On Eve Of Winter Olympics, 30 Athletes Banned For Doping

I just had to post this up… I meant to get this up on Friday afternoon, but to be honest my schedule was jammed and I had some challenges with my computers and internet access… AS IF!?  I mean really why in today’s day and age would I have issues with computers, networking and connecting to the internet.  Rediculous to say the least.

So my issue, rant and post is mostly a repost of a news clipping.  You have to know that no matter how strongly you put the three pillars of performance to work in your life (nutrition, exercise and supplements) there will always be people that just need to push the envelope and do “whatever” it takes to win the gold.  Even if it means performance enhancing drugs.

Before you go crazy, I don’t condone or condemn those that use performance enhancing drugs, but… BUT… this is a BIG BUT… there is a time and place for them and when taking part in a drug free tested sport I do NOT condone the use of drugs.  Not one bit, not even for a second.  Now on the back side I have to remind you that they are all cheating in someway or somehow regardless of what you think.  Remember Ben Johnson, yup the Canadian that won the fastest man alive award almost 2 decades before the rest of the world could see Bolt even come close to the time that got Ben BUSTED.  Well remember how Ben got faster and faster?  Yeah… Do you remember that so did Carl Lewis and the rest of the pack?  NOPE… never noticed… well they did and if Ben got Busted, the rest of the group should have been busted as well.  Its crap… its a lie and its rampant in almost every sport.  That said check out this post below that I pulled from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

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(Original from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty)  The International Olympic Committee says 30 athletes who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs during the run-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics have been disqualified.
Many cases are in the biathlon and long-distance crosscountry skiing events, where increased endurance from doping gives users an unfair competitive advantage.

The announcement comes ahead of tonight’s opening ceremony in Vancouver. Nearly 2,700 athletes representing 80 countries will parade through the city’s domed BC Place stadium. They are competing in 15 different winter sports — categorized as ice sports, alpine skiing and snowboarding, and Nordic events.

Olympic organizers say they hope the disqualifications ahead of the competition will reduce the number of scandals in which podium winners are later stripped of their medals for doping violations.

The World Anti-Doping Agency says that, “in the interest of fair play,” it will not announce the names or nationalities of the disqualified athletes until they have exhausted all avenues of appeal.

But IOC President Jacques Rogge said on February 8 that he raised concerns directly with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the Russian sports minister because of 11 winter sports doping cases involving Russian athletes during the past year.

“I insisted on the need to have strong action on doping,” Rogge said. [Medvedev] promised that he will launch that, and he was very explicit also in public declarations after that.”

Russian ice-hockey player Svetlana Terenteva was reprimanded but not disqualified in the first Vancouver doping case that has been finalized.

Particularly Worrying

IOC Vice President Thomas Bach says Terenteva tested positive for a “light stimulant” contained in a nose spray that is usually not prohibited outside of competition. During her appeal, Terenteva admitted using Rhinofluimucil under prescription in January to cure a bad head cold. Use of the substance during the games would have meant her disqualification.

Rogge said on Feburary 8 that Russian doping cases are particularly worrying just two weeks before Russia takes the Olympic torch for the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi. Medvedev himself was planning to attend Vancouver’s closing ceremony and handover on February 28.

Thousands of tests will be carried out on athletes in Vancouver during the next two weeks to ensure against doping. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) President John Fahey says it is now harder than ever for doping cheats to go undetected at Olympic Games.

“We are getting better as time goes by through a number of methods,” Fahey said. “We’re smarter now than we were a year ago, and I believe we’ll continue to improve there. That makes WADA and all the antidoping agencies all over the world operating under the code far more effective.”

Germany, the United States, Russia, Austria, and Canada are considered the winter sports powerhouses that are expected to be near the top of the overall medal standings in 2010.

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