Let’s take a look at motivation and goal setting in order to understand them better. Setting goals motivates you to achieve them. Another way to help you achieve your goals is to visualize the end results.

Ever hear the saying “Build it and they will come”? The key concept here is to visualize the end result and it will happen. Visualizing the achievement of your goals not only makes you reach them faster and easier but also keeps you motivated!

Think of your goal setting like this: DREAM, GOAL, PLAN, EFFORT.

Try answering these questions for yourself:

Mario Lopez has goals

Mario Lopez sets goals

DREAM – What is your dream? BIGGEST GOAL

GOALS – What steps must you take to reach your dream?

PLANS – What will you need to do to achieve your goals? What are the consequences and requirements of your goals? TIME, MONEY, ACTION

EFFORT – How will you get started? What will you do to achieve your goals and obtain your dream?

Goals can be broken down into big goals, small goals, tangible goals and intangible goals:

Big goals are the big achievement markers, like losing 50 pounds or being able to run a 20 kilometer marathon.

Small goals are big goals broken down into small, manageable chunks. For example, if you want to lose100 pounds in one year, you can break that down into the number of pounds you must lose each week (about 2). That amount of weight loss becomes your small weekly goal.

Tangible goals are goals that can be measured quantifiably, with a weigh scale, tape measure, or stop watch.  For example, the amount of weight on a bar is a quantifiable measurement of how much you can lift. Losing 50 pounds is a tangible goal.

Intangible goals are goals that can’t be measured exactly, like “feeling better”, “being healthier”, “looking better”, “being at the top of my game”.

You also need to think about the rewards from achieving your goals. You’ll be rewarded by simply accomplishing your goal, but you should also reward yourself for your achievement. The reward for losing 30 pounds is that you look and feel great, but it also means you need new clothes, so reward yourself and go shopping! Give yourself big rewards for accomplishing big goals (a new bike, a shopping spree, even a vacation) and small rewards for accomplishing small goals (going out for dinner).

Tell everybody about the rewards that you’re going to get when you achieve your goals. By telling people your goals and the rewards attached to them, they too will get excited about your goals and rewards.

Other people may become your greatest motivational tools in staying on track and achieving your rewards!

They may even be inspired to follow your lead and your example and join you.

Let’s start by setting some goals right now. Just fill in the blank spaces with some simple answers, without thinking too much or over-analyzing. We’ll start with your big goal in our next section of Setting Goals to Stay Motivated.

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