This is a short and easy post for you to work from and help fast track your results.  This is part 1 in a 3 part series.

Let’s establish two simple things: first, the reason you are doing this, and second, what the end results will mean to you. To answer those questions, go grab a pen, because you’re going to write your answers down right here in this book. After all, “a book not written in is a book not read”. Don’t think too much, just write down the first thing that pops into your head. This is your emotional reason and the true reason why you’re doing something to change your life.

1. Why are you embarking on a life changing and empowering nutrition and health program?

2. How will you feel when you achieve your Best Lean Body ever, the Ultimate You?

To understand your answers to these questions, we’re going to analyze them a little bit. The reasons for embarking on a journey to create Your Best Lean Body can generally be broken down into three main categories.

They are:

Personal – I want to feel better, be stronger, be leaner and have more endurance (self-enhancement).

Medical – I want to be healthier and live longer (self-preservation).

Cosmetic – I want to look better (self-esteem).

Notice that all of these reasons have one thing in common – they can be summed up with a “self” word – self-enhancement, self-preservation, self-esteem. These reasons are about you. That doesn’t mean you’re being selfish. You probably already spend most of your time doing things for other people, and that means you’ve had to make sacrifices. But those sacrifices shouldn’t have to include your health, self-esteem, well-being, or the opportunity to reach a new level of athletic achievement. After all, if you’re healthier, happier, fit and more energetic you will also be a benefit to everybody around you!

To get you to where you want to be, you’re going to set yourself some goals. That’s what we’re going to tackle in the next section.

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