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OK so today’s post was not starting out this way.. but I sure am glad it ended up this way…

Mix It Up – Fruits and Veggies

Yeah, oddly enough I was not going to talk about nutrition, I was doing some research today on the link between obesity and cancer.  Then in a sidebar I saw this ad and its link.  It was dancing fruit it was cool… it caught my eye.

I clicked on the ad and got to a pretty cool sight.  I think you will agree its pretty cool and provides lots of killer free simple ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your life.  If you already have our “Done-For-You Fat Loss Meal Plans” or one of our Personalized Nutrition Programs, then you know we LOVE Fruits and Veggies.

Most people (including lay nutritionists) will avoid fruits like the plague for weight loss, but in reality they are very powerful fat loss tools when combined with the right foods in the right ratios and at the right times.  Eating a fruit rich diet increases long term success of any program.

Performance athletes are cringing at these words right now.  Especially the body builders since they run the opposite direction when they hear the word fruit.  However when you use fruit to your advantage during a cutting or fat loss cycle, when it comes time to shred it up, it is easy and fast.

Replace your “Wet” Fruits Carbs with “Dry” Grain Carbs…

This will expedite the rapid fat loss and water loss that is so typically hard to shed at the end of a contest or fat loss strategy.

Now I wanted to highlight something amazing about this site I am pumped up about… oh yeah there is no “kick back” or commission for this blantant site promotion… they don’t even sell anything its all FREE!

Visit www.FruitsAndVeggies.ca

The site is super cool, looks great and has tons of free fruit and veggie tools that work wonders for you and your family.  Cool Tools include…

  • Fruit of the Month
  • Veggie of the Month
  • Meal Planner
  • Top 10 Reasons
  • Fruits A to Z
  • Veggies A to Z

and a whole lot more…

Really this is cool and it looks cool too.  Go check it out and get some even more creative nutrition ideas from FruitsAndVeggies.ca, and remember to eat your proteins and fats too.

I mean really check out this bit I grabbed from one of thier pages (http://fruitsandveggies.ca/en/fruits-veggies-primer/variety-colours).


Eating a serving of fruits and veggies from each colour group is one way to add variety to your diet. Each colour group represents a different combination of nutrients. So, the more colours you can put on your plate, the better.


Fruits and vegetables can be divided into five colour groups:

  • Try to include at least 1 serving from each colour group every day.
  • Try new fruits and veggies! Choose a variety of colours!
  • Keep a copy of the Colour Tracking Chart on the fridge, at work or in your grocery bag.
  • Write down what you eat and add up the number of colours each week.

Download Your Fruits and Veggies Colour Chart

We really need more of these types of resources out there.  Many of you already know that we recommend compliance charts like the one you can download above and if you are in our Empowered Coaching (we are about to open another round of Transformation Coaching and Contest Coaching Slots shortly) programs you already have several that you are already putting to work in your daily routine.

I think this is an awesome site and since it is a government initiative I hope they keep funding it many years to come and save people from boredom with fruits and veggies and serious long term health issues.

Thanks FruitsAndVeggies.ca

If you are want more coaching and point blank nutrition for fat loss and muscle building coaching, consider a Personalized Nutrition Program or keep your eyes peeled for a new block of openings of Transformation and Contest Coaching Programs to become available… its happening real soon.  Thanks for reading, go eat some fruit or something will you!?

For great ideas to incorporate your Fruits and Veggies into your Fat Loss and Muscle Building Plans, Try Our “Done-For-You Fat Loss Meal Plans” or one of our Personalized Nutrition Programs for Powerful Proven Results.

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