Older Not Slower… Happy Birthday

Hey superstars, just wanted to say I hit another nasty workout 100 Burpee Presses with my 40 pound Ultimate Sand Bag yesterday, then in the afternoon I got a text to go with the “roadies” and hit up another 37.9 kms on the silver bullet

Good news to report, in just one ride we increased our average speed and hit a new personal best Max Speed. It was AWESOME!

AWESOME YES.. but let me tell you it came at a cost.

I think I came close to VO2 Max a few times. Today my hamstring glute tie ins are pretty tight.

Here are my details thanks to my Strava Cycle iPhone App GPS

April 18, 2012 – Patrick McGuire, Roadie Stats

Distance: 37.9 kms
Ride Time: 1:22:44
Elevation Gain: 128m
Average Speed: 27.5 kph
Max Speed: 65.3 kph

Not too bad the night before I turned 38 years young.

Speaking of that, I am having a bit of a Birthday Special to celebrate. I am almost giving away my complete Empowered Transformation Program for just $19 bucks.

Check it out today at Empowered Nutrition Done for You Fat Loss

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