESIS: les 13 CODES de l’ADN ” (spring 2009) [8].

Human Genome

The book CODEX BIOGENESIS show that the whole Human Genome is controled by two BINARY CODES ATTRACTORS which provide a kind of self-organized bistable binary code like in computers.[1]

With the central following difference – the binary code within computers was invented artificially by humans and yet the binary code of Life has either “emerged” spontaneously perhaps by self-organization or was the intentional act of divine creation.

The ratio between both bistable states is exactly equal to “2” (the space between two consecutives octaves in Music…)

The Top state is exactly matching with a GOLDEN RATIO…

The Bottom state is also exactly related to Golden Ratio…

  • “Top” level = = 1 / Phi
  • “Bottom” level = 1 / 2 Phi
  • Top / Bottom = 2

Where Phi is the “Golden Ratio”

In 2009 new proofs were provided on the human Fractal Genome physical and logical structure.

Now that you can see some strangely associated and inarguable truths for the Golden Ratio and the Perfect body I think you will be able to agree with me that putting this knowledge to good use applied to the human body, performance, nutrition and exercise we can sculpt our perfect body.

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