Laugh to Lose Fat and Feel Great!

OK so laughter may or may not MAKE you Lose Weight or even more desireable LOSE FAT, but it just might and if its that 0.3% difference to a successful transformation, then you have to at least try it.

Laughter is fun.  Its contagious, its powerful, its effective, and its just better than crying.

There are millions of cells in you body. Think of them as soldiers.  Now if I was going to war I would like to have 1 million positive minded and relatively happy soldiers going to war with me.

I mean the alternative is 1 million grumpy bummed out soldiers being forced to fight for your cause… hmm, lots of lost battles in history can be tied to this type of army.  the victors aren’t always the best equipped but those that are positive in vision and ultimately outcome.

I want you to go into battle with a great vision (the ultimate you, ultimate transformation), a great leader (you) and a million happy little trigger happy fat annihilating soldiers (your cells).

And to help you out, I got a little added not so nutrition or exercise related video for you…

Hey if Robin Williams can do it as “Patch” (a real life depressive turned fit and healthy doctor of laughter not medicine), then you can to!

Be positive, be focused, have fun and have a laugh.

Oh yeah… did a mention that some studies have tracked a good laugh to burn 20-50 calories!? That is 50 calories I don’t need to cut out of the diet or stand on a treadmill for.  So LAUGH it Up and LOSE!

If you haven’t already started your fat loss battle plan I encourage you to make Personalized Nutrition Program the first wave of attacks on fat.  Don’t sit back idly and defend, you will never win the war on fat that way.  ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!

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  1. BPO Consultant
    7 years ago

    Nice site, you know after 4 years of studies I guess I have to admit I was wrong about this. Thanks for opening my eyes!

    • Patrick
      7 years ago

      glad to see you can always learn more.

  2. weight loss
    7 years ago

    Good post, thanks