Live Large LIVE Last Chance

Don’t miss out on this amazing event.
I am going to be there…

Are You?

Are You Ready to Change Your Life.  If you are on the fence; GET OFF!  Don’t miss this amazing 2 ticket offer from my good man Fitness Superstar Vince Delmonte and my in person free gift for you.

Join Me at Vince Delmonte's Live Large LIVE

It Is My Pleasure To Invite You To Attend This Extraordinary And Totally Unique 2-Day Event!  Here, You Will Join The “Skinny Guy Savior” Vince Delmonte Alongside His Own Secret Weapons To Discover Their All Time Best Training, Diet & Lifestyle Secrets, Get Hands On Workout Sessions With Top Cover Models & Bonus Sessions Revealing How My Buddy Vince Authored His Own “Movie Star” Lifestyle In Just A Few Short Years And How You Can Follow In His Footsteps!

Look I won’t beat around the bush on this one.  I want to see you at the Live Large LIVE August 29-30, 2011 in Mississauga, Ontario.  Live Large LIVE

I started out knowing that Vince had something great within him before he was. Vince and I met when he was a brand new personal trainer just getting started.  Vince was one of my BEST representatives for my Personalized Nutrition Programs in Canada working from a 10,000 square foot facility in a little town around the corner from my home.

I worked with Vince to prep his diet for his first show.  I remember clearly sitting in his living room working on his posing routine for the first show and talking about cutting water and creating the muscle swell required to look his best on stage.

Now Vince mentors me in my online business and I can safely say what you learn this weekend will change your life and let you live the life you want.

Vince is offering us a super deal for this event with one catch… the price comes up this Sunday.  Right now Vince is offering my friends a killer 2 ticket deal.  Before you even consider this, read the details on his special page for the event, but don’t think about it too long, because if you do, the deal will disappear like smarties on the buffet after Vince WON his WBBF Pro Fitness Model Card just a few months ago.

If you need a nudge to make the decision, let me help you.  I am going to give you a very special LIVE personal reason and gift pack if you do decide to go, I will see you there and if you order using my link on this page or in my email I will add in that Live Large LIVE and Empowered Special Gift Pack.  This ain’t your digital pdf download kind of deal, it’s something in person, up close and personal with THUMP factor my friend.

Hurry, Get All the details click the link. Be Empowered ==>  Live Large LIVE

Join me and Vince Delmonte at Live Large LIVE

Be Empowered.  Live Large LIVE

Get the 2 ticket deal using my link and forward me your receipt and
I will give you a very special in person gift package that will
knock your calf highlighting ankle socks off!

Get the details
==> CLICK HERE <==

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