Immortals 11.11.11 Part 1

Empowered IMMORTALS Total Transformation System

Officially this is the week that leads up to the largest media movie mogul induced fitness crazy of the year.

YUP… if you remember the amazing explosion of buff bods with the movie 300 you will want to remember this week with the release of the new and powerful movie that is bound to make iconic heroes out of mere mortals with the release on 11.11.11 of IMMORTALS.

Discover the IMMORTALS total transformation program and how to get it FREE

I mean if you know the story behind the whole “300” workout craze then you will know that it was not intended to be a true workout, but more of a test… a challenge.

Learn what it takes to have the body and life that makes you IMMORTAL (Read On Parts 1-3)

Later this week I am going to give you all the details of how to get a complete IMMORTALS workout for nothing and change your life forever.

It was a challenge by the movie set trainer to see if his “300” men were in shape and not just looking the part.  I’m all for tests and challenging yourself, but you need more than that to be IMMORTAL.

A challenge is something you do to see if you are on track with your goals and your training.   I totally embrace challenges in my regular programs.  Heck one might say all I do is a series of challenges every week.  This is pretty much true.

I know my friend Josh Henkin just released a very cool immortals workout with the Ultimate Sand Bag.  Actually I am going to put it to the test later this week.

So I have been working on a new IMMORTALS workout system myself for quite some time.  Every since I saw this movie was coming out I planned to get it done and deliver you a system of workouts that is completely based around the 11.11.11 IMMORTALS release date.

This is NOT a challenge.  It is a system to get you totally shredded in a very short period of time.  Think 11.

OK so I just can’t let this get out too early, but I am going to get it out there soon enough and if you think you are more than a mere man (or woman) and you have what it takes to have an IMMORTAL body, then you are going to love this complete IMMORTALS workout and nutrition system.

Tomorrow I am going to post Empowered IMMORTALS Challenge V1 and give away 11 advanced copies of the complete Empowered IMMORTALS Total Transformation System.

Until tomorrow my friend, have an empowered day,


“Patrick I just did that secret workout for pumping volume into my muscles and swear I am about to split my skin. AWESOME!” – Adam Sinclair

“…this secret workout is nuclear… my muscles are PUPMED!  Thanks Paddy” – Chris Brown, your loyal student warrior.


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