I Got Grilled by Nick Nilsson

Yeah you read it…


Nick Nilsson, and I have been bashing it back and forth, nutrition versus exercise and its all good.

In fact we both agree that they are both integral to a successful fat loss and muscle building program.

Nick fully supports the Nutrition side of things.  I completely believe that if you are going to train you might as well get the best [Check out Metabolic Surge Program Click Here].  Like me, Nick believes you need to turn to a coach to maximize your results.  I mean for example the Olympics recently happened and some of the athletes had as many as 6 coaches… just for one sport… and guess what.  Some of them won medals!

We had a few glitches at the start (my call dropped) but definitely listen in…we covered a LOT of good stuff.

  • the ins and outs of how his personalized nutrition programs work and what they can do for you
  • should you eat first thing in the morning before training
  • what’s the best snack for on-the-go fat loss eating
  • can specific foods be used to target specific bodyparts?
  • do you HAVE to eat first thing in the morning in order to lose fat effectively?
  • is “afterburn” fat-loss real and does it stop if you eat after training?

Get all the info here!

Listen to Nick Grill me (Patrick) << CLICK  the LINK

If you are here to read or listen in to this interview where Nick Nilsson grills me about my Personalized Nutrition Programs and Nutrition Strategies.  I suggest that you add a solid workout program to your Empowered Nutrition and if you want to maximize fat burning and muscle building then you should check out Nick’s program Metabolic Surge Program

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I have been working diligently at many things to help increase your success with fat loss and muscle building.

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