Lipos Dirty Secret

Just what is lipos dirty secret?

Let’s start with the real reason you are here.


More Specifically Fat Loss

Every now and again we all have that desire for some added weight loss, but what we really mean is we want to lose fat.  The problem is that more often than not we are looking for the magic bullet or fancy fat loss potions.

I hate to say it, but you’ve been had.

It’s NOT your fault.

The media has nearly killed us with crap information and the marketing companies have duped us into believing that a pill or powder is the only way to lose weight.  The supplement companies want you to think this.  It has gotten so bad that they want you to believe that if you are NOT popping pills and drinking potions you won’t succeed.

To make things worse, they are sitting in the ivory towers made possibly by weight loss marketing tactics, that they lead us to beleive that you can eat the same way you do today without doing anything different than popping a few of thier fat loss pills.

Now we have the marketing companies working for the cosmetic surgical companies too.

Yeah, you’ve seen it… commercials and even infomercials advertising laproscopic surgery including gastric by pass and “the band” as safe and unobtrusive ways to effectively and safely increase weight loss.



Are you freaking kidding me?

There is nothing “safe” about going to the hospital or private clinic to get cut open in order to lose weight.

Even worse than a simple cut and stitch job, they will cut into your stomach and slap a band around a portion of it “effectively” (there’s that word) shrinking your stomach so you can’t eat more than a few ounces of food at a time.  This trick drastically creates discomfort when you over eat and therefore drastically reduces the amount of calories one can consume.

The other option is the whole Gastric Bypass Surgery.  Again… it’s surgery, not cool.

This technique means they cut you open AND cut into your stomach and intestine (never a good thing to have both those open at the same time, unless you like increasing the odds of dieing from toxic shock).  The stomach and intestines are both shrunk (READ: CUT OUT) and sewn together, literally and “effectively” removing a portion of the stomach and large intestine.

Well guess what… both surgeries work.  Both reduce your stomach capacity and the capacity to eat more calories than a limited amount which forces you to lose weight.

Look at the facts before you commit to surgical weight loss solutions.

Both surgeries are very dangerous.

Both surgeries leave you uncomfortable for weeks and months.

Both surgeries have high risks.

Both surgeries leave you with less effective stomach capacity.

Both surgeries could have serious complications even death.

Both surgeries require you to exercise and follow a strict diet prior to the proceedure.

Both surgeries do NOT address the real issues.

Neither of these procedures actually address your mental, emotional or physical problems.  They are simple slice and dice jobs and are NOT to be taken lightly.  Especially since in most cases it is an ellective and not covered by your health care provider.

These surgical solutions do NOT educate you to a healthy body and maintaining your surgical weight loss results.

If you really want a safe and effective weight loss alternative, turn to food.  Yeah the exact same thing that got you in trouble in the first place can also be your natural fat loss scalpel.

Look I am not totally against surgery, but after helping tens of thousands of people accomplish incredible weight loss goals in teh past and seeing incredible results I know that a little nutrition and exercise can effectively save your life.

Recently Empowered Nutrition helped Blake Smith, Lose 122 pounds of fat and gain 22 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks.

Empowered Nutrition saves lives, like Police Officer John Laurienzo who lost 40 pounds of fat and stopped taking his cholesterol and blood pressure medicines on the doctors orders.

Since the surgical ellectives are going to put you on a diet prior to surgery anyways, why not get the best you can and start to lose fat without the surgery.  Then if the results are what you planned for or ahead of the doctors expectiations, then you can choose NOT to have the surgery right away.  Doon’t cancel, just postpone it… indefinitely.

So what is Lipos Dirty Secret?

Well its the fact that they make you follow a strict eating plan to lose weight as a prerequisite and they can kill you.  Even dirtier is that many of these clinics are in places that don’t have decent medical care or strict surgical policies such as back streets in Mexico and South America.  To top it off with one more dirty secret.  The practices are usually done by unqualified doctors and assistants and that my friend is what can kill you.

Want a safer alternative (actually 2), well I have one for you and you won’t have to leave the country and they are totally free.

You can get a great set of free fat loss meal plans here >>

Before any surgery it is wise to make sure your heart can handle it.  I recommend a great workout.  Use this simple bodyweight workout for more results.  It takes only a few minutes a few times each week is challenging and requires no equipment at all >>

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