GSP Inspired Assessment

As you know UFC is about to attack Toronto Ontario Canada later this month and GSP (George St. Pierre) will be defending his title once again against one of the toughest challengers in his career.

GSP will no doubt be brining his “eh” game and ready to rock on Canadian soil.

If you haven’t challenged yourself in a while then this GSP inspired assessment is a MUST.  You can download a full copy for your files.  Just print this out and fill in your scores.

Empowered Nutrition GSP UFC fight stance image

My friend just sent me this workout right from George St. Pierre himself and told me to try it.  I did it this weekend and it nearly killed me.  My scores are on the sheet under the scores of GSP… embarrassed and proud of my scores.

Download the print ready Assessment Challenge CLICK HERE

Give yourself the GSP Inspired Assessment.   Add your score to the comments below and for the daring, make a video add the link to the comments below for all to see and I will be certain to give you some props for the effort.

Work Hard. Train Smart. eat Smarter.

Test yourself next month and let us know how you do.

When you complete your assessment try this Fat Burning Frappucino Protein Smoothie while you review your results and compare yourself to GSP.


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