Look Who’s Half Way to 72

OK this is NOT your ordinary blog post from me…

I am going to tell you this point blank and center for all our benefit.

Today I turned 36 on April 19th, 2010.  I am excited as I feel young, not old and I know that as bad as my nutrition is, it is the good nutrition that far outweighs my bad days and keeps me feeling this way.

So to celebrate my 36 years young, 3 kids, 1 awesome wife and a great life, I am going to do my best to help you AND help others the one way I know how to do that…

I am going to urge you to help me help others.  I want you to help me accomplish my goal of providing FOOD and WATER for those in need and make it your goal as well.  For example, Haiti is still in desperate need of BOTH Food and Water.  They need much more than that, but those two are essential.

My friends at the Village of Hope in Oouagadougo are always in need of more food and water, but tehy are now growing thier own food thanks to the water well drilling and installation (I was part of that team) that took place about 7 years ago and are now providing water and food for other neighboring cities and even tribes living in the bushes… yeah I know amazing since I was there when it was all red clay sand and the main factor to lush vegetation was simply WATER.

So on my birthday I am going to give 5% of every Personalized Nutrition Program to an organization I work with to provide Food and Water thru the Empowered Foundations and I am going to give you a great deal, a great tool to accomposhing the body of your dreams faster than you ever imagined possible.

Find Out What I Am Going to Do, So You Can Help, Without Leaving Your Computer…

Due to Technical Difficulties this promotion will be extended for a total of 36 hours to noon (12pm) Tuesday April 20th, 2010.

In order help you GIVE 5% I need to promote and sell something for your benefit.  Something you want.  But I can’t ask you to give just because I want you to.  I can’t just ask you to buy because I want you and I to give to this worthy cause.  So to make it worthy for all of us, I am going to GIVE you a Birthday Gift.

If you have experienced the power of the Empowered Nutrition Done-For-You meal plans or Personalized Nutrition Programs or just love the information we keep putting out there, then today is yoru chance to take hold of a Personalized Nutrition Program and benefit from My Birthday Celebration

I am going to give you an instant savings on a Personalized Nutrition Program of 36%.  That makes the price just $159.36 and I will include the following:

No Tax

No Shipping

Now that you know what the opportunity is and you know the price is $159.36 with NO shipping and NO taxes, then you also know that 5% of $159.36 is $7.97 and it will go directly to a Food and Water program that will benefit us all, especially those in need of Food and Water around the world and locally.  Who knows it might even be you someday, I hope not, but if it is, I hope that our efforts can help.

I got some more info for you and if you want to make a difference, please take this opportunity to do it and to benefit yourself on my birthday.

Look at the kid in that picture and his chocolate cake… mmmm… chocolate cake… mmmmmmm.  Sorry let me wipe that drool off my chin.

Sorry I digress.  If you see that cute kid above its not me (NO seriously, it’s not me).  But I will tell you this.  If you see that cute kid in place and NO VIDEO on this page by the time this “Birthday Celebration” goes live and  for some reason you still see that cute kid up there when you get your Personalized Nutrition Program, then  just email me and tell me the cute kid was still up there without the video and forward me a copy of your receipt and I will give you a FREE 30 minute Private Coaching Call.  Anything goes on this Coaching Call and its all recorded so you get a copy of it the same day we are done.

So if you are here you found me, found us, found this page or were told by myself or one of our good friends about this Birthday Celebration.  Well I turn 36 today, April 19th 2010 and I am going to give you 36 reasons to get Your Personalized Nutrition Program TODAY.

Today ONLY

24 Hours ONLY

My Birthday Celebration

SAVE 36% on Your Personalized Nutrition Program and 5% of Every Sale Will Provide Food and Water to Those in Need

Today ONLY – 24 Hours – April 19th, 2010

Get Your Personalized Nutrition Program for

regular $249

TODAY $159.36


There are only 136
(yup there’s that 36 theme going again) Programs Available

Every Personalized Nutrition Program is personally crafted with your information, your goals, your schedule and your food selections.

Each program includes a coverletter with your username and password to a Private Members Area as well as some simple strategies to make the program work even better for you.

Your Program has incredible mouth watering recipes that will melt fat off you like butter on a hot plate while building muscle faster than Usain Bolt crossing the finish line.

My Birthday Celebration Offer is NOT available on any site on the world wide web.  You won’t even find it anywhere else on EmpoweredNutrition.com

Oh yeah… the price includes the taxes and the shipping, so there are no sneaky additional fees to jump out at you later.

Help me celebrate My 36th Birthday and Help Give 5% thru Food and Water to those in need around the world and get your professionally printed, bound and delivered Personalized Nutrition Program Today.

Save 36% on My Birthday

Save $89.64 Today ONLY

Your Purchase Provides 5% to food and water programs around the world

Get Your Personalized Nutrition Program for 24 Hours ONLY on April 19th, 2010 for the LOW Birthday Celebration Price of $159.36 Today!


You Can Have My Cake and Eat It Too.

Let Me Show You How.


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  1. xtreme
    8 years ago

    Wow you really look very young for 36 years.Happy birthday and keep going … 🙂