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I have to admit, this is going to be tough to admit… but the truth is out.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to do this.

Can you do or even imagine doing what this guy is doing… its crazy and you need killer skill, strength, and balance and muscle control to pull this one off.

Enough hype and awestruck babbling, just watch the video and you will know what I mean.  Then read the rest of the post and find out how you can issue your own challenge and get 1 Night Hotel Stay for your challenge efforts.

(*NOTE: This is NOT me.  This is NOT Easy!  If you don’t like rap music, turn off your speakers, but the beats do give you cadence and energy, that’s for sure.)

WOW!  Enough said.  I am literally awestruck and amazed!

So if that doesn’t inspire you to think of something crazy, or get you to try it yourself, then I don’t know what will.  No like I said, I am not really sure if I can even do some of the training push ups let alone the full Planche Push Up, but you have to know that I have tried (and failed) and will continue to challenge myself and try it again every few months.  When I finally do a full planche push up I will be sure to post the video.  I may even be obliged to add my failures for fun video viewing pleasure.

Now here is the cool, fun and rewarding part of this blog post and how you can have 1 Night Hotel Stay Certificate.

I want to encourage you to be creative in your training and inspire others to try something new too.  I want to hear what crazy exercise or personal challenge you set for yourself either now or in the past.  All you need to do is make it short and sweet and post a comment on the blog below for others to read and try.

If you DO try someone else’s crazy challenge exercise or activity, then post a reply on their comment and let them know how you appreciate the challenge and just how well you did.

For EVERY Challenge Exercise or Activity (even a food challenge like cooking and eating) posted I will issue each person 1 Night Hotel Stay Certificate on Sunday night by email.

If you have the chance and ability to put it on video and post a link to from or in your video and post link to your video in your comments, I will make a blog post featuring your video and you and I will give you 2 Night Hotel Stay Certificate just for going that extra step to be different and inspire and challenge others.

You will have to hurry as the CHALLENGE for YOUR CHALLENGE is over Sunday June 20, 2010 at 9pm. After that you can still post your own challenges, but I won’t be able to give away any more 1 or 2 Night Hotel Stays.  Sorry.

Here is another Planche Push Up Video that is short and sweet and crazy impressive on the finger tips…


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  1. Mike
    7 years ago

    Hello, everybody!

    First of all, Patrick, thanks for using the video I sent you!!

    One of the hardest exercises I have ever attempted is the burpee.
    For those who do not know it, let me describe it.
    1) Stand up straight.
    2) Squat down completely so that your fingertips touch the floor.
    3) Now, throw your feet back so that you are in the push-up position.
    4) Now, throw your feet forward so that you are once again in the squat position.
    5) Finally, perform a vertical jump as high as you can while reaching your hands through the air and squeezing/ sucking in your abdominal muscles as hard as you can.
    6) Repeat.

    The difficulty of the burpee comes not from any one of its explosive movements; in and of themsleves, they are easy to do. Rather, the difficulty comes from the # of reps; the explosiveness of the movements will raise your heart rate up almost immediately.

    For additional difficulty, there are two modifications that I recommend.
    First, when you get to the push-up position, instead of throwing your feet forward right away, do a full push-up.
    Personally, I dislike this modification — because I do push-ups slowly, so adding them to the burpee slows down the tempo of the exercise, which is completely contrary to what you want.

    The second modification is to use dumbells. Squat with the dumbells in front of you; rest your hands on them as you go into the push-up position (use them for support if you choose to do the push-up itself), then use them for resistance as you try to propel yourself up with the vertical jump.

    Be aware that just a few reps of the burpee will leave you gasping for breath even if you are in incredibly good shape. The challenge that I issue to anyone reading this lies in the # of reps.

    While every person is at a different fitness level and I do NOT want anyone to overexert him/herself, the challenge that I issue to anyone who thinks s/he is fit, is to do 2 sets of 100 burpees.

    If you are not fit enough to do that, try doing 2 sets of 50.

    It is much harder than it looks!!!!

    Cheers, and best of luck to anyone who takes on the challenge.

  2. Mike
    7 years ago


    I found a great video demonstarting the burpee. It is at this URL:

    The guys doing it choose to do the full push-up, on which I commend them.

    However, the vertical jumps they do are in very poor form: you’re supposed to jump as high as you can, reaching UP with your arms, and squeezing/sucking in your abdominal muscles as hard as you can. The guys clearly do not do this.

    Given that they do 300 reps, however, I am totally understanding about their poor form when it comes to the jump. (Though, if they did do it, they probably would NOT be able to make it to 300 reps.)

    Anyway, watch the video; comment on it; and try the burpee for yourself.

    I personally think that form is generally more important than the # of reps. But, even as these guys did it, they clearly got a good workout, with one of them having to take his shirt off from the effort.

    Again, best of luck to everyone who tries the burpee!!
    Have a great day!!

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      Thanks Mike. the burpee is a tough endurance move to do. WOW 300!