NEW Project… Beat the Sweet-Tooth

Today is a perfect day to get started on my next personal project, how about you?

What is my personal project?  Cut out the sweets and unnecessary calories.

Why is today a perfect day to get started?  Simply because the holiday treats and eats are wreaking serious havoc on my body.  I have constant heart burn, feel sluggish and a constant foggy haze over my brain.

So this will kick off my personal journey to clean up my sweets and treats.

WARNING: The side effects could lead to detoxification, clarity, mental alertness, fat loss, less water retention, increased energy and overall well being.

The number one thing to do is get back to drinking plenty of water.  This will help reduce cravings, snacking and help detox the body.

Next, only have black tea or coffee.  No extra calories in sugar and cream necessary.

Have green tea steeped with lemon and a teaspoon of honey, to increase the detox and fat loss and increase alertness.

Go play with the kids every day this week.  Ice Skating, walking, hiking in the snow, pull them on a sled, whatever it takes to be active and have fun with the family.

Its always hardest to kill the sweet tooth after a holiday like Christmas.  In just a few days the body turns from being a fine tuned machine burning fat and sugar for fuel to a drained carb craving sugar monster.

My friend Kim Lyons has offered to give 7 videos that will blow your mind and we are starting with the one that is almost perfect for my goals and the goals I want for you.  Kim will explore and share 3 Simple Steps to STOP Sweet-Tooth Cravings in the first of 7 Fast Track to Fat Loss FREE Videos.

Click here to see the video that will CONQUER
your sweet tooth cravings – once and for all

You’ll also meet Shannon, who lost 13 inches in just 12 weeks. As you’ll hear her say in this video, once she got control of her cravings, losing fat was EASY!

Shannon gives credit to her online trainer, Pam, who taught her the “3 Simple Steps to STOP Sweet-Tooth Cravings.” You’ll learn these 3 Steps when you watch the video!

Have an Empowered Day,


P.S. Trainer Pam makes an appearance in this video too. If you want her to train you – absolutely *FREE* – you’re going to LOVE the surprise Kim has in store for you…

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