GSP, UFC, Empowered Nutrition and Israeli Special Forces

Today is a great day for fitness, fat loss and fight fans.  Well really Saturday was, but I was without internet access all weekend.

GSP, UFC, Empowered and TACFIT!

I have to say it was a great day as my fellow Canadian Georges St. Pierre won his title defense against Dan Hardy from the UK.

Why is it a great day for Empowered Nutrition?

Well Georges clearly showed up, bigger, faster, stronger and leaner than ever before, but still made the same weight.  This is significant as he made it public that he hired a personal chef to take care of his food prep for 12 weeks leading to the contest.

What!?!  Israeli Special Forces?

No GSP did not get attacked (who in thier right mid would try and mug this guy) but he did incorporate every bit of traning he could to be the most rounded performance athlete in the world and it showed on Saturday night when he won his title defense.

I want you to take the same approach as Georges and his fellow UFC athletes and focus on nutrition and incorporate many aspects of training into your fat loss, muscle building and performance programs.

I got one way to help you to do exactly that and it is free for another 12 hours, then its gone.  Scott Sonnen has given access to Empowered Nutrition Insiders to get a FREE TACFIT Israeli Special Forces Challenge Video and Workout, but at midnight its gone.

I personally cannot think of a time when I was in better shape then when I was coming off of a power lifting / body building phase and in the military with the Royal Canadian Armored Corps.  I could do it all.  I could run, swim, fight and do it for 18 hours a day at full speed.

Now that said I was also in the best shape of my life 2 other times… during my years as a hockey player and body building and during my years with the NFC Champion football team as a middle linebacker just after getting ready for a bodybuilding competition.

Its all about mixing it up and being able to use ALL the tools you have been given and developing over the years.  So I want you to mix it up a bit more by adding this free TACFIT Isreali Special Forces Challenge to your program.

Here’s how you can mix it up and still stay on track for your primary goals.


I got 2 ways to make TACFIT work for you

  1. Train as normal and add a 20 minute TACFIT sequence at the end of your regular training program
  2. Train as normal and on your training days add the 20 minute TACFIT program as an active rest day

I can tell you this TACFIT is not easy and its ONLY 4 unique moves to get started with that will leave you feeling tired and energized at the same time.  Its great and works on total bodyweight movements that include the explosive dynamic actions and short rest training.

Best of all TACFIT can be done in your hotel room, office or gym in the space of a large beach towel and will increase your fat loss nutrition program results.

I accepted the TACFIT mission and le tme tell you the first day (Friday… TACFIT CRUSHED ME) and I fully intend to send you a message saying I CRUSHED TACFIT real soon.

Get TACFIT Workout and Video Today Free

If you choose to accept the mission, report in and see what your team mates are saying and let us know your mission details >>

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