Muscle Bunny Workout and Recipe

Muscle Bunny Easter Monday Workout and Recipe


Happy Easter

Or should I say “Happy Eater”? Empowered Nutrition Chocolate Muscle Bunny

We all tend to eat a little too much every holiday season, but Easter poses a new threat with all those cute little chocolate bunny’s and the candy easter eggs lying around.

The other morning (Sunday) as we (my family) finished our early morning easter Egg hunt, waffle and protein shake breakfast and headed out the door to Church, we opened the door and apparently the Easter bunny had visisted our front step too.

For those of you who haven’t heard of or seen trailers for “HOP” the movie, all I can picture is a cute little bunny pooping jelly beans and chocolates on our front stoop.

Once we rounded up the added gifts, we got them into the car and off we went.  I want to say “Thanks” to the bunny who left the treats on the front step.

So now that it’s Monday and I am slowly coming out of insulin shock from all the choclate around here I thought I would share a great fast and easy bodyweight workout and recipe with you.  Both are bound to reduce “free-range” sugar, reduce future cravings and help stabilize your sugar levels.  If that doesn’t work at least you can rest well knowing that exercise can lower your blood sugar and insulin sensitivity and this shake will release fat stores and control your insulin further.

And if you just can’t keep away from all that candy, both will help you to burn more calories and reduce fat and keep you from going into a glycemic coma.

Other than that being Easter Monday I am getting ready for another feast with my side of the family tonight.  Rumor has it someone is  brining Cold Stone Creamery Slab Cake Icre Cream… oooh boy!

Easter Bunny Fat Incinerating Workout

Walk – 3 minutes

Bodyweight Squats – 50

Walking Lunges – 25 per leg

Push Ups – 15

Pull Ups – 15 (using suspension straps and inverted 45 degree angle)

Bounding Jumps – 25

Straddle Hops – 25 per side

Curl Ups – 10 using suspension straps

Suspension Dips – 10 using suspension staps

Burpees – 25

This one is gonna get you hopping and burn some calories.  This is a NON stop rotation.  Complete this one time, rest 1 minute and repeat.  It’s not about the time, its about reps, but timing yourself and doing this one again in a month is a great way to test progress.


Easter Bunny Fat Reducing, Insulin Managing Protein Shake

This one is pretty simple, but very effective.  Insulin can be managed with diet, however on a weekend like this we forget just how fragile a nitrogen positive environment is and how easy it is to go from active athlete to lethargic professional couch potato.

This shake will help you to stay a lean muscle bunny this Easter weekend. Empowered Nutrition Muscle Bunny Cute

Most of the time when we think spices we think abotu teh ones we add to our meals to enhance flavor.  But a nice bonus is that many of these spices also help the digestive system, boost metabolism and even control insulin.

Such is the case with Cinnomon.  I like Siagon Cinnamon because it has more bite.

This is also why I like to add this insulin controlling spice to my shakes on days I know I am eating or going to eat too many calories or too many chocolate bunnies.  Try it yourself, but before you do doa  google search on Insulin and Cinnamon and you will find there are medicinal and supplement companies using cinnamon or cinnamon like chemicals to help manage diabetes and many other blood sugar battles.

Today I just want to manage my cravings and my insulin so I can stay focused and alert without adding any more fat and goign backwards in my fat loss progress.  Try this Easter Bunny Fat Incinerating Protein Smoothie today for lunch and manage your insulin and lose more fat.

Easter Bunny Fat Reducing, Insulin Managing Protein Shake Recipe

3-10 ice cubes

1 cup of milk

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 scoops vanilla whey (or chocolate will work too)

2 tablespoons cinnamon

Directions: Drop it all in the blender and add water to desired consistency.

This is an excellent recipe that will lower your fat storing insulin and lower your sugar induced cravings quickly for maximum results during the holiday seasons like Easter.

I look forward to hearing your results with this workout and shake. I will put both of these to good work around 1pm today before the family comes over for yet another feast and more chocolates.

Add your comment below.  Now be a good little muscle bunny and hop to the workout and shake today.

If you need a suspension trainer try the TRX Suspension Trainer.

TRX Suspension Training: Make Your Body Your Machine

I want to know how you liked today’s workout and shake.  Comment Below


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