Making Shakes, Getting Freeze Brain

Well I am sure you have all been waiting on this…

Finally the Fat Loss Super
Shakes Are Being Made!

I have to admit this was and is a daunting task.  I am floored.. blown away at the amount of amazing Fat Loss Super Shakes and even some Lean Builder and a few Muscle and MASS building shakes and smoothie recipes that have poured in.  Seriously you are all amazing, very creative and I am personally going to reward each one of you.

BUT… Before I send out the top 5 picks from our office or even before I shoot the grocery video, the shake making videos or the highly anticipated taste testing I still have to compile a list of all the ingredients we are going to need.

I apologize for the delay, but I promise to pick the Top 5 and announce it here on the blog

As soon as we have all the recipes, we are going shopping, firing up the blender and getting on the freeze brain for some fun.

I think we should have this all wrapped up this week and will be sure to send out the Winners $300 Grocery Gift Card Registration Forms.

Then we will get to work shooting photos of each shake, put them into the recipe ebook and send you all a copy to download.

Thank you for all your submissions and
even more still pouring in everyday.

Submit Your Favorite Fat Loss Super Shake Today!
^^ Click This Link ^^

I have a HUGE surprise for you at midnight on St. Patrick’s day.  hey I can’t pass that one up, I’m Irish!

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  1. Dan
    7 years ago

    Wait to you see the suprise on this one. Patrick hooked it up. After all the day is named after him :)-