Improve Your Digestion To Lose Weight Part 2

How does your digestive system work?

Your digestive system uses different amounts of hydrochloric acid and different enzymes to digest different foods.

If you were just eating one food at a time, there would be no problem: the body would know exactly what to do and we would not have to think about it.

Because we want to eat more than just one food at a time, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of how digestion works and what foods to combine. (The five basic rules are listed on the next page.)

This can seem complicated and difficult when you first look at it, but I have found ways to teach this in very simple ways that anyone can follow.

If you feel hungrier; eat more frequently. Eat properly combined foods consistently, and you will not gain weight.

5 Principles of Food Combining:

These are based on how your digestive system works.

1. Protein foods require a highly acidic environment for digestion, which begins in the stomach with hydrochloric acid.
2. Carbohydrates (starches, fruit and sugars) and fats require an alkaline environment for digestion, which begins in the mouth with the enzyme ptyalin.
3. When starches and proteins are combined, digestion is compromised for both foods. This leads to indigestion, gas, bloating and poor assimilation of nutrients.
4. Eat fruits alone; do not combine with starches or proteins, which take 3 to 6 hours to digest. Fruits take 1 1/2–2 hours to be digested. While fruit is waiting for the other food to digest, it expands like yeast, resulting in a gassy, acidic stomach. Only combine fruits with other fruits.
5. Fats tend to mix poorly with fruits and proteins, fairly well with complex starches, and well with non-starchy vegetables. Examples: fruit and cream = poor, olive oil and potatoes = fair, avocado and lettuce = good.

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Starches combine well with vegetables

Protein (eggs) combine well with lots of vegetables. For most people it is poor food habits, along with incorrect food combining and improper pH balance, that contributed to the development of the Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Gout and much more, even Cancer.

I learned this principle and integrated the guidelines into my way of eating in a relaxed manner, and to this day I follow it naturally, as I see it does make a difference.

I now teach these principles to others around the world. The easiest way to learn them is at one of my weekend web bootcamps or getting started today with one of my Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans and Mastering Food Combining and Managing the Acid/Alkaline balancing act. Get an Empowered Meal Plan CLICK HERE

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