Insulin, Cholesterol and Nutrition

I just got an email from a client and I thought I better post this to help you understand the power of nutrition.


Thank you for the brilliant information on nutrition. I was informed by my doctor that I am insulin resistant and my cholesterol is slightly high. She has prescribed medication for both conditions  but I  believe that nutrition plays an important role addressing the issue. Is there any advice you can share with me on these two issues?

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… sure thing.  In a nut shell I can say from experience with my clients the following:

  • Insulin can be controlled with Nutrition – including diabetes treatments
  • Cholesterol is both good and bad.  You need it and it too is highly affected by nutrition.

Some foods will have low GI (glycemic index) while others help to lower GI of faster releasing foods.

Carbohydrates are almost exclusive to GI response.  Proteins and Fats do not affect GI response as much.

Lower, slower and controlled GI is what you want to better control your insulin and blood glucose levels.

Our programs do just that.

In fact so well that one of our clients dropped 38lbs in 12 weeks and took his insulin down from 54 iu R and 62 iu N to ZERO iu R and almost half the iu N dose of insulin.  (iu = intravenous units / R = fast acting insulin several times a day / N = slow insulin 1-2x per day).

This was all with the management of the nutrition program with his doctor and has been documented in his medical records.

Cholesterol we need to have both (good and bad) or we will not function optimally.  Too much bad (which I think your doctor should have explained) is bad, but none is just as bad, possibly worse.  Good fats increase good cholesterol and good low GI Carbs like oatmeal as well as Proteins and Fats can help lower bad cholesterol.  Again, we address this with our meal plans.

To get the same meal plans that produced these results:

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You are off to a good start by getting your nutrition in order.  Make sure to stay active 3+ times a week and stay on track to get to your fat loss goals.

Following the nutrition program with a goal of weight loss will itself help your insulin and cholesterol issues and amaze your doctor.

Be sure to tell the doctor what you are doing, when you started the nutrition program, and get tested often as you may not need the medications to go up.

The doctors might just think it’s the drugs that are working if they are not aware of your lifestyle change and attribute the success to their use of the drugs when all along it was you and your nutrition and exercise program.

Oh yeah, one more tip.  Exercise greatly aids in insulin control so stay active and get on a great meal plan.

Patrick McGuire
President – Empowered Nutrition

P.S. Please be aware that we are not doctors and are not giving medical advice. We are simply reporting the results our clients have seen with our meal plans.

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  1. K G Rao
    9 years ago

    What you say about R and N insulin is new. never heard of it before. can you tell us a bit more, difference in action, tests involved, etc.

    • admin
      9 years ago

      R and N insulin is not new, its just that it is more commonly understood by those using Fast (r) and Slow (n) Insulin to manage their diabetes. It is not even needed to be part of your brain space unless you are diabetic, so don’t stress.

      So if that’s you, ask your doctor. If you are not diabetic don’t worry about it. Be empowered, follow a solid nutrition, exercise and supplement strategy and you won’t have to ever worry about R or N or any additional insulin management.

  2. naturalcookbook
    7 years ago

    Great site!Thanks for sharing!